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How to Use Photographs to Design Your Wedding Cakes

Design Your Wedding Cakes

A formal education is not needed to design your wedding cakes, although it might help. Some vocational schools, culinary colleges, and community colleges offer pastry programs and cake designing courses. A formal education will also likely increase a person’s opportunities for career advancement. Cake designing schools typically have a two-year degree program; some have a shorter program. The longer program usually includes a concentration in the art of baking, although many schools also offer a specialty area of cake designing.

Those who choose to go straight into the cake decorating career have an advantage over those who study pastry chefs. If one has a background in a related field, working as a wedding or corporate event planner can help with connections that will be useful in their new career. Those who are interested in becoming a cake designer can enroll in a short pastry chef course to get their foot in the door.

wedding cakes

Professional Cake Designer

Becoming a professional cake designer requires formal training at a cooking school or pastry chef school. Many community colleges also offer pastry chef classes, although these are more difficult to get through and often require long hours on the job. Those who complete a degree at a community college may be able to get some part-time or full-time work by applying for jobs at local bakeries, catering firms or other businesses that make wedding cakes. These jobs are much more stable, although they usually pay lower wages.

Professional Bakeries

Professional cake designers often work for professional bakeries. They can create custom cakes for birthday parties, weddings, and other special events. Some specialize in creating decorations and other gifts for children and adult parties. Others may work for large food companies that produce several kinds of cakes. An experienced cake designer might be able to move to a larger company if that is what she wants.

You and the groom can hardly wait to decide on the look and taste of the wedding cake. (So much more fun than the seating plan!) You can be creative and make a cake that is as personal as the rest of the wedding. Read our tips and make an appointment with your baker to discuss the levels and tastings. Overall, your cake should be look like that it was from your wedding. Think about the time of year you’re getting married (a shell design for a December wedding in Cincinnati wouldn’t work, but sparkling snowflakes would), the texture of your dress, The venue you design a barn reception very differently from a ballroom or for your theme ,Art Deco, lime blue and white

wedding cakes

Ways To  Design Your Wedding Cakes

Many people want to have custom cakes created from photographs taken by guests of special events. Others want to have pictures of themselves taken for special occasions. Still others like to take funny pictures of themselves with friends. There is no shortage of talented cake designers who can draw from these pictures to come up with unique images for cake tops, cupcake liners, and custom cakes. The best photographers make their photographs look as good as possible.


Candid Shots

Most cake designers will tell you that the best photos are candid shots because you get a better look at how a cake looks on the plate and what kind of decorating techniques are used. One important thing to design your wedding cake is remember when choosing a wedding cake designer is that your tastes do not have to match those of the person in the photo. One of the best things about hiring a cake designer to photograph your wedding cakes is that you will have an opportunity to choose a style that you love. Your cake designer can help you make a style decision. 

You and the groom can hardly wait to decide on the look and taste of the wedding cake. (So much more fun than the seating plan!) You can be creative and make a cake that is as personal as the rest of the wedding. Read our tips and make an appointment with your baker to discuss the levels and tastings.


Motion Activated

Another great way to use photography to create beautiful custom cakes is to use a video camera to film your cake design. The pictures will look best if the cameras are motion activated and the lighting is perfect. Cake photographers can also create beautiful custom cakes Design Your Wedding Cakes from still photos you take of your wedding cakes. If you prefer to have your cake designer to create a cake from home rather than having him or her to dersign your wedding cake travel to your home, the Internet is a great place to find photos of beautiful wedding cakes that you can use to plan your wedding cakes.

This is often determined by the design rather than the bride’s preference. While buttercream is seen as much tastier, fondant – a smooth, firm icing that can be stenciled, shaped, and applied – is better for elaborate designs. But cakes covered with fondant often have a layer of buttercream underneath, which means win-win! Sugar can be molded into a myriad of things – flowers, fruits, figurines, jewelry to match the pearls or gemstones you wear. If you plan to design your wedding cakes use fresh flowers to decorate your cake, discuss the alternatives with your baker who may refuse to use the original to avoid pesticide contamination.

Bakers often offer their customers tastings with different types of cakes, toppings and icings to try your own combinations. Pick up small tastes or you’ll be halfway for a sweet shock! You can match your cake to the color of your dress or the bridesmaids’ dresses. Or you can choose bright colors – pink, orange – to reflect your centerpieces. Pick a color that makes sense and you’ll make a delightful statement.

As you can see, there are many ways to use photographs to create beautiful custom cakes for your wedding. If you prefer to have a cake professionally designed, ask one of your local cake makers for references. Ask how they handle wedding cakes and how much experience they have. You can also check out their portfolio to find a cake designer who is well suited for your needs.


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