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How to Use Pinterest

How to Use Pinterest for Professionals in 16 Steps

Pinterest has recently become the most popular social network. So, how to use Pinterest in social media marketing professionally?

How to Use Pinterest

#1 Connect Pinterest With Your Other Social Networks

We might claim that Pinterest is not self-sufficient because it is a new network. That is why you should begin by linking your Facebook, Gmail, and Yahoo accounts to your Pinterest account and searching for individuals to follow. This is simple to accomplish using Pinterest’s locate buddy function. Six out of ten people will react to you once you follow them on Pinterest.

#2 Embed Pinterest on Your Website

People want to follow a lot of people on Pinterest because it hasn’t yet become a really busy site. As a result, a button you post to your website or blog will garner a lot of attention. It is also critical for your social media image that your company or personal account is active on Pinterest. You may add the button by going here.

#3 Categorize Your Pins

Pinterest’s Board function is one of its finest features. You may make distinct divisions for each type of sharing. The majority of the time, the content you share from your personal account is bidirectional. People will want to follow the boards they are interested in if you publish on a different board for each category you share. In this manner, you will be immediately followed by people who are interested in your industry.

#4 Pin regularly

Your pin frequency is very crucial on Pinterest, as it is on many other social networking platforms. People will become irritated if you pin too frequently, and they will forget about you if you pin too infrequently. As a result, taking Pinterest’s regulations into consideration, we may claim that 5-10 Pins each day are reasonable on average.

#5 Verify Your Account

Verified profiles are always more appealing. Unlike Twitter and Google+, setting up verified profiles on Pinterest is simpler. To authenticate your account, just paste the HTML code provided by Pinterest onto your website. The code is available here.

#6 Create Your Own Content on Pinterest

Yes, using Pinterest’s Repin tool is crucial, and adding material to your blog is important in terms of backlinks, but submitting a fresh pin from time to time will raise your interest. Do not underestimate the Upload Pin feature’s power.

#7 Start Following Other Pinterest Users

Pinterest, like Twitter, is a social network that uses the follow-to-follow logic to increase the number of followers. You might begin by following the followers of people who have a large number of followers. Set a limit for yourself, of course. For example, your followers should not be more than twice as many as your followers. People will begin to follow you gradually.

#8 Use Pinterest Search

Although it is possible to increase the number of followers by following everything you see, it is preferable to follow those with whom we share more same interests. To do so, use Pinterest’s search box to look for terms that may be of similar interest. Follow the most recent pinners. The returns will be significantly higher.

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#9 Use Repin Feature

Repining is preferable to pinning. People who never utilize Twitter’s retweet option are looked down upon, and the same is true for Pinterest. Your favorite pins should be repinned. People you follow will see that you are an active and engaged user as a result of this.

#10 Use Multiple Boards

Posting in many categories helps you to be followed by individuals with a variety of interests. The more you publish in various categories, the more followers you will gain. Don’t get too hung up on one thing. Make separate boards for each of your hobbies and pin to them on a daily basis.

#11 Get Informed of What’s New

Inquire about your region of interest. Your popularity will rise if you are the first to report on any fresh developments in your field. When your field is recognized as a leader, the followers will come naturally.

#12 Teach Something

People appreciate individuals who teach them something new. Make certain that the Pins you post contain instructional information. Distribute infographics.

#13 Tag Your Pins

Consider the internet to be a needle in a haystack. Your content is a pinned item. You should leave a variety of tips so that people may readily locate the needle. Keywords should be included so that users who use Pinterest Search may discover your material. Each of your Pins should have a description that includes keywords.

#14 Share Quality Photos

Pinterest is a visually appealing website. The most crucial factor for you should be the resolution of the photo you post. If Pinterest is unable to locate a high-quality image while posting a pin, you should upload high-quality material yourself.

#15 Stream Content to Pinterest

Share photographs on Pinterest that have received a lot of attention on social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. You may do this by utilizing Google Image Search to find the original source of the image. A photo that has received a lot of attention on other social networks will likewise get a lot of attention on Pinterest.

#16 Add Pin it button to your browser

Because most websites still do not employ the Pin it button, add it to your browser to swiftly share intriguing stuff you come across. You may bookmark the Pin it button here.

#Corporate Accounts Considerations When Using Pinterest

Don’t just share your own products. This bores people and causes them to unfollow.
Do not apply the follow unfollow method on active users. The reaction you get may be different from what you expected.

BONUS – Current Pinterest and Instagram Statistics

Instagram and Pinterest are channels that are often difficult to increase engagement. A few statistics about these two channels that can help increase interaction;

  • The length of the most repined pins on Pinterest is 800px. The 2:3 image ratio is the most engaging ratio.
  • The descriptions of the most engaged images on Instagram and Pinterest are usually between 100-200 characters.
  • The engagement rate of posts using hashtags on Instagram is about 2 times higher than posts without hashtags.
  • It is necessary to carefully adjust the use of hashtags on Instagram. It could backfire sometimes.


  • Red and orange colors provide more interaction.
  • We can say that the more colors there are, the more interaction is received.
  • Dark images aren’t getting any attention on Pinterest.
  • Saturation (Color saturation) 50% optimum value. Colorless photos get almost no attention.
  • Images with white or transparent backgrounds receive 4 times less interaction than others.
  • Photos with people’s faces get 23% less engagement.
  • Shortened links and links created with Google Link Builder are marked as spam on Pinterest.
  • Social Networks Most Used by Women: Pinterest
  • When it comes to what social media is good for, it usually contributes to e-commerce sites, the answer is one of the most used at the moment. It is a known fact that women are the ones who shop the most from e-commerce sites.

One of the simplest methods to approach women is to leverage channels that they frequently use. Female members make over 80% of Pinterest’s user base. Pinterest is currently used by one out of every five women in the United States. This network, which was founded three years ago, has over 70 million users. The user base is fairly extensive. Pinterest users who are referred to e-commerce sites spend an average of $300.

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So why Pinterest?

First and foremost, its design is straightforward, user-friendly, and visually appealing. For example, on Reddit, which I find incredibly appealing, there isn’t a single image and more than 70% of its members are men. So there are women if there are images.

If you want to use Pinterest effectively, what you need to do is quite simple. Create quite a few boards and start pinning. Be sure to enter hashtags and descriptions on your pins. Surely people will find you and start interacting with you. So why would you use Pinterest? 38% of women who use Pinterest use it to get recommendations, 23% to search for things to buy, and 16% to review what they have decided to buy.

Pinterest is undoubtedly the best platform for creating a “to-do list”. At the same time, you can use hidden boards to say “save for later”, that is, to read in my spare time. I will not say that it is a medium that all women should use, all women are there anyway. Of course, for men who take advantage of this; I haven’t seen anyone pick up a girl using Pinterest yet.

The most shared content on Pinterest is about fashion and cosmetics. But that doesn’t mean that nothing else gets attention. Be sure, anything visually rich will attract attention. At the same time, the fact that you can review all shared content without reading any text is very suitable for today’s social media spirit. Finally, everyone is equal on Pinterest. Compared to Facebook, there is no difference between brand pages and personal profiles.

The most important thing to watch out for on Pinterest is spam links. Not much has been taken yet against the links that lead you to nonsensical places when you click on them.

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