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How to wear shalwar kameez dupatta

How to wear shalwar kameez dupatta?

Wearing a salwar kameez can be simple if you know the secrets to achieving the perfect look.

Sometimes bright colors and catchy patterns can seem like they would be best for wearing this ethnic outfit. But in reality, mixing patterned outfits with plain colored outfits looks very stylish in its way.

The main idea to keep in mind when combining different patterns or colors together. Making sure that pieces of your outfit are bold enough. So as not to shrink up or fade together leaving you looking uncomfortable and out of place at your fashion-forward event!

If you’re working with a simple outfit like wearing a black kameez with a solid-colored dupatta. It can be important to add interest by adding brightly colored and patterned accessories to your look.

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Different styles to wear a Salwar kameez

There are different styles to wear a salwar kameez such as:

Select the Fabric

The choice of fabric is important because it can affect the look and feel of an outfit and is especially important in work clothes where you will be exuding professionalism.

Select a fabric based on the event; different fabrics are best for different occasions.

For example, cotton or polycotton is ideal for casual daytime wear, but rich textured fabrics. Like satin or velvet are better suited to semi-formal affairs.

Likewise, it’s crucial to know what type of fabric to pair with your professional attire so that you don’t get mistaken for someone who isn’t serious about their job!

When choosing fabrics for business clothes during the hot summer months or in warmer climates, bright and colorful clothes are best to reflect the lighter demeanor of summer.

You’ll find printed garments such as suits made from materials like cotton, linen; chiffon, rayon, and georgette often come in rich hues that complement bright sunny days and evenings.

Select the Fabric


Getting the correct length

Depending on the size of your figure and measurements, getting the perfect fit for a suit set is mutually beneficial in looking great.

The right measurements and measurements of your body type can give you that great look we all strive for. Salwar should be ankle-length with or without embellishments or embroidery.

Patiala salwar, or even a narrow trouser that buttons or is an embroidered look great with a matching top part to make you look glamorous!

Length of Sleeves

Though personal choice is always a big factor when you’re talking about fashion, one major trend that we’ve been seeing a lot of recently is long sleeves for kameez.

Some people wear them their whole lives and choose to never show any skin at all, but others wear them depending on different occasions.

If you already have a slender body shape then it can be like the icing on the cake to show off your beautiful arms. But if you’re someone who wants to hide heavier parts of yourself from the world.

Then it can be a good idea to wear a three-quarter or full sleeve set so your clothing choices aren’t drawing attention away from your face yet still allowing you some level of modesty.

Length of Sleeves

Quality of Lining

Many fabrics require lining. Make sure you choose a lining material that matches the fabric color.

It should be stitched neatly and preferably in a complementary tone to the outer fabric so as not to draw attention away from your look.

A fine cotton lining generally works with most types of garments, but depending on the suit fabric if is embroidered or embellished then follow the suggestions of your designer to select one that will work best specifically for your garment.

Choice of Color

Colors can have a great influence over the mood of an individual and the way that he or she is perceived by others.

If you wish to appear smarter in your traditional wear, then darker shades of blue, maroon, or green should be an option.

These are rather safe options if you want to make sure everyone notices how grand your outfit is in comparison with everyone else’s. Lighter hues are better suited for women who prefer vibrant colors such as aqua green, soft pink or peaches.

It all depends on what kind of statement you’d like to convey on any given day! Pastel shades are best suited for slim and slender women.

While these days there is no rule saying a woman cannot wear whatever color she likes depending on her size. Choosing the right color does help draw attention away from what might not be considered ideal about her figure in the first place.

The perfect cut & style

Today’s fashion choices include many traditional and contemporary styles made possible by the modern fashion industry.

For example, designers have emphasized cut and style in addition to more traditional considerations such as fabric quantity and quality.

As a result, the salwar kameez can conform to a variety of tastes while satisfying its traditionally important purpose of maintaining modesty in public settings.

The perfect cut & style

Choice of Dupatta

You can make your salwar kameez look even more beautiful with the help of dupattas.

An excellent dupatta such as an embroidered one or a lace and sequin embellished one will add drama to your overall look.

Try them out to get noticed in any locale, perhaps one of many events lined up for you this season! Pair your salwar kameez with a net dupatta to give it that extra something.

An elegant net dupatta embroidered or detailed with pearls, stones, and laces, paired with a simple salwar kameez gives a very interesting look.

Combine a contract dupatta with an elegant and stylish suit set to hit the spotlight of a party. A silk dupatta paired with a solid coloured suit set is an eternal beauty.

You may try any color combination to get that gorgeous and breath-taking look!

FAQs Related how to wear shalwar kameez dupatta?

What is a salwar kameez dupatta?

Dupatta is a scarf that is like a shawl and is essential to many South Asian women’s clothing (usually matched with the garment).
The dupatta is most commonly used as part of the women’s salwar kameez costume and worn over the kurta and the gharara, but is originally part of the gagra choli outfit.

What is special about salwar kameez?

The salwar kameez is a traditional outfit worn by Punjabi women. It comprises a pair of trousers known as the salwar and a tunic called the kameez.
Traditionally, the salwar trousers are tailored to be long and loose-fitting with narrow hems above the ankles that are stitched to look like cuffs.

How many types of Salwars are there?

It’s the most casual, ready-to-go and always-trendy apparel you’ll ever have. But do you know there are over 20 styles of a salwar suit alone.


This is a beautiful embroidered Shalwar Kameez. It is very comfortable and made of top quality fabrics. You can wear it for any kind of occasion.

The shalwar kameez is a traditional outfit worn by women of South Asia. It is an outfit that is worn in various different ways based on the region.

You can wear it with a dupatta and scarf. The dupatta is embellished with embroidery and beads work.

We hope you enjoyed our article about how to wear shalwar kameez dupatta. With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your shalwar kameez outfits.

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