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How to Start an Online Business from Scratch?

If you are looking for how to start an online business from scratch, then you’ve come to the right place. Because in this article I’ll tell you 5 steps to start an online business.

Do you know that today you have a huge opportunity to start a business online instead of offline?

As more people understanding the importance of online businesses and therefore, it becomes easier to start it than before.

It’s very important to look for some best online business ideas before starting any business.

There are so many platforms available online where you can start your online business and I’m going to tell you step-by-step.

1. Find your Niche

The first step towards starting any business is to find the niche on which you want to start your business.

Finding a niche also helps in overcoming the competition because it gives you a competitive edge over others.

Initially, if you’re planning to start an e-commerce store then I would recommend you to go for only one product at a time.

Because there are already big players in the market who have a huge amount of funding. Therefore, they also have a huge amount of money to spend on marketing.

So, in order to compete with them, you have to ensure the quality of your products.

If you focus on only one kind of product then you would also be able to maintain the suitable quality of your products.

So, start with only one product and then scale it accordingly.

2. Do some Market Research

Before starting off any business I always recommend doing some market research about it.

E.g. If you’re thinking to make a product that is unique and nobody is selling it, then it’s very important to do some kind of survey.

In this way, you’ll get some idea about the market and you’ll face less risk in future.

There is SurveyMonkey tool which you can use or you can simply ask people on social media platforms.

3. Choose a Domain Name

Now, it’s time to choose a name for your company. You can choose whatever name but you have to check it online whether its domain is available or not.

You can buy a domain from NameCheap and for hosting you can go for Hostinger or SiteGround. These are two hosting providers on which I rely the most.

Choose a domain which reflects your business and it should be very short, simple and memorable.

4. Create a Website

Creating a website is the first step towards starting an online business from scratch. As there are so many tools already available where you can make your website for free.

But I’ll recommend you to go for paid hosting services as they provide an excellent support system with good speed.

Good speed also helps you in ranking on Google which ultimately gives you enough traffic.

5. Start Marketing your Online Business

Marketing is the most crucial part of any business because it helps in creating awareness for your products.

The recent marketing ways are doing social media marketing, PPC, Digital Ads which are also providing good results to people.

For doing marketing, I suggest you to go for digital marketing only as we all know that after a pandemic every business is going online.

So, it’s important to do some sort of digital marketing.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC stands for Pay Per Click and this feature allows you to spend money whenever somebody clicks on your ad.

You’ll not get charged for the impressions of your ads and this is the reason why people love to spend money on Google Ads.

So, you can try either one or both of these techniques to market your business.

Social Media Marketing

Today, every other person is present on at least one social media platform.

It doesn’t matter what his/her age is, where does he/she belong, you’ll always find your colleagues on different social media platforms.

This is a signal towards changing the time period and achieving better opportunities.

Social Media Marketing doesn’t costs you unless you’re spending on ads.

The best part of doing social media marketing is that you can do content marketing and can promote your business for free.

There is also an option to run ads and you can go for it if you have some initial budget. I usually prefer Facebook for running better quality Ads.

If you don’t have a budget, you can create free content like if you’re selling shoes then you can provide fitness tips online.

By creating content, you’ll gain people’s trust that is a major factor in online businesses.


At last but not least, starting an online business is become so much easier than it use to be before.

But when something becomes easier, there’s also a chance of increasing competition.

So, it’s always better to start earlier as much as before to avoid further competion.


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