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How to Repair PST File Without Scanpst.exe in a Hassle Free Manner

Summary: If you have already tried the Scanpst.exe tool several times to repair the PST file. You still can’t repair the PST file and now you want a simple and hectic approach to repair the PST file without Scanpst.exe. So you are in the right place. Read on for the full and accurate solution.

Outlook saves its emails, calendar, contacts, tasks, and journals in PST(Personal Storage Table) or OST(Offline Storage Table) file format. Most of the time, due to various reasons, PST files can be corrupted and need to be repaired. Microsoft Outlook has provided an Inbox repair tool (Scanpst.exe) for repairing PST files. But the Scanpst.exe tool has some conditions to repair the PST file. Know all the reasons why Scanpst.exe not working.

Several Situations Where Scanpst.exe not Working

  1. Large File Size – When the PST file size is more than 2GB. Then Scanpst.exe cannot repair the PST file
    Major issue- Scanpst.exe is unable to repair major problems in the PST file. Users can only fix minor issues.
  2. Error / Malware File – When your PST file is corrupted by an error or malware attack. In this situation, Scanpst.exe cannot repair your PST file
  3. Deleted File – Scanpst.exe cannot repair your accidentally deleted PST file. Scanpst.exe does not have this function to repair deleted PST files.
  4. In – proper PST files – If your PST file is incomplete. This means that Scanpst.exe cannot receive completely due to an internet connection or some other reason. In this case, Scanpst.exe will not be able to repair your PSt file

After seeing all the different situations, Scanpst.exe is not working. Users want reliable and trustworthy PST file repair solutions that work unconditionally in any situation. Let’s know the only approach to repair a PST file without Scanpst.exe

PST Files Need to be Repaired

PST files are very important when you use Outlook, corrupted PST files cannot provide correct data of the files. Outlook uses email, calendar, and contacts stored in PST files. Users use Outlook for both personal and business work. They don’t handle the data loss in the form of PST files. This is why repairing PST files has become so important.

The solution to Repair PST File Without Scanpst.exe

Repairing PST files using the manual method is not possible. Since Scanpst.exe not working, there is now no manual method to repair PST files. The user has to use the PST repair tool to fix PST files. There are many PST repair tools available online. But there are a few things that users need to remember before they can rely on some tools.

The expert suggested the DataHelp tool as the recommended PST file repair tool because of its amazing features. How this tool can repair PST files within minutes, error-free conversions, support all versions of Windows operating systems, convert PST files to multiple file formats.

The DataHelp PST repair software is a solution to the user’s problem of how to repair a PST file without scanpst.exe. With the help of this tool, users can repair their PST files with no size limit without worrying about errors/malware and extreme problems. This software repairs PST files in any situation.

Repairing PST files with the DataHelp software becomes hassle-free. It doesn’t matter how many badly damaged PST file users have. This tool has amazing PST file repair features.

Steps to Repair PST File Without Scanpst.exe

1. Download and install the DataHelp PST repair tool on your system.

2. Click the Add File option that is on the left to add a repairing file in Outlook.

Repair PST file

3. The software offers 2 options for adding files to the system.

  • Select  file
  • Search file

Repair PST file

4. Select file – The user can select this option if they know the location of the PST file

Repair PST file

5. Search file – If the user does not know the location of the PST file, they can simply click on the Search File option. The software automatically reaches the location where the PST file is stored in the user system. After that, the user can choose the PST file that they want to repair.

Repair PST file

6. Now select the repairing PST file

Repair PST file

7. Click the Remove encryption option if the email is encrypted. This software is able to remove the OpenPGP & SMIME email encryption from the Microsoft Outlook system.

Repair PST file

8. Select OpenPGP to remove OpenPGP encryption. Enter the path and password for the key file, then press the Done button.


Repair PST file

9. Select SMINE to remove SMIME encryption from the Outlook system.

Repair PST file

10. In order to repair damaged PST files, this software offers 2 options for this repair process.
1.Quick Scan
2. Advance Scan

Repair PST files

11. Quick scan option – It is used to repair minor corruptions in the PST file. Users can select this option for this.

Repair PST files

12. Advance Scan – It is used to repair important issues in the PST file. Users must select this option. Then click the Add button.

Repair PST files

13. You can see on your screen that the scanning process has started

Repair PST files

14. Click the Yes option to save the scan for future reference.

Repair PST files

Now, the DataHelp PST repair tool will successfully repair the PST file. Users can see their repair PST file in the left pane of the software.

Repair PST files

Amazing Features of the Software

  • Repair a large number of damaged files – With the help of this tool users can repair a large number of files within a few minutes.
  • Risk-free conversion process – This tool 100% guarantees risk-free conversion.
  • Encrypted file conversion support – this tool supports encrypted file conversion.
  • Free file preview before a conversion function- This tool provides a file preview option that allows you to see your selected file before repairing it.
  • Support to convert up to 10 emails/folders freely – With the help of free demo versions, the user can convert 10 emails for free.
  • Can repair emails, calendars, contacts, notes, and journals – This tool repairs your email, contacts, notes, and calendar all at the same time
  • Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7 versions – This tool supports all versions of Windows OS.
    After repairing, PST file data can be saved in multiple file formats like PST, PDF, EML, MSG, HTML format.
  • Provide option to remove SMIME & OpenPGP – This tool provides features to remove SMIME & OpenPGP with just a few steps.
  • Provide Advanced Scan Option to Repair High-Level Corrupted PST Files – This tool provides 2 options to repair PST files 1. Quick Scan (In Quick Scan, the tool repairs less damaged files) 2. Advanced Scan (In this scan, repairs the tool severely damaged PST files.)

Last Words

The above standout features will surely help you understand the DataHelp PST repair tool capabilities. It is very clear from this blog that the DataHelp PST repair tool is a great working software to repair and repair PST files without Scanpst. This article helps the users to repair and recover all PST data. So I recommended using DataHelp PST repair software to repair the PST file. Hence, In this article, I have provided complete information on how to repair PST files without Scanpst.exe. Now users have complete information on how to repair PST files without Scanpst.exe by using the solution provided here.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Related to Repair PST files Without Sacnpst.exe

Q- Do I need to install Outlook to do this?

A. No, you don’t need to install any application other than the PST repair tool on your system.

Q- How much time does the tool take to repair the PST file.

A.This tool only takes a few minutes to repair your PST file.

Q – Is there any other way to repair a PST file without Scanpst.exe or without a tool?

A. No, without the tool, the user cannot repair the PST file.

Q – Can I save the repaired PST file in a different file format?

A. Yes, after PST file repair, you can save your PST file in PDF, EML, MSG, HTML format.

Q – Is this tool compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7 versions?

A. Yes, this tool is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7 versions.


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