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how to start screen printing business
how to start screen printing business

How To Start a Successful T-Shirt Business Online in 2022

T-shirts aren’t simply a staple of casual wear—they’re articles of consumer goods that always replicate our personalities, interests, and identities.

Because of this, mercantilism t-shirts on-line has become a well-liked selection, particularly for entrepreneurs and artists trying to find a comparatively cheap thanks to find out how to start out a business. Plus, the world marketplace for the custom tee shirt printing trade is anticipated to eclipse $10 billion by 2025.

In this guide, we’ll undergo every step of the way to begin a shirt business on-line that brings in additional financial gain month over month.

Picture of a phone with Shopify software system

how to start screen printing business

Start Your Business with Shopify

Try Shopify for free of charge, and explore all the tools and services you wish to start out, run, and grow your business.

How to begin an internet tee shirt business, gradual

Choose a distinct segment

Source quality material and tee shirt printing choices

Create your own tee shirt styles

Mock up your t-shirts

Validate your styles

Set up your on-line store

  1. select a distinct segment for your tee shirt on-line business

A niche can facilitate your on-line shirt mercantilism business stand out and higher attract the correct audience while not processing your budget.

You hear the term “niche” tossed around loads, however it’s vital to decide on one once making an attempt to grasp the way to build an internet tee shirt business. one in every of the foremost vital components of a thriving on-line tee shirt business model is that the ability to square out, and one in every of the most effective ways that to try to to that’s by line to a selected audience or interest.

Generally, classes like “t-shirts for those who like funny slogans” area unit planning to be too broad to induce detected during a} very developed market. You’re planning to wish to tighten it up a touch a lot of. Associate in Nursing example of a a lot of specific niche would be t-shirts with funny slogans that relate to doctors and nurses, or to dog homeowners, as pictured below by zdigitizing custom embroidery digitizing.

t-shirt niche example

Photo courtesy of: ThinkPup

There area unit many ways to search out and value a distinct segment after you wish to understand the way to begin a tee shirt business on-line. Here area unit a few:

Visit your prospective niche’s subreddits and value the subscriber count and level of engagement.

Use Facebook’s Audience Insights tool to measure the scale of your niche on the platform.

Scan this list of standard hobbies on Wikipedia for inspiration.

Consider your own interests and also the communities you belong to—sometimes it’s alright to trust your gut.

Once you cut down your niche, produce a business set up for your shirt mercantilism business that covers your goals and completely different opportunities to sell custom t-shirts, then work out however you’ll execute that set up.

Free: Business set up model

Business designing is commonly wont to secure funding, however lots of business homeowners notice writing an idea valuable, though they ne’er work with Associate in Nursing capitalist. That’s why we tend to place along a free business set up model to assist you start.

  1. supply quality material and tee shirt printing choices

The next step of the way to begin an internet tee shirt business is to search out suppliers. Not all t-shirts area unit constant and not all print jobs area unit constant. As we tend to mentioned on top of, quality is predominate to your complete and its success, therefore it’s vital to teach yourself and select your blank shirts showing wisdom.

Choosing a high quality tee shirt encompasses many factors, as well as work, sizing, material, softness, and weight. a good start line for decisive that blank tee shirt to use is to visualize out tee shirt Magazine’s review of a number of the foremost standard blank t-shirts for printing.

Once you cut down your selections, it’s powerfully counseled to order samples therefore you’ll be able to build Associate in Nursing familiar final judgment.

  1. produce your own tee shirt styles

Next up in the way to begin your own on-line tee shirt business is to come back up with the styles. Here area unit a number of ways that you’ll be able to get a vantage on your tee shirt business styles.

Below may be a list of pages for a few of the highest graphic tee shirt marketplaces. you’ll be able to use them to go looking the “best sellers” and “most popular” sections to assist you get a more robust plan of your next niche or tee shirt style. 




Kickstarter tee shirt campaigns

You may additionally wish to think about finding out Google Trends to induce a way of the topics folks area unit presently inquisitive about for inspiration for your tee shirt on-line business..

Hire a designer

Once you have got a thought for a few tee shirt styles, you’re planning to ought to really style them. If you have got Adobe Photoshop or an identical program, you seemingly will manufacture some nice styles by yourself. However, if you’re like most of the people, you’ll ought to enlist some facilitate.

There area unit a large style of tools and marketplaces you’ll be able to use to search out an acceptable graphic designer to assist you.

Design communities

Mock up your t-shirts

Once you’ve got some final styles, your next step for the way to start out a jersey business on-line are to induce some mockup pictures. Mockups area unit useful therefore your customers will see what the ultimate style can appear as if written on a shirt.

There area unit some ways that you’ll be able to get pictures of your final styles on t-shirts, together with ordering samples and taking product photography yourself or, with the abundance of jersey mockups and templates on-line, opting to make a 100 percent digital mockup, just like the one below.

T-shirt interpret

Adobe Photoshop jersey templates area unit the foremost common varieties of mockup files. they permit you to quickly preview however your styles can look written on a jersey. Most Photoshop templates go together with multiple layers that allow you modify the colour of the shirt and apply your own style that may mix with the shirt’s creases, folds, and contours.

Here area unit many resources to assist you discover the simplest mockup file for for your shirt commerce business:

GraphicRiver jersey mockups


19 impressive jersey templates

If Adobe Photoshop isn’t right for you, you’ll be able to additionally use web-based mockup software system that may allow you to do a similar issue while not having to transfer and find out Photoshop.

Printful mockup generator


Another nice choice for tasks like this is often to enlist facilitate from somebody on Fiverr. simply look for jersey mockups.

  1. Validate the styles for your jersey on-line business

Before you invest a great deal of cash on your new business plan, you must verify that there’s a marketplace for and interest in your styles. There area unit some ways you’ll be able to approach corroborative the market and sell t-shirts on-line.

Some of the foremost in style and a lot of common ways for corroborative your style concepts include:

Personal social networks. Post a number of your styles to your Facebook profile, niche Facebook teams, Twitter, and alternative social networks your friends and potential customers frequent. watch out once asking friends and family, however—their opinions area unit susceptible to kindness.

Reddit. Despite the community’s general aversion to promoting, Reddit remains one in every of the simplest places to induce honest feedback on your styles (which will even translate into sales when you launch). With unnumbered subreddits, it’s simple to search out a extremely targeted niche of potential customers and raise them directly for his or her thoughts on your styles before launching.

Crowdfunding. Crowdfunding sites have created it abundant easier to check, validate, and collect cash direct for your new business plan. Launching a crowdfunding campaign is time intense and needs a decent deal of preparation. However, the advantages is immense, together with totally funding your project before you launch it. If you’ve got a very novel jersey business plan (say, matching t-shirts for dogs and dog owners), crowdfunding can be for you.

Print on demand. Finally, with a ecommerce platform like Shopify, it’s ne’er been easier to line up a totally purposeful on-line store (domain name included) in an exceedingly matter of hours to validate your business plan. begin a 14-day free trial and integrate a print-on-demand service to validate your t-shirts by attempting to sell them on-line.

Template Icon

Free Webinar:

How to realize and supply a Winning Product to Sell

In but 40-minutes, allow us to walk you thru a way to realize product concepts, a way to validate them, and the way to sell the merchandise once you’ve got an inspiration you wish to pursue.

  1. discovered your on-line store

Now that you just have your jersey styles in hand, have created your mockups, and valid your plan, it’s time to create your store. this is often particularly vital if you wish to grasp a way to begin a jersey business on-line. 

There area unit one or two of jersey print-on-demand services that directly integrate together with your Shopify store, permitting you to start out taking orders in no time. These services can print ANd ship your t-shirts to your customers on your behalf anytime you receive an order. 

There’s no got to purchase or hold any inventory direct, creating it an excellent thanks to start. better of all, if you wish to use your style on alternative printable merchandise, like mugs and tote luggage, you’ve got that choice also.

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