How to Set up QuickBooks for Law Firms

QuickBooks comes with various tools and advanced tools. It’s specially made for little and medium-sized business owners. QuickBooks isn’t only utilized in manufacturing units and other small businesses also but also employed by lawyers everywhere. QuickBooks isn’t using only in one sector but almost everywhere. Today we’ll discuss the QuickBooks Setup for Law firm.

Accounting is additionally utilized in law firms and hence QuickBooks is additionally very useful in Law firms. Manage your accounts from anywhere without putting any effort. Bill the clients, manage the value, and track the time in one to go.

Steps to line up the firm chart of accounts in QuickBooks

To set up the firm account in QuickBooks, simply proceed with the below steps:

  1. Create a new bank account with the name “client trust fund checking”, which will be use to track all transactions such as all deposits and payments from your client’s trust funds
  2. Set to this account as an IOLTA account at a financial institution approved to offer IOLTA accounts. You need to check with your bank to confirm that the IOLTA bank account has automatic overdraft protection and don’t have ATM access. These rules apply to all states to IOLTA programs
  3. To make a difference in your law firm’s payable from your customer payable, create a separate liability account in QuickBooks. After that rename, the account payable account to “accounts payable- operating”. This account will be use to bills and payments of your law firms daily operations
  4. Set up another account payable account called “accounts payable- Trust”, which will be used to track bills and payments related to your customers.
  5. Set up one more current liability as” Client Trust Liability”. This liability account used to trace deposits transactions from other costs and clients

Key Benefits of QuickBooks

  1. Using QuickBooks’s very useful in the Law field. There are many benefits and a few of the key benefits are mention below.
  2. It manages hourly billing rates- QuickBooks allows you to manage the hourly billing rates of all your billable things from junior associates to senior people
  3. Track time and bill expenses- QuickBooks for law firms gives you the ability to track the time and add expenses to any matter if required
  4. Reports for every client- These features are very useful when it is time to provide updates on case matters to clients. You can send reports directly to clients, from anywhere or you can also schedule the report in advance as per your time
  5. Full-spectrum invoice feature- These features handle invoicing from beginning to end. Clients can also pay online after receiving the invoice
  6. Track expenses for the firm- You can import transactions from bank accounts, PayPal, credit cards, and any other online payment service provider. If you are on the way you can take the picture of receipt through the Smartphone and upload the same directly to QuickBooks
  7. Pay your employees- QuickBooks setup a law firm with a free direct deposit. Your employees can get their money as in little as 24 hours. You can also use the QuickBooks to file and pay the payroll taxes.


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