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How to Make Your Two-Wheeler Road Trips More Eco-friendly?

Human presence over the last several thousands of years has resulted in a huge pile of trash that is clearly visible all across the globe.  While it’s easy to turn a blind eye and let the world go on about its normal way of self-destruction, it is not the right thing to do and surely it will bring about the end of the beautiful world as we know it today if nobody takes any step to prevent the damage that is been done to our fragile ecosystems.  

If you want to feel really good on your upcoming road trips then one thing that you can do is to be more responsible when it comes to the environment and make a few conscious eco-friendly decisions that will not only make a tiny contribution to keeping mother earth safe but also it will make you feel good inside.

Ride conservatively 

Okay, let’s start with an important decision about your upcoming road trip. Are you planning to travel by car or on a two-wheeler? If you are travelling across continents, are you planning to travel by air or in a cruise ship? It might not seem like a big decision to make, but believe us, if you choose a car over a two-wheeler, then you are going to end up burning fuel that comes from the heart of mother earth and creates a ton of greenhouse emissions that is not good for the environment. The same goes for cruise ships which burn a lot of extra fuel and also use a lot more energy compared to airplanes. So, the first decision that you need to take about your upcoming trip is to choose a two-wheeler if you are going by road, and an airplane over a cruise ship if you are crossing continents.

Conserve water & energy 

Whenever possible try to conserve water and energy as much as you can and ask your family members to do the same. Remember, your aim is not to criticize anyone or impose a rule on your family members to start cutting down on their water and energy usage but to feel good about yourself by making small contributions that will not only save you on your energy bills but also protect the earth in some way. When you are  on a road trip,  it becomes even more important for you to keep an eye on the wastage of water energy because you are more likely to try to enjoy yourself rather than protect the earth,  and we completely understand that, but whenever possible try to switch off an unnecessary light or close a faucet that isn’t helping anyone. 

Keep it local  

A lot of energy and fuel is burned in transporting exotic foods and other things from different continents across the world will stop the amount of money and energy that is burnt in giving you access to certain exotic things is beyond justification! There are a lot of local alternatives that will give you an equal amount of pleasure and satisfaction that you are going to get from an exotic fruit or vegetable from a foreign location. By making those conscious choices you not only help the local farmers get more money for their products but also protect the earth against greenhouse emissions which is created by large container ships and transportation companies to place those luxurious items on your plate.

Champion a no-plastic policy! 

Well let’s be honest it’s not completely possible to live a life free of plastics but you can always make a few smart choices when it comes to buying your groceries our other items that you need for your day-to-day life certain things such as motorcycle helmets for motorcycle riding goggles will have to be made with plastic materials and there is no alternative currently present in the market that gives you a more eco-friendly choice. However, there are other things where you can cut out plastic from your life and go in favour of organic materials and biodegradable things such as cotton cloth bags to carry groceries and the use of organic plates.

Small things, with big impacts: 

  • Turn off the lights when you leave the hotel room, you won’t be saving the hotel some money, you will be saving the planet.  
  • Carry any plastic that you may have had to use because there was no alternative and dispose it off as responsibly as you can because the hotel staff will probably just dump in the ground 
  • Don’t keep the tap running when you brush your teeth or shave yourself 
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals to wash the bike or your car because sooner or later it will get deposited into the ground  
  • Switch off the TV if no one is watching it 
  • Take shorter showers and manage water better, even if it isn’t your own home, trust us it will make you feel good at heart!  
  • Use less foaming products, that way you don’t have to use a lot of water to wash off the foam 
  • Prefer reusable plates and glasses over plastic non-decomposable materials. Use straw and leaf plates (check if they are sustainably procured) 
  • Carry a reusable metal water bottle instead of buying dozens of plastic bottles that keep on piling up until you can find a proper place to dump it. Instead, you can buy the plastic bottles, fill the metal water bottle and leave the plastic in a trash can back at the shop where you bought it. 

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