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How to Use Email Surveys?

email survey

email survey

Email services nowadays come with a plethora of functionalities, which makes them a reliable source of communication. Using Email Surveys is also one of the oldest yet effective means of communication to collect customer feedback.

It’s one of the easiest ways to reach out to your customers. For a lot of companies, it’s a preferred choice over, as recipients will get a preview of what they are getting into. Even before opening an email, they will get valuable information like a survey that has been sent by which company, sender’s name, what kind of survey it would be.

If you want to know the satisfaction levels of your customers, then send surveys to them via email. Surveys are essential to collaborate with the diverse set of audience and engage with them to capture insights which are vital for every business in refining their products and services. A good internet connection, valid email addresses, and email feedback software is the only requirement for creating an email survey.

Understanding Email Surveys

When the survey questionnaire is sent to the customers by using emails, then it’s termed an email survey. It also helps in tracking numerous factors like delivered emails, email open rate, open survey rate, and survey response rate.

Why use Email Surveys?

There are numerous benefits of using email surveys. Let’s see what all can be done by using them:

Types of Email Surveys

Generally, 3 types of surveys are used by most email software survey companies. Surveys can either be embedded in an email, sent as a link, or created in the form of buttons.

How to Use Email Surveys with an Email Survey Tool?

The most convenient way to capture customer’s insights about your products or services and conduct market research is with the help of the Email Survey Tool. It will help businesses achieve faster results as compared to any other traditional means of communication. Choosing the right software is as important as drafting relevant questions. There are numerous online websites available for creating Email Surveys. One of them is Zonka Feedback, where surveys can be created in just a few simple steps. The best part about using this application is that emails can be sent on the basis of different triggers like post-purchase, post-delivery, etc. by integrating the application via APIs and Webhooks.

Important Steps for Creating Email Surveys

Email Survey Best Practices

A lot of planning needs to be done before sending an email survey. It’s always better to understand what would be the goal of the survey to create a perfect survey.  Some of the best email survey best practices are:

  1. Understand Your Audience: The first step in creating a survey is to understand who would be your target audience. It would help to create an effective survey to capture maximum customer insights. If your brand is providing financial services, then targeting school children is not the best solution. Thus, it’s vital to send email surveys to the right audience.
  1. Selection of Right Survey Questions: After figuring out your target audience, it’s essential to draft questions that consist of both open and close-ended questions. But priority should be given to close-ended questions. Keep your surveys short and to the point, as respondents won’t prefer taking long surveys.
  1. Creative and Catchy Subject Lines: A lot depends on the subject of an email. A well-crafted subject line will result in high open rates. It will compel your respondents to open their emails. Some of the perfect examples of great subject lines are, “Are you ready to share your experience with us?  Please take this survey.”
  1. Distribution of Email Surveys: Nowadays, everything has become digital, and people prefer to share their concerns on different social media networking platforms. To get maximum reach and visibility, it’s recommended that email surveys should be distributed on various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to achieve higher completion rates.
  1. Selection of Right Survey Timings: Timing plays an important role when choosing the survey timings. Sending an email after every customer interaction will result in high response rates as everything will be fresh in the minds of your consumers.

Final Words

Emails are the most popular and cost-effective method for distributing surveys to targeted customers. With the help of email surveys, it’s easy to collaborate with a considerable amount of respondents and collect quantitative & qualitative data, which will help you refine your business processes, products, and services. These surveys can be created with the help of email survey software or apps, which can further be integrated with numerous tools like marketing tools, mailing tools, etc. to distribute surveys automatically as per the scheduled date and time automatically.

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