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How to Sell on Google Shopping – User Guide for WooCommerce Merchants

There are two ways of selling online. The first one is sold from personalized eCommerce shops and the second one is sold on gigantic marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, Alibaba, Google Shopping, etc. Reportedly, both of the above methods of selling online are quite useful if the merchants play every card right. Likewise, merchants who are selling from their e-commerce shops can also sell on marketplaces like Google Shopping. Selling on the marketplaces can add value to any eCommerce business because of the customer traffic and brand reputation these marketplaces have. Moreover, Knowband developed the WooCommerce Google Shopping Integration module for WooCommerce online vendors.

The WooCommerce Google Shopping Integration plugin allows WooCommerce merchants to list their products on the Google Search list without having any coding or technical knowledge.

Before starting with the WooCommerce Google Shopping Integration Addon, let’s talk about what Google Shopping is.

Google Shopping:

Google Shopping Feed Integration Module

Google Shopping is a Google search engine-based eCommerce marketplace. Likewise, eBay and Etsy, the online vendors, can list their products on Google Shopping. The only difference between Google Shopping and other multi-vendor marketplaces is that the marketplaces offer online retailers the opportunity to sell the actual products, but on Google Shopping, after clicking on the products, the user is redirected to the vendor’s website.

As per Google’s recently announced policies in 2019, it is free of cost to list the products on Google Shopping. Furthermore, if the eCommerce merchants want to set their products at the top of the Google search list, they might have to pay some amount to Google for running the Google ads.

Google Shopping has emerged as one of the fastest growing eCommerce marketplaces in the last half-decade. The reason for this is that Google is the biggest name in this online era itself.


Let’s have a quick overview of the benefits of selling on Google Shopping:

Costless Listing:

The major reason that attracts eCommerce vendors to list their products on Google Shopping is that Google Shopping offers a free listing to eCommerce merchants.

Google recently launched the above policy for eCommerce merchants who are looking to sell on Google.

Wider Reach:

The other advantage of selling on Google Shopping is the wider reach of Google. According to the reports, more than 50% of total online orders are initiated from a simple Google search. It is always a plus to list your product on top for the customers who are searching for their favorite categories.

Advantages of SEO:

The most adorable benefit of selling on Google Shopping is that the online retailers can also take aid from Search Engine Optimization. Usually, a regular customer gives priority to the organic search results in comparison to the advertised ones.

eCommerce merchants can take advantage of SEO by using various SEO strategies for selling on Google Shopping.

The above 3 are the top benefits of selling on Google Shopping. Furthermore, selling on Google Shopping is an extremely smooth process. Let’s discuss how to sell on Google Shopping.

 The Selling Guide: Google Shopping!

Selling on Google Shopping starts with registration as a seller on Google Merchant Center. To register as a seller on Google Merchant Center, online retailers must have a website where they are selling their products. In the required fields, Google asks for details like website URL, developer’s email address, personal email address, etc.

After successful registration as a seller, the merchants can create their feeds by adding their desired products and choosing the respective options for shipping address, setting up the product description language setting, etc.

For example, if a merchant wants to add a feed for registering a product category on Google Shopping, all they need to do is click on the products button, then select the feeds option from the list that appears.

After clicking on the Feed button, the online retailers can easily choose their already added feeds and can easily create a new feed by clicking on the register new feed button.

Factors to be considered while selling on Google Shopping

Genuine Product Specifications:

The most important factor for selling on Google Shopping is to enter genuine product details like descriptions and other attributes.

For example, if you are dealing in fashion apparel, it is always good to use targeted keywords for SEO purposes so that whenever a user enters the keywords, your products must appear in the search list.

Engaging high-resolution product pictures:

The other secret to being the top seller on Google Shopping is to add attractive, high-resolution pictures of the products. The reason for this is that the high-quality images attract the customers to the products and encourage them to complete the orders from your eCommerce shop.

Add these easy-to-understand and right-to-the-point details:

The other aspect which can help with selling on Google Shopping is to add right-to-the-point and easy-to-understand details. These details can be anything like images, product names, or product descriptions.

Connecting WordPress WooCommerce to Google Shopping:

Similarly, in addition to listing products directly on Google Merchants Center, eCommerce merchants with WordPress WooCommerce shops can integrate their eShops with the Google Shopping Marketplace using the Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping Marketplace Connector.

The WooCommerce Google Shopping Integration module is a no-code solution for WooCommerce online vendors to list their products on the Google Search list. All the plugin requires for setting up the connection between WooCommerce Shop and Google Shopping Marketplace is an Application ID, Application Secret, and a Google Merchant account.

Here are some of the most amazing benefits of the Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping Connector Module.


Listings of all product options:

The first amazing advantage of the Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping Integration addon is that by using the Google Shopping connector, the store admins can list all the available WooCommerce Store products along with all the products options like color, size, etc., in a single click.

Furthermore, the WooCommerce merchants can choose the option of excluding the out-of-stock products from Google Shopping, and all the products that become out-of-stock in the WooCommerce Shop will automatically be removed from the Google Merchant Center.

Single-Tap Feed Update:

The Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping Marketplace Extension allows merchants to update their Google Merchant feed with a single click right from their WooCommerce shop admin panel.

For example, if you have added a new product to your store and you want to list the same on Google Shopping, the product can be listed with a single tap on the Sync Feed button provided on the WooCommerce shop admin panel.

Various Shipping Templates:

The most amazing feature offered by the Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping Integration Module is that the module offers the merchants the ability to design different shipping templates for every individual country where the merchants want to sell their products.

For example, if you want to present the same category feed for more than one country on Google Shopping, the Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping Integration addon module can do the job for you. In the module admin end, the WooCommerce merchants can easily find a separate option for designing shipping templates with amazing options like language selection, currency selection, UTM parameters, and much more.

In the end,

The Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping Connector Module is specially tailored for merchants who are looking for a ready-to-use no-code solution for selling on Google Shopping. Furthermore, the Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping Connector Module offers one-time payment and lifetime usability to WooCommerce merchants. To make the connection process easier, the WooCommerce vendors get a free support period of 3 months to take care of every process from module installation to product listing.

If you have any queries about the Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping Marketplace Extension, please feel free to drop us an email at support@knowband.com.

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