How to Show Your Latest Tweets on Your Website

Twitter is the leading social media platform with millions of active users worldwide who are regularly interacting with each other by expressing their opinions through tweets.

With this growing popularity of twitter from the last decade, introduces a trend among businesses and brands to show tweets on their website so that they can engage and interact with their audience more effectively.

If you are a marketer and want to level-up your brand’s promotion game-plan, then it is a must read blog. In this you will learn the unheard benefits of showcasing Tweets and different ways you can use to embed twitter feeds on a website.

Amazing Benefits Of Showcasing Tweets On Your Website

Increase Customer Reach

One of the greatest benefits of showcasing twitter feeds on a website is that it will increase your audience reach as more people are using social media platforms these days and want to see how strong social presence a brand has. So displaying twitter feeds on a website will engage your audience with your social content.

Improve Content Quality

Displaying tweets on a website adds variety and quality of content that ultimately meets with your target audience. When a user visits your website, the first thing they interact with is the content you are displaying on your website. Most of the websites display text content that praises their brand or product, whereas  twitter feeds on a website adding user-generated content on your website with real people content.

Exclusive and Unique Content

Twitter feeds are exclusive to your brand as they are shared by your customer through tagging your brand. It is a unique content and no other brand can have the similar content like yours. Thus adding it to your website generates curiosity in the mind of your visitors and gives them a fresh new content to read and interact with.

Increase Dwell Time

Visitors like to spend more time with unique and social-content, it is entertaining and useful for them to know about the brand effectively. It is a fact that displaying social media feeds on a website increases users engagement and drop down the bounce rate than any other type of content.

These benefits give a clear indication to brands and marketers to employ tweets on their website and accomplish customer engagement goals efficaciously. But how do you showcase these attractive twitter feeds on a website?  There are several tools that help you in collecting and displaying twitter feeds effortlessly without taking much time.

Ways To Showcase Tweets On Your Website

Taggbox Widget

With the help of the Taggbox Widget, you can collect, curate, and show interactive Twitter feeds on a website using hashtags, mentions, handles, and many other advanced features. Taggbox Widget will offer you a platform where you can easily personalize the collected tweets into a format that best suits your website design. You will get a number of themes and styling options to design your twitter feeds that increase user experience.

Taggbox Widget is one of the popular and best social media aggregator tools in the market with affordable plans designed according to your brand’s needs.

Twitter Widget

Twitter Widget is another tool that allows you to collect twitter feeds and display on your website in a standard format to enhance the look and feel. You will get four options to collect feeds, such as user-timeline, list, favorite, and search. Using any of these options, you can curate diverse and interactive tweets effectively on your website.


Tweetwally is an amazing tool for displaying your twitter feeds on a website. It is specially designed to collect only twitter feeds and enhance the quality of content on websites as well as make events more lively.

It is also known as a digital-storytelling tool from which you can customize the twitter stories and show beautiful images on your website. With its amazing features you can show twitter feeds directly from searches and customize it to to display on your event wall screen through a projector.

It will update tweets in real time as any feed update on your twitter account with your hashtag or mention. It is the best tool if you want to display twitter stories on your website as well as on your event social wall.


Hootfeed is a twitter feeds aggregation tool that is specially designed by Hootsuite for easily curating and displaying tweets on websites. With this you can also display exciting twitter feeds on big digital screens during events and offer an interactive experience to your audience.

You will get various themes and styling features options that will help you to customize your twitter feeds.

Final Words

These are some of the amazing tools that help you show twitter feeds on your website. You can choose any of the above-mentioned tools as per your website needs.

Displaying social media feeds is the trending marketing strategy for brands to stand-out in this competitive era. Thus, if you want to go ahead of your competitor and stay up-to-date with marketing trends, then showcasing twitter feeds is a must part of your marketing strategy.

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