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Importance of Having Seedboxes


A seedbox is a remote storage space serve which enables easy uploading and downloading of files in a peer-to-peer network. If your seedbox is connected with speedy systems, you can easily transfer high-data files. This high-bandwidth remote server will operate the BitTorrent method for uploading and downloading of data. The bandwidth usually ranges from 100 Mbit/s to 20 Gbit/s.

This remove server can work with a majority of the running system, such as – Windows, Mac, and Linux. One more important aspect, users can anonymously install and upload high-data files on individual systems via the HTTP, SFTP, FTP, or sync protocols. Therefore, with this remote server, you no need to worry about data theft or breaches.

There are several means to upload and install information and media over the internet, including online streaming services to unloading from the cloud. And so, privacy may result in great risk while installing media using confined servers, as it is quite simple to access unprotected seeder’s information. There are numerous restrictions to upload and unloading of data using any of your confined servers, including a major amount of bandwidth that is used for seeding data.

To resolve all such issues, seedboxes are currently is use. This remote storage space is a cloud-oriented server, which especially intended for torrenting of files. In case you regularly need install and seeding of information or online media, using a dedicated seedbox is really an excellent idea.

If you are confused why you should use seedboxes instead of confined servers, continue reading common advantages of using remote storage space serves –

  1. Hide Your Online Data (Privacy)

This remote storage space serve will assist you with unlimited uploading and unloading of online media with complete security. And so, users can enjoy complete control over privacy as no one could violate your information or media with a seedbox. This high-bandwidth remote server generally uses VPNs to hide user’s access. Therefore, you can easily secret your geographic access with VPNs. This server will also enable users to access websites and online media which are restricted by your internet service providers.

  1. Increase Speed of Downloading & Uploading Files

This cloud-centric remote storage space will increase your uploading and downloading speed of files. If you are using a seedbox server, you can notice that installing and uploading of media is quite speedy compared with other confined server. And so, seedboxes will support your seeding of several media or online information quickly. This remote server will also speed up your system’s uploading mechanism.

  1. Management of ISP

If you are worried about internet packages that restrict several websites and media access every month, you are recommended to simply opt for seedbox options. This remote server will enable users to easily access various websites, which are restricted by government rules or internet service providers. This indicates you can install and unload several online media without your privacy in concern.

  1. Increase Storage Space

This high-bandwidth remote server will provide users with ample storage space. There is enough competition in seedbox industries, and so providers are offering ample storage space to users. However, storage space isn’t only an important concern for maximum users to choose a seedbox over any confined servers. Therefore, users will also consider other valuable aspects of the seedbox as well.

Types of Servers

These are common sorts of servers currently available –

  • Dedicated Server

This sort of server will provide access to complete storage space to a single user. These remote servers will enable users to install and uploading of multiple programs at times.

  • Shared Hosting

This is a common server that is used to host most online websites. The shared hosting will allow users with unlimited access c-panel and uploading or installing of media. These servers enable users to commonly run PHP-based BitTorrent customers.

  • Co-Located Server

These sorts of servers are similar to remote servers, in which users instead of renting the actual server users can purchase and set-up individual servers. Also, users need to pay extra for electricity and bandwidth.

  • Shared Seedbox

A shared seedbox is quite popular in recent years, with numerous variations offered as per customer’s preferences. These are some commonly shared seedbox offerings –

  • Made for Just VPS’s,
  • Designed for VPS’s Along With FTP/ Torrent,
  • Featured With Just Dedicated Servers,
  • Dedicated Servers Along With FTP/ Torrent,

An alternative of shared seedbox is to connect with someone who is willing the same, and so you can split the cost of dedicated servers with that person.

  • Virtual Private Server

These sorts of servers are specially meant for users who require something more than just shared hosting but don’t want to incur the expenses of dedicated servers. The multinational companies will segregate servers into various portions with the use of Xen/ VMWare. And so, we will sell each space to individual clients at more profit.

In short, seedboxes are more user-friendly and enable speedy uploading and installation of online media and information. In case you are quite worried about privacy concerns, remote storage space serves is simply a great solution.

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