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How to open a bar in Chicago

A bar in Chicago

Starting your own business is a huge step in your life. Even if it seems risky to do it, you should still give it a chance. You never know where can that lead you and how things will go. In this situation, when you are thinking about should you open a bar in Chicago, do it. Keep in mind that we are talking about a big city with a lot of opportunities and a lot of activities to do. When you combine all these things, starting your own business can be a good option. However, what are the things you should manage for starting this type of business and how to do everything with ease?

Do research about the business situation in Chicago

The first step is to do research about business in Chicago. Since you are about to open a bar in Chicago, you should see what is the situation on the market. Do not forget that for every city or state, the situation is different. but people benefit from leisure activities everywhere. For example, starting a business in Colorado is different than starting a business in New York. When you are doing this type of research, take your time, and look at everything carefully. A good idea is to ask someone familiar who is living in Chicago to tell you more about the situation. In this way, you can get a better image and you can organize well.

People having drinks in a bar
People need to relax, many choose bars to do so

What are the major things you should think about in order to open a bar in Chicago?

We would like to present to you some major things you should consider about your bar. Keep in mind that you have to be creative and unique. So, these are the things you should think about:

  • What is the name of your bar? – The first thing when you are about to open a bar in Chicago is to think about the name. You should have some specific and unique names that will people recognize.
  • The concept. – By saying the concept, it means is it just going to be a bar for drinks or you will offer some food from a kitchen? For example, having a combination of beer and chicken nuggets is always a good combination.
  • Design a logo of your bar. – To be recognizable, you should also think about what your logo is gonna look like. You should create a logo that is connected with the name of a bar.
  • What program will you offer in a bar? – Nowadays, bars have become places for young artists, writers, musicians, etc. to express themselves. Organizing these types of evenings is a good idea. For example, you can put a piano in a bar and have musical evenings. Speaking about putting a piano in a bar, you will need professional assistance for it. Do not forget that a piano relocation done by professionals is the safest way of putting this instrument in your bar.

These are the major things you should think about when you are opening a bar. Keep in mind that first, you need to define all these things. Once you finish them, now it comes to set other things before your bar is officially opened!

Find a location for your bar

The next thing is to think about the location in Chicago where you are going to open a bar. As we mentioned, Chicago is a big city with a population of over 2 million people. So, you can find a lot of options for opening a bar. However, do not forget that the prices are different. For example, in the downtown of the city, you can expect higher prices than in some areas which are not the city center. You should do good research about real estate in Chicago and see which option is the most affordable one.

Finger pointing to a place on a map
Choosing a good location is crucial

Start preparing chairs, tables, and other belongings for your bar

Once you have found a place where are you going to open a bar, the next thing is to start preparing the belongings that you will have to relocate. How many chairs and tables you are going to relocate depends on the size of a bar. Still, do not forget that during summer, you will have a garden with chairs and tables. This means that you will have to relocate all of your belongings or at least put them inside a storage unit. In other words, this is a sign to hire a moving company! If you are looking for a company that can provide you with relocation and storage services, you should consider hiring Golans Moving and Storage. Having a company that can provide you with both these services is a good option. Be sure that everything will go with ease.

Find the right staff that will work in your bar

Having a team that you can rely on is a crucial thing when you are opening a bar in Chicago. Especially, for the first period. Keep in mind that you need to present your business in the best way. With a good staff that is responsible and working, you will be able to achieve it. Be patient and choose wisely your future workers. Having someone who already has experience being a waiter or a bartender can be a score for you. On the other hand, if someone appears who does not have experience at all, you should give him a chance if you see that it is a working person. Don’t forget the uniforms too!

Ready for opening a bar in Chicago?

If you have finished everything and you have your team, it is time to open a bar in Chicago! As you can see, opening a bar is not a hard thing to do. You just have to be organized and think wisely about everything. Do not forget that on the other hand, it is not a small thing to do it. Even if it seems risky to start a business, you should do it. Keep in mind that you are about to get a new experience and that you can meet a lot of people and be satisfied with the work you are doing.

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