Important Tips To Consider When You Buy Opal Necklaces

So, you have decided to buy opals? Opals are one of the beautiful gemstones that you can own. And there’s no doubt these stones are unique and prized for their distinctive array of colors. But, when it comes to assessing there’s a lot of factors to consider as no two opals are the same in terms of pattern, body tone, the play of color, origin, or brightness. So, if you want to buy opal necklaces that keep its value and you want to enjoy looking at it – search for something which flashes bright colors and suits best in your price range. Further, read on these simple tips on buying opal jewelry. 


Compare to understand the difference between doublet, triplet, and solid opals


If you haven’t bought the Australian opal necklace before, chances are you aren’t quite familiar with the ins and outs of the particular stone. Examine different types of opal as far as possible and when you have decided on which type you like the best, check whether it’s solid, triplet, or doublet stone. However, solid opals are more durable but expensive at the same time. On the other hand, a doublet will be cheaper as it’s a slice of opal backed onto a black backing. Equally, the triplet is cheap which contains the least amount of natural stone. 


Understand the quality of the stone


To judge an opal, examine its body tone, the play of colors, brilliance, pattern, the density of the color bar, and any faults like cracks or inclusions. Remember natural inclusions are acceptable but never by an opal that is cracked. 


Who you are buying for? 


Are you buying jewelry for yourself or your significant others, friends, or family? If you are buying opal jewelry for yourself choose the one you love and blend with your skin tone. However, red and black opals are the most desirable and most valuable followed by orange and yellow. But if you prefer blues or greens then just go for it. 


Consider the brilliance


This is another way to value opal. There are 3 ratings for opals, those include brilliant, radiant, and subdued with brilliant being the brightest and most expensive, radiant in the middle range, and subdued having the least brightness. 


Remember opals are fragile


Opals don’t respond to sudden temperature changes. Thus, setting an opal in a piece of jewelry requires the skill of an expert. If you have chosen a loose opal that you want to set in a necklace, ensure it’s set by someone who knows opals. 


Get a certificate of authenticity


Obtain a certificate when you buy opal jewelry online or offline. It’s good for insurance purposes, resale value, and also makes the seller accountable.


Determine the type of opal when you buy opal necklaces


You know Australia produces around 95% of the world’s opals. Each of these types comes from different parts of the country and is different from one another. 


Black opal – This is a beautiful gemstone commanding high prices with body color ranging from black, gray, blue to green. 


White opal – This is the most common precious found in the jewelry in the market. It exhibits a different play of color on white or light body color. In this, pricing is determined by the intensity of iridescence. 


Crystal opal – This is a transparent or translucent piece of opal which exhibits a different play of color. 


Boulder opal – These opals come from Queensland opal fields and come with stunning color. Besides, they have natural ironstone backing which adds to their weight and makes them stronger. 


Summing up


Selecting opal jewelry can be a challenge, especially when you examine the variant types of opals. So, if want to buy opal necklaces, consider visiting Australians Fire Opals. Our showroom has a plethora of opal fashion jewelry pieces ranging from earrings, rings to bracelets and necklaces which can fit any taste or personality. Further, call or email for all your queries on our products or services. O

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