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How to Wear Little Red Dresses to Make You More Confident

In addition to the little black dresses and little white dresses, little wholesale red dresses will be your new favorite go-to for day and night. Although timeless colors like black and white can always have its special place in our wardrobes for an easy matching combo with other fashion items, such as footwear or accessories, the color of red may be a bold fashion statement and can keep you confident. In fact, it’s also quite the versatile color when it comes to dresses, so you can take the opportunity to add some different styles, and make your dress the focus of your costume.

How to Choose a Right Little Red Dress for You

  1. Pick the Right Cut for Your Figure

    Sexy V-collar Plain Shirred Party Dress
    Generally speaking, the red dress is cut knee length or shorter. However, a slightly longer or shorter red dress may be appropriate depending on your body shape. If you are tall or have an apple body type, longer red dresses may be a perfect option, as this will be more flattering to your figure. If you are a petite, remember to avoid a calf-length dress. Because it may overpower your body shape. A v-neck is always flattering for most body shape, so go for a v-neck if possible.

  2. Go for a Versatile Style

    Lantern Sleeve Belted Stripe Dress
    If you are looking for a red dress that you can wear on any occasion, pick a more versatile style. Something that is less formal or casual can make you rock your red dresses on any day of a week. A knee-length dress with A-line and a V-neck works for most occasions. Avoid anything too tight or short if you want to wear your dress on any occasion. So look for looser and longer red dresses when picking a versatile style. A versatile red dress can not only make you add some different accessories, but also allows you to mix and match depending on the occasions.

  3. Choose a Cut That Makes You Feel Confident

    Sexy Layered Hem Party Bandage Tube Dress
    Usually, the cut that works best for you is the one you enjoy most. Your body shape and skin tone cannot absolutely predict what type of dress will look great to you. Try a variety different of dresses on when choosing a red dress to wear. Ignore conventions about body types and experiment with as many styles as possible. Opt for a red dress that can make you feel confident. If you show confidence when wearing a dress, you are more likely to look great in red.

How to Accessorize a Little Red Dress

  1. Select the Proper Shoes for the Occasion

    The red dress is quite versatile, so it can be matched with a variety of shoes. Make sure to choose shoes in a matching similar shade of red, or in some neutral colors such as black or white. If you want to wear high heels, you can wear wedges, or stilettos heels with a red dress. These may work great for more formal occasions such as a cocktail party or a fun night out. If you want something more casual and comfortable, flat shoes, boots, or even sandals can be combined with a red dress. These can work for more casual social events or for every day wear in the office.

  2. These Colors of Accessories Can Work Well

    Solid Color Drawstring Ruched Dress
    Black, silver and gold are traditional shades paired with red. This can be amazing for more formal occasions. It can also work well if lighter colors such as white are not in style for the season. Solid metal jewelry can be used well with a red dress. For example, try gold earrings or silver bracelets match your red dress. You can pair black leggings with a red dress, or something like a black jacket or cardigan. Some little red dresses work great with a belt around the middle.

  3. Keep Your Makeup Simple

     Solid Color Flutter Sleeve Loose Dress
    Keep in mind the red is a bold color. If you are wearing a red dress, you need to tone down your makeup. Opt for natural shades of eye shadow and minimize the use of mascara and eyeliner as possible. You should also only add a light layer of things such as foundation and concealer. As a general rule, your lipstick color should match your dress perfectly when you’re dressed in red. Try to look for a lipstick that is roughly the same color as your red dress. An exact match may not be possible but try to find a color that is similar to the shadow of the dress.

According to the shades and silhouettes, whether you are looking for a casual daywear or an elegant nightwear, if dressed properly, a little red dress can create a stunning look that seems both classic and attractive, and soon will become your favorite style.

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