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How to play badminton | Badminton rules | Tips & tricks

how to play badminton

how to play badminton

Badminton is one of our most popular sports and forms of exercise. It’s easy to get started with badminton, you get really good exercise and it’s a form of social training where you can have fun with friends while taking care of your body and your health.

5 reasons why you should start playing badminton

Still not sure if badminton is really an activity for you? Here are five good reasons why you should try badminton.

It’s really healthy. When you play badminton, you move a lot on the court so your legs can work, but you will also feel your arms and buttocks after a match. You practice your coordination, flexibility, your reflexes and if you play intensely for an hour, you can say hello to just over 500 calories.

If that were not the case then maybe your life is bad. In a Danish study that examined the impact of various activities on life expectancy, racquet sports came at the top of the list. Playing badminton makes practitioners live an average of 6.2 years longer.

It’s social and fun. Badminton is not a solitary sport. You can bring a friend to play against and if you want to be four friends, you play a double together. A perfect way to combine socializing and exercise.

How to play badminton and here are the best beginner tips to get you started on a kick.

It is precisely the social factor that makes badminton have such a beneficial effect on life expectancy, the researchers believe. Why not replay which team offers which dinner afterwards? Then there will be both more excitement and socializing.

It’s a cheap sport. You only need a racket and a ball to get started and you can find good and cheap rackets as a beginner. It also does not cost much to rent a court for a match. Of course, the fitness allowance for badminton applies.

It’s easy to learn badminton. The rules are simple and you can quickly get acquainted with the game. You hit the ball over the net and try to make the opponent miss it, it’s not harder than that.

It is a popular movement. About 250,000 Swedes practice badminton and there are halls and courts all over the country. It is easy to find a place to play near you and you are guaranteed to meet many nice badminton players to have fun with.

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How to play badminton

It’s easy to play badminton. The game is simply about hitting the ball over the net in a way that prevents your opponent from hitting it back. Here’s how to play a match.

A badminton match is played until one of you first wins two sets. Each set is played to 21 points and must be won with two balls or more. Each ball round begins with a serve that puts the ball in play. It is the player who last scored points who serves, and the serve must be beaten from the right box, but then the whole field is used.

You win the ball and get points when: you hit the ball over the net and it lands on your opponent’s half of the field; your opponent hits the ball off the court; your opponent does something wrong according to the rules.

How to play badminton

You can hit the ball a lot in different ways: hard smashes; short lobes; high or low; fast or slow; with forehand or backhand etc. The great thing about badminton is that there are so many different ways to beat to outsmart your opponent.

The game is more about hitting deceptive blows than hitting hard and fast. This also makes the game last longer with long exciting ball duels, and you get more playing time from a match compared to, for example, tennis (where a lot of time is spent running and picking up balls).

You can play badminton as single (two players) or double (four players). If you are playing a single, use the inner side lines and the back card lines on the court.

There are usually two types of balls used in badminton; those made of plastic and those with real feathers. Shuttlecocks have more precision and are mainly used in professional contexts, but you get an at least as fun and fast-paced game with a simple plastic ball.

The basic grip of the badminton racket is that you hold it as if you were shaking hands with someone when you hit the forehand (with the palm facing the opponent), and with your thumb up on the racket at the backhand (when you hit the back of the hand against the opponent).

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Tips and tricks that will make you successful as a beginner

As I said, it’s easy to learn and get started with badminton, but just because it’s easy to get started does not mean that there are not a lot of tricks and subtleties to learn. Here are some great tips and things to keep in mind that will make your game both sharper and more fun.

Practice grips and punches before you start playing. The trick to getting a fun and exciting game that lasts a long time is to master the racket and the ball. You do not need a court to practice it, you can stand and hit in the backyard, alone or with a friend, and train the feeling to hit the ball right.
Badminton is a type of sport where it can really pay off to take a lesson in the beginning. If you get into the basics with the right grip, learn the racket and the most common strokes, get a lot of good tips on how to improve your game, you will have a lot more fun on the field (and probably win more matches). You can use the fitness allowance for personal trainers or lessons.

Tips and tricks

Warm up before you play. There are very fast and sudden movements in badminton that require flexibility and perseverance. Get your heart rate up and get your body ready for movement before you enter the field, so you get a better game and reduce the risk of injury.
Badminton is a game as much for the head as for the body. Even if the basics are easy to learn, it is with tactics that you win. Watch your opponent and learn patterns and weaknesses that you can use in your game.
Place yourself centrally on the field after the ball has been played. Badminton is unpredictable, and the ball can end up anywhere, so you need to be prepared for anything to happen.

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The legs and knees get to work a lot on the badminton court, so if you want them in good shape, it is a good idea to get some running or jogging between the matches. You can also benefit a lot from practicing yoga to become more flexible and enduring. You can find different forms of yoga here.

Of course, it can be nice to play outside this summer and get sun and fresh air while you play. Just remember that a badminton ball is very light and affected by the wind, so do not take rules and points so bloody seriously when you play outdoors; see it more as a moment of fun exercise outdoors.

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