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How to Prepare for Cadet Pilot Program Entrance Tests?

Cadet pilot

Becoming a pilot has always been one of the most enticing careers for a lot of people. Whether it’s the thought of being able to fly high in the sky or the high life of a pilot, there are a lot of reasons people tend to be attracted to this path. If you are one of these people who would like to become a pilot, start with a cadet program such as Air Asia Cadet Pilot Program India.

The main focus here is to be able to clear CASS or Crew Assessment and Selection to move your journey forward. You can consider this as an advanced version of an aptitude exam. In general, people believe these exams are very difficult, but for a person who loves aviation, it tends to be a learning curve.

Air Asia Cadet Pilot Program India


These exams generally test how well you can handle multitasking since that is exactly what you’ll have to deal with while flying a plane filled with passengers. You will have to fly a plane with the help of a simulation that will contain all the tools required while flying, and it’s specially built for CASS. In addition to this, you will also be required to solve puzzles at the same time.

This might sound complicated at the moment but that’s one of the best methods to recognize someone’s multitasking capabilities required for flying an actual aircraft.

First Round

The first round will include a written test, this will come before you will be allowed to test the simulation multitasking exam. This test will include all the basic questions that you generally learn in school. It should be easy to clear if you paid attention to your teacher in school. In case you didn’t for any reason, you can still get trained for the exam with cadet training programs you can easily find online.

Stages of CASS

Once you have cleared the written exam, you will then move on to appear in the crew assessment and selection exam, this will consist of questions unrelated to flying planes. And you will be given a booklet beforehand that you should definitely go through if you want to clear the exam.

This stage consists of three different steps, to begin with. First, you have to clear an online questionnaire within the given amount of time. Once cleared, you will move on to the structured interviews, a non-formal interview with CAE panelists.

Indigo Cadet Pilot Program

After clearing the second stage, you will be tasked with a physical activity, where you will be tested for your flying skills with the use of a simulator built especially for CASS exams. This stage is mainly carried to assess how well a candidate performs when given multiple tasks at a time and their performance under stressful environments.

After clearing the second stage, you will have to sit in a group discussion. This will consist of the interview panel of up to five personnel. They will go over Questions related to human resources and technical questions to test your group discussion skills and other capabilities.

Training Programs

If you believe that this is the career path you want to move forward with, then make sure you are well prepared before you appear for these exams. One of the best ways to achieve this is by going with a cadet training program.

These programs are offered by different academies, who train you with the best tools available to this date. These programs can differ based on which company you would like to work for such as Air Asia or Indigo cadet pilot program.

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