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Important Update Available in Trend Micro Security 2021

The new Trend Micro update 2021 brings the ability to automatically receive updates while you’re connected to the internet. Whenever there is an update available, you will receive a notification, and after that, you need to click on update and it automatically download and update.

Because Trend Micro frequently releases updates for security patches and bug fixes, with the help of automatic receiver, you can keep your product up-to-date.

But there is bad news for those who are using Windows 7, as Microsoft will no longer provide support, Trend Micro won’t be able to offer any updates to it. So, it is recommended that you quickly upgrade to the latest Windows operating system.

Now, let’s take a look at what the latest Trend Micro version, i.e., December 2020 release includes. Also, as you will go through this post, you will come to know about all the previous Trend Micro update releases.

Trend Micro Update 2021 brings you version 17.0.1222

This is the latest version of Trend Micro Security, it was released back in December 2020. Below are the updates and fixes this release includes.

  • Updates for Components.
  • Deployment of Multiple solutions.
  • Fixed popup issue of Fraud Buster.
  • Fixed the UI wording issue.

So, this was about the newest Trend Micro version, let’s take a look at the previous releases.

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Back in 2020, before Trend Micro Update 2021

Below include all the Trend Micro releases in the year 2020.

October 2020

September 2020

  • The update included component updates in preparation for version upgrade and fixed the issue of program update cannot finish.

July 2020

  • This update fixed the issue with Facebook privacy scanner not working on Chrome & Firefox and also the components crashing issue.

June 2020

  • The update included a component update, it provided installation flow that would prevent notification for an additional reboot.

May 2020

  • The update included new MS Edge promotion, social networking protection for Edge. It even fixed the issue of cannot update Trend Micro program and failure to login Gmail on IE after enabling the Toolbar.

March 2020

  • This update provided the fix for support for the new MS Edge.

February 2020

  • This update fixed issue of Fraud Buster’s duplicate security scan button and URL rating issues in LinkedIn and Facebook.

January 2020

  • This update provided the support for Windows 10 19H2.

All the update releases in 2019

November 2019

This update fixed several issues like:

  • Fraud Buster not working in Outlook and Gmail.
  • Trend Micro Privacy Scanner problem.
  • Cannot send emails in IE.
  • Scheduled Scan notification problem.

October 2019

This updated included fixes for several issues:

  • Fraud Buster on Internet Explorer.
  • URL rating on Outlook.
  • Privacy scanner not working on Mozilla Firefox v69.
  • 3rd party software compatibility enhancements.

May 2019

This update included fixes for several issues:

  • Schedule scan not resuming.
  • URL ratings on Google.
  • URL ratings on Yahoo mail in Internet Explorer.
  • Support for Windows 10 version 19H1.

January 2019

This update included fixes for several issues:

  • The toolbar cannot be enabled on Firefox v63.
  • When managing Folder Shield Protection, you’re unable to choose some folders.
  • When checking GCL, UtilSysInfo fails to get a valid signature.
  • Repaired the AutoStart issue after manually install Trend Micro.

November 2018

This updated included only fixes for issues in Trend Micro Security:

  • Exe caused high CPU usage and slowed down PC performance.
  • Firefox crash.
  • Trend Micro Tool could not be verified error.

October 2018

This update included fixes for several issues:

  • Please turn on Web Threat Protection on Pay Guard issue.
  • HTTP2 websites in blocklists, popup block is not shown while browsing them.
  • When switching back to Scan result’s page, Trend Micro crashes.
  • Trend Micro Toolbar could not be verified error on Firefox.
  • Memory usage related to LCE MBG.db issues.

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