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How You Can Use Social Media to Boost Your Sales

Social media has become something that people can’t live without.

People want to be better connected to each other, but businesses also want to ensure that they can connect with people. As more and more people start adopting it, companies of all sorts need to follow suit. Otherwise, they will lose their audience.

Once businesses start interacting with their audience online, the next thing that comes to mind is how they will make money from it.

Monetizing social media and increasing sales is the need of the hour for the majority of businesses.


Here is how you can effectively learn to use social media to boost your sales:

  1. Raise awareness on social media.

Raising awareness is something that you can do exceptionally well on social media.

If your audience doesn’t know that your brand exists, how do you expect to sell to them?

Creating awareness on social media is an easy task.

First, identify who your target audience is. Assess if they will make enough purchases to sustain your business based on data or industry trends. If not, find a new target audience.

Once you have your core target audience figured out and vetted, the next step is to find out what appeals to them, their likes dislikes, etc then prepare your social media copy as per their preferences.  Best way to collect relevant data is through studying your competitors and installing live chat app for websites to understand your audience better by having a chat with them.

After collecting relevant data, you can produce content that is helpful to your target audience. Make sure the content that you publish and share on social media provides value to your audience.

Avoid sharing generic information and focus on solving your audience’s pain points.

Another easy to use, but effective strategy that you can adopt is to allocate resources to create viral content. Creating viral content is a challenge, and there’s no doubt about it, but the return that a single piece of viral content brings is enormous.


  1. Create a special offer.

Selling more on social media requires finesse and creativity.

Dull flash sales and overused marketing ploys often end up yielding results far below expectations.

To sell using social media, you will need to create hype, and luckily it is just the place to do it. Once you get successful in attracting your niche audience then others will behave in reciprocal determinism.

Think of something your core target audience would be interested in. Say you run an ice cream shop. On a hot sunny day, ask your social media audience to visit your store and post a picture of them with your products on their Instagram to get a flat 20% discount. Instill urgency to get even better results.

Give your online audience an incentive to take your sales offers remarkably and be as creative as you can.

Run social campaigns that your audience cares about.

Do everything that helps you stand out from your competitions on social media.


  1. Provide the highest level of customer support possible.

People look at a brand’s social media profiles to better understand how a brand treats its customers and followers.

Brands that provide bad products or, even worse, poor customer service often end up with angry comments on almost all of their social media posts. You shouldn’t expect such a brand to stay in business for very long.

Brands that want to sell on social media need to ensure that their image stays positive. Hiccups in business are to be expected, but even these obstacles should be dealt with in a way that puts customers first.

Customer support starts right at your sales page. As soon as an online visitor shows an interest in one of your products, get their attention. Let them know that a real human is ready to assist them should they need any help.

Your after sales process should be even better. If a customer faces an issue with one of your products or services, go out of your way to help them. A large majority of customers will be understanding if there is a genuine issue, but some will want a refund or return a product regardless of what you do.


  1. Use hashtags.

Using hashtags is another excellent strategy to get eyes on your brand and offerings.

Some social media platforms perform exceptionally well when hashtags are used (Twitter and Instagram), but other platforms don’t produce these kinds of results.

All brands should always do is always to get a deeper understanding and learn about the origin story of a hashtag. Often, a seemingly harmless hashtag can mean something completely different from what you interpreted.

Come up with your own hashtag and drive traffic to your site using that hashtag.


  1. Create social content that sells.

Great social media content can help you increase your sales dramatically.

Many companies and organizations today are becoming customer-centric and taking an inbound approach to all business processes, including marketing and sales. What this means for your brand or business is that you will need to put your audience first and foremost.

Make engaging social media posts and incentivize people who positively interact with your posts.

Refrain from using stock images as they make your brand less credible and trustable online. Post pictures that are unique, and you will notice the difference in engagement and, in turn, sales.

A key component of creating great content is making sure that your copy is on point. Bad copy not only destroys your chance of making a sale, but it also leaves a wrong impression on your audience.

Invest in hiring a talented copy-writing resource to make sure that every word you post on social media is geared towards providing value and increasing sales.

As previously mentioned, try making your content go viral. Not all of your content will go viral, but even a single viral piece will make all your effort worthwhile.


As more and more people flock to social media platforms to connect with other people, brands and organizations should follow suit or even be present on social media before their audience (although this is getting harder to do every day).

Businesses that master social media marketing can build a loyal audience that follows them wherever they go.

About AanaNahum

Aana Nahum is a marketing professional currently working for SwiftChat a live chat app for websites. She loves to work in different roles of marketing and her current roles offers her with immense opportunity to interact with new people and solve different visitors problems in real time.

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