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Important Factors to Consider for Real Estate Investments

Saved up enough money to finally get yourself a nice house? Congratulations, you deserve it! However, now that you have everything you need to know about real estate, you should try to understand the situation at hand. It’s a huge decision to buy a house and needless to say, a wrong move can bring about a lifetime of problems. You won’t be able to get yourself out of the mess you have created due to one wrong decision without losing a lot in the process.

So, the lesson to learn here is that a real estate investment should be made after thorough consideration, research and deliberation. On this note, let’s get down to the basics of how real estate works and how you should go about your buying process:

Focus on the Location

Almost everyone starts imagining the perfect lifestyle in a lavish interior filled with luxurious amenities. However, before you decide on the type and design of the property you want, you need to focus on the location. This is the primary aspect of any real estate that plays the biggest part in determining its value.

The location is judged based on its accessibility and proximity to the main city. If the property resides in a place that is close to the city’s main attractions and landmarks, it’s going to be expensive. Similarly, even if it’s a well-furnished villa but located in or near a slum, its value will ultimately not amount to much.

There are a few other factors that make a location worthy of attention such as future developments. If a slum that the property is in witnesses development around it, its value will eventually increase. An example of this can be of the increase of demand and value of a 2-BHK flat for sale in South Mumbai. Given the prospects of infrastructural development projects such as the Metro Line, Navi Mumbai International Airport and Trans Harbour Link, it’s safe to say that the residential sector will witness a boom.

Focus on the Amenities

Now that you’ve got the location pinned down as per your needs, you should think about the amenities you want. There are a plethora of things that people want in their house. While some would prefer to have what they do in their previous residence, some would prefer additions or something else entirely.

Amenities can include in-house facilities such as elegant interiors comprising state of the art appliances, counters, sinks, bars, pools, etc. Moreover, community amenities such as parks and green spaces, paved trail systems, resort-style pools, gymnasiums and fitness centers, community clubs, etc. are also demanded by residents.

Based on your particular needs keeping your lifestyle in mind, make sure that the property you’re moving into offers everything. It’s important to not rely on the claims community developers, managers or real estate agents make to lure you in. If something isn’t already there, chances are that it won’t be later as well. So, take what is in plain sight to be the final picture because that’s the picture you’re moving into.

Valuation of the Property

Property valuation is significant for financing during the buy, posting value, speculation investigation, protection, and tax collection—they all rely upon land valuation.

Venture Purpose and Investment Horizon

Given the low liquidity and high-esteem interest in land, an absence of clearness intentionally may prompt startling outcomes, including monetary pain—particularly if the venture is sold.

Purchase and self-use. Here you will save money on lease and have the advantage of self-usage, while additionally getting esteem appreciation.

Purchase and rent. This offers ordinary pay and long haul esteem appreciation. In any case, the demeanor to be a landowner is expected to deal with potential debates and legitimate issues, oversee occupants, fix work, and so on

Anticipated Cash Flows and Profit Opportunities

Income alludes to how much cash is left after costs. Positive income is vital to a decent pace of profit for a speculation property.

Be Careful with Leverage

Be certain you see how to deal with credits of this nature and dodge significant levels of obligation or what they bring over-influence. Indeed, even specialists in land are tested by over-influence in the midst of unfavorable economic situations and the liquidity deficiencies with high obligation commitments can break land projects.

Keep the Legal Framework in Mind

More often than not, when something seems too good to be true, it usually is. The situation is the same in real estate as well. If you’re getting an amazing discounted price on a great property, have it evaluated and researched. Chances are that there’s something shady happening. The property might have outstanding dues, utility or sewerage issues or you might not even be dealing with the owner directly.

To make sure that your deal goes on smoothly and without any complications coming back to bite you later, hire professionals. You need legal help throughout the transaction process. Since a lot of buyers don’t trust the hired help, you can consult RERA and find a registered and legitimate broker. Professional real estate agents will conduct thorough background research on any property before presenting it to you as a choice.

Don’t Rush

The last thing you want to do is make the same mistake millions of people make every day. Haste will ultimately and inevitably make waste. Only this time, what you’ll be losing is all your savings in a rip-off deal.

Whether it’s the visits to the property, conducting enough research on the ideal location or on a selected property, everything requires patience. Moreover, if you’re thinking of buying one of the apartments in South Mumbai for investment purposes, you need to be very patient. Things can go wrong in a lot of ways and one little issue missed will be an issue you live with.

Therefore, you need to be very thorough, precise and calm in your dealings. Make sure that everything from the front door and bathroom tiles to the registrations and title deeds, is exactly as it’s supposed to be.

 Keeping in view the above-mentioned points, you should be able to get started on your home-hunting. So, good luck!


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