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How to Reduce Cart Abandonment and Increase Sales


According to a survey, the average rate of shopping cart abandonment is approx 70%. That means you are losing more than half of your sales because of cart abandonment. First of all, you need to understand why people are leaving your website and the cart abandoned, and then only you can work on reducing the cart abandonment.

There can be various reasons such as a complex checkout process, hidden additional product costs, having forced to create a new account, or lack of customer support, etc. Slow loading of web pages is also a reason because of which customers left the cart abandoned.

How to Reduce Cart Abandonment and Increase Sales:

  1. Easy and Smooth Checkout:Complex and time-consuming checkout is one of the main reasons the customers leave the product in the cart without purchasing it. Simplify the checkout process and display only those fields which are really necessary. You can get One Page Checkout also which summarizes the whole checkout process and displays all the fields on a single page.
  2. Disclose All Additional Costs:If you are charging any additional costs with the product then be transparent and disclose all the additional charges in the beginning.
  3. Opt Social Login: Many websites force the customers to create new accounts that can cause the customers not to buy the product and leave the website as not all customers want to share their personal details on new websites. Social Login option is the perfect solution for this by which customers can log in to your website in a few minutes without creating a new account.
  4. No Free Shipping:Free Shipping has become a crucial factor in online shopping nowadays. Many buyers purchase the products with the shipping charges also but many prefer free shipping. Start offering products with free shipping and you will surely notice an improvement in the conversion rate.
  5. Abandoned Cart Follow-up emails: You can send follow-up emails to your customers to remind them about their incomplete purchase. You can also highlight the product with a discounted price which can encourage them to revisit your site and complete the order. For this, you can try the Abandoned Cart module which tracks all the abandoned carts on your store and helps in reducing them by sending automatic follow-up emails. You can send web browser notifications and can also display a Popup reminder on your website with this module to remind your customers about their incomplete purchase.

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