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Microsoft Office 365 is a very admired cloud-based service. By this, you can simply access top applications of Microsoft like MS Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Lync, OneNote, etc. After its release, many Exchange users ongoing migrating their Exchange mailboxes to Office 365 day by day. But migrating Exchange OST to Office 365 is not a simple task.

Reasons to Import OST to Office 365

  • Keep away from immense Exchange maintenance downtime
  • Exchange is not a reliable platform. Users need a reliable platform.
  • Due to Office 365 advantages Organizational shift business to Office 365.
  • Data accessibility is Quick in a safe environment after unintended deletion in Office 365

In this article, we describe to you about methods to import OST to Office 365 and how to migrate OST to Office 365 manually and using Commercial software.

How to Import OST to Office 365 manually?

There is no direct process available to Import OST to Office 365. To execute this method, First of all, you require converting OST to PST format then, you can go for upload PST to Office 365 platform for final migration.

First Step: Convert OST file to PST format:

  1. Initially, open MS Outlook on your system. And go to the File
  2. Here, open & Export tab shown, widen it, and click the Import & Export option.
  • Pick Export from Import & Export option and then click Next button
  1. Pick outlook PST file (.pst).
  2. Select the folders you desire to export, choose the checkbox to include sub-folders, and click the Next button.
  3. Set an address to export and click on the Finish button.

Mind It: This export way will work just if the user account is linked to the Exchange Server.

First Step: Upload PST to Office 365:

  1. Foremost, Sign in to your Office 365 account on your machine.
  2. Open Exchange Server window and go to the admin center there.
  3. Opt for permission and click on Organization management.
  4. As of the new popup, click the (+) mark and there you have to select the mailbox Import Export.
  5. Click the Add button and to proceed click on OK.
  6. Now, go for the mailbox Import again and then click on save.
  7. After that, Go to the Admin Center.
  8. Choose the setup subsequent by Data Migration
  9. Now, situate for upload files by clicking the upload file option.
  10. Following Upload file here select New Import Job
  11. Enter the job name (lowercase letters, numbers, hyphens, and underscores) and click the Next button.
  12. Choose upload your Data option from the “Do you want to upload or ship data?” Window and then click on Next.
  13. Click the upload SAS URL on the Show network in the Import data page.
  14. Copy (Ctrl +C) the shown SAS URL.
  15. Click on the download Azure AzCopy tool to download and install sAzure AzCopy.
  16. Go to the installed the AzCopy.exe tool directory.
  17. Run the command (exe /Source :<Location of PST files> /Dest:<SAS URL> /V:<Log file location> /Y).
  18. A status message displays after commanding.
  19. Now, Create a CSV file that identifies which user mailboxes the OST files will be imported (You can Download sample CSV file)
  20. Penetrate to the Import data page and select I’m done uploading my files and I have access to the mapping file checkboxand click the Next button.
  21. Give CSV mapping file on select the mapping file window click on the(+)select mapping file option.
  22. Click the validate button. After successfully validating the file name will be changed to green.
  23. As a final point, Click on Save and Finish.

The above-described ways are stretched and complex. It is not easy for non-technical and beginners. If you don’t have technical expertise then tries the extraneous software. With the help of this software, you can easily Import OST to Office 365 without hassle.

Shoviv OST to Office 365 Migration Tool

Shoviv OST to Office 365 Migration Tool is the top safest and trustworthy enhances the function in the field of data migration. The OST to Office 365 Migration is proficient software that can professionally import OST to Office 365 without any modification or edition in the original data. Shoviv creation supports the various numbers of OST files to eliminate size matters.

Lineaments of Shoviv OST to Office 365 Migration Tool:

  • Import OST to Office 365
  • Preview of OST Files before Migration
  • Convert OST to PST
  • Export OST to Live Exchange
  • Permits large OST for Conversion
  • Cost Free Mode
  • Export OST Data to Other Formats
  • Maintained Hierarchy

Wrapping up:

The article detailed the process to Import OST file to Office 365. Firstly we identified the way of migrating file then after we converted OST to PST format. To import OST to Office 365, we used Shoviv OST to Office 365 Migration Tool that is a Tool to tackle the situation took to tackle the situational. It provides perfect and easy processing, we imported OST to Office 365 and that is how we open the OST file to the computer via Office 365.

A free model for the test version of Shoviv OST to Office 365 Migration tool design by Shoviv is also available to download with the first 50 items per folder freed to perform.


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