How Will You Take Care of Your Horse’s Hooves?

How Will You Take Care of Your Horse's Hooves?

Just like we human beings are unique in our way and different from one individual to another, the same way horses are also varied and unique from each other. They live in a specific environment and have their genetic traits.

These factors also affect the feet of the horses. Humans use horses in many ways, and so their requirements vary from one another. Horses need special care and especially hoof care according to those jobs. We cannot expect our horses to do a particular job efficiently when its feet are sore or when it cannot move properly.

When our work is not done how can we expect it to do its role?

We may get worries, but we need to understand what we need to do about that.

Today we will talk about how we can take care of horses’ hooves. So, let’s learn a new thing or two today.

1. Keeping the bedding clean and dry

It is essential to make sure that the bedding is not dirty at all and is clean and dry. If we keep the bedding dirty, it will build up bacteria and can further cause thrush.

Thrush is a bacterial infection. If you want to avoid this situation, then make sure you keep the bedding clean and dry, and if it has already happened, then you can apply topical solutions on the affected area as directed by your vet.

2. Pick out the hooves at least once a day.

It is essential to check the hooves at least once a day as it will give you a close inspection of the hoof structure. Make sure that there is no chance of getting thrush and besides that no chance of puncture wounds and stones.

Make sure you examine the white line and check if there is any trapped grit and also remove the wet mud if your horse has been out in the dirt all day. If your pick the hooves of your horse once in a day it will help oxygen to penetrate the underside of the hoof and will result in preventing problems like thrush

3. Use a farrier that is registered

Make sure that the farrier you use is a registered one to get a smooth reliable service. A farrier is a specialist who takes care of equine hooves.

Farriers help in trimming and balancing the horse’s hooves. The farrier uses the best quality of farrier tools like radius rasp, hoof tester, hoof nipper, etc.

4. Check the horse’s digital pulse.

It is essential to check the horse’s digital pulse as it will help you to understand the inner condition of your horse’s hooves. But for this, you must be well aware of the methods to understand what the digital pulse indicates.

It will help you to identify if your horse is in good condition or not, and if not, it will help you to tell your veterinarian or your farrier in time before any problem worsens. The method you need to apply is to use your thumb and forefinger and apply gentle pressure on the pulse to know and check the pulse.

5. Check the shoe’s condition.

It is essential to check the condition of the shoes. Check if the shoes are fitted well or not, and check them daily for any changes.

If the shoes are old and worn down or not fitted well make sure to schedule an appointment as soon as possible for re-shoeing and make sure that the workload on the horse is reduced until the issue has been rectified.

It will help in preventing the shoes from becoming loose or moving on the foot and prevent injury.

In conclusion, we hope that the above information has helped you to understand how you can take care of your horse’s hooves by keeping them clean and also by being attentive and observant when inspecting horses’ hooves.

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