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How To Research Your Competitors Backlinks

To get to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs) you will have to perform some research. This research should include understanding how your competitor’s work their SEO and getting backlinks from sites that link to yours. When you have the information it takes to do this properly, you can use that information to create effective backlinks campaigns.

You can perform some basic research on your competitors backlinks by looking at their websites. Some businesses will put a small amount of effort into researching what backlinks they have and how effective those backlinks are. If they don’t spend time doing this, they will never learn. While this may be time consuming and boring, it is an essential part of the process when trying to find ways to improve your website’s ranking. The more effort you put into research your competitors backlinks the better your chances will be of success.

You can also research your competitors backlinks by watching their websites. A search for a URL, such as EzineArticles, will bring up a bunch of websites that link to yours. By studying these websites you will be able to determine which websites are effective in driving targeted traffic to your website. You can then build your backlinks around these highly ranked how search engine assesses your website.

Another way to research your competitor’s backlinks is by sending them an e-mail asking them if they know anything about their backlinks. Chances are, if your competitor’s website has a high PR or they spend a lot of time on article marketing, they will know about any backlinks they have. Send them an email asking about their backlinks. If you don’t hear back anything in 30 days or so, consider sending another e-mail. Chances are that they will provide you with a bunch of backlinks in response to your first e-mail.

You can also research your competitors backlinks by looking at their websites. For instance, a website selling jewelry will probably have a lot of backlinks on other websites. Look at the links on these websites to see what kinds of things they link to and consider analyzing them. Is the color scheme similar? Do they have a common header on each page?

One of the easiest ways to research your competitors backlinks is by visiting the websites themselves. Visit all the websites your competitor may be linking to and see what pages they link to. This is not to say that you should go and visit every single webpage on every website but if you do have access to a site that your competitor may have linked to then you should take advantage of it. There is certainly nothing wrong with this and it does allow you to see what other people link to.

It can also be useful to join forums in your niche and ask questions about backlinks. If you are patient and spend a bit of time doing research you will certainly come away with some useful answers. Forums are particularly useful because there are usually lots of people there and most of them want to help. They love to compete against each other and love telling others how they got on track. It is just a shame that they never tell you where they did it.

Once you have conducted your research into your competitors backlinks it is important to act. The best way to get your backlinks back is to simply ignore them. Don’t bother going back to them and don’t even bookmark them if they are not worth bookmarking. If you do follow through later on though you will find them extremely beneficial and will be able to start generating traffic from them immediately

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