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How to Move Multiple Folders in Lotus Notes to Outlook?

lotus notes to outlook

If you are looking for a solution on how to move multiple folders in Lotus Notes to Outlook? So, don’t need to worry, you have come to the right place to get the explanation of your query. And here I will discuss with you the best solution to convert Lotus Notes NSF files to PST.

Complete Introduction to IBM Lotus Notes & Microsoft Outlook

Before understanding the conversion process, first known the complete introduction about Lotus Notes and MS Outlook.

Lotus Notes- Lotus Notes (formerly known as IBM Notes), is an application suite just like Microsoft Office. Lotus Notes is a desktop workflow application which is provided by IBM. IBMNotes offers Commercial Collaboration Functions such as Instant messaging, email, calendars, blogs, personnel directories, and forums to organizations. Lotus Notes can also use with other Domino apps and databases.

Microsoft Outlook- MS Outlook is a Personal Information Manager that comes as part of Microsoft’s office suite. One of the most powerful email clients, absolutely. It organizes emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, lists, and documents or files on the hard drive. Microsoft Outlook also helps you to share details and information by means of public folders, forms, and Internet connectivity. Outlook makes two basic file formats that are .pst and .ost for working online and offline.

Requirements for Migration of Lotus Notes Database to Outlook

But before that, let’s discuss the reasons which are responsible for email conversion here. We all know that emails are excessively used all around the world.  We can’t even imagine our lives without emails. It has become a very essential part of our life.

In Today’s arena, all the companies depend on various email clients for the purpose of e-communication. Moreover, all email applications will offer a wide range of inbuilt functionalities to the user that is necessary for the email organization. These arise of these limitations all the users want to change from one email client to another email client. One such conversion is from Lotus Notes to Outlook. Therefore, in the upcoming section, we are going to discuss some common reasons to convert the Lotus Notes database to Outlook.

Let’s see some common reasons and requirements for migration of Lotus Notes to Outlook:

User Friendliness: –   Users Interface is the face of any software which interacts with the operators. Microsoft Outlook is a very user-friendly interface as compared to Lotus Notes. The GUI interface of Lotus Notes is not compatible with novice users. It is hard to work on IBM Lotus Notes for a newcomer user.

Easy to Maintain Accounts: –   In Outlook a single user can use a number of accounts at a time and maintain them very easily without any problem as compared to Lotus Notes. In IBM Notes a single user can manage only one account at a time. To use multiple accounts users need to turn in the Lotus Note every time.

Cost-Effective:-    MS Outlook is very affordable and low-cost as compared to Lotus Notes because the maintenance cost of Lotus Notes is very expensive and higher.

Easy to Maintain Database:-  Lotus Notes uses NoSQL Technology to keep the NSF data in Lotus Notes database which is very tough to understand for a tyro and Outlook uses Active Directory Method to store the PST format data in Outlook database which is easy and simple to understand by a novice.

This is enough reasons to start a process to Export NSF to PST

How to Transfer Lotus Notes Mail to Outlook Manually?

Is there any manual method available to copy Lotus Notes contacts to Windows Outlook?

Yes, there is a manual solution exist to export IBM Notes contacts to Outlook. Follow the below-mentioned steps:-

Before starting the migration, it’s required to take a backup of the original NSF file. There are risks that the original file gets damaged during the conversion procedure. The entire migration technique can be parted into two steps.

  1. Export Lotus Notes NSF Files to CSV Format
  2. Import CSV to PST Format

Step 1. In the first part of this procedure, you will need to export NSF files to CSV format.

  1. Download and Install IBM Lotus Notes application
  2. Open the NSF file on your machine
  3. Click on the Open option present on the top left hand side of IBM Notes application
  4. Choose the NSF file you want to open.
  5. Then click on Menu, go to the File option and click on the Export button from the menu.
  6. On the Export window, choose a location for the new file. Click Save as and choose Comma Separated Value or Structured Text.
  7. Enter a name for this file, and then click the Export button
  8. If you take Comma Separated Value, the dialog box pops up, select the required options from the same and click OK
  9. Or, if you take Structured Text, the dialog box pops up, and select the options and click Ok

Step 2. Now you need to import data to MS Outlook

  1. Run MS Outlook application on your machine
  2. Click on File Menu and then Open
  3. Click the Import option in the list
  4. From the Import/Export wizard, select Import from another program or files option. Then Click Next.
  5. After that select the format to import from. Then opt for CSV (Comma Separated Value) and then press the next button.
  6. Navigate the file in your machine and choose it and then click on the Next button.
  7. Now select the required folder where you want to import the CSV file. Click Next
  8. Now the procedure will be started and it will be complete within a few seconds. Finally. Click Finish.
  9. Now you can efficiently open Lotus Notes NSF data into the MS Outlook application.

Why Manual Method Is Not Recommended?

The manual method is too long to continue with. This will lead to producing complications because at a time only one file can move into the desired file. If the email is in bulk then the procedure is highly difficult and take time-consuming as well. However, the procedure can be used if emails are few in countable numbers. Moreover, if you are not knowledgeable with advanced technical skills then such a procedure will not work for longer and cause server hurdles too. If you ever skip the steps then repetition of the process from the beginning is compulsory. The solution is full of risks. The possibility of losing data is higher in cases like poor internet connectivity etc. So, it is always suggested you go with the third-party software which provides exact results.

Learn How to Move Multiple Folders in Lotus Notes to Outlook with CubexSoft NSF to PST Converter

Follow the step-by-step method to know how to move multiple folders in Lotus Notes to Outlook including all attachments:

  1. First of all, download the CubexSoft NSF Converter software on your machine.
  2. Browse NSF files by clicking the “Select Files” or “Select Folders” option and check the Preview selected files.
  3. Then click on the Export button and select the necessary file saving format
  4. Click the Browse button and select the wanted destination path to save the resultant file and click on the Convert button
  5. The conversion procedure will start with a progress status and it will complete with a successful message “Process Completed Successfully”. Click OK to finish the process


So far we have discussed tips and tricks of how to move multiple folders in Lotus Notes to Outlook. We also discussed why users need to switch IBM Lotus Notes to Outlook? And the manual solution to export Lotus Notes contacts to Outlook. However, it totally depends on the user which technique he wants to apply as per his feasibility. But officially, the use of a technical solution is a requirement today. As it provides a 100% safe and secure atmosphere for conversion of Lotus Notes NSF to Outlook PST.

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