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Impulse Buying: Why We Do It And How To Stop?

The term impulse expenses/buying refers to the habit of buying items without giving a second thought. It may or may not result in a regretful situation later. However, if you have a strict budget to follow throughout the month, then impulse spending habits may not prove to be very favourable for you.   

If you think that spending on huge items only is counted in this category then let us help you expand your vision. Adding that pack of candy while standing at the billing counter also counts as an impulse buy. 

Let us understand the reasons behind impulse spending. 

Why do we do it?  

  • We are swayed away by our emotions 

Our emotions play a crucial part in our daily life activities. Likewise, when we do impulse buying, emotions play quite a role in that case too. For example, imagine a day when your friend is upset because of getting scolded at home. What better way to cheer her up than order her favourite pastry! Similarly, our emotions affect our buying habits on other days as well. 

  • Good deals or discounts 

Who even misses a sale, right? Well, if you are slightly tight on your budget, you will have to manage your purchases during sales and offers. For all great reasons, all online and offline marketplaces offer great discounts and deals to make people buy items that are not even on their shopping list thus promoting impulse buying habits. 

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  • Our experiences influence our buying habits 

Imagine growing up in an environment where all the elderly people spend and save their money wisely. Such an upbringing is likely to instill better monetary practices in the children. Thus, we can say that our experiences influence our buying habits. 

Hot to stop impulse spending?

  • Make a shopping list 

Stepping out to shop with a shopping list is good for many reasons. The first being the ease of shopping without having the chance to forget any item. The other good reason to prefer a shopping list is that it helps you avoid spending on unnecessary items. You will even have a fair idea of the total amount that you will be spending on shopping on that day.

  • Follow the waiting period rule 

The waiting period rule says that you must try to wait for a few hours or days before buying an expensive item. Say, for example, you wish to buy a table lamp for your bedside table that is probably not very necessary to fit in this month’s budget but you anyhow wish to buy it. In that case, you can wait for a minimum of 48 hours before buying the item. It will most probably help you make the right decision. 

  • Do not buy irreplaceable items 

A sale or items being sold at high discounts can sometimes make you regret it later. It is because some of those items you would not want to keep and would wish to return them. But alas! not all of those items are replaceable. Hence, it is important to look at the return policy of items that you buy on any day. 

  • Do not forget your saving goals 

If you are wondering as to how to stop impulse spending, then probably you are looking for ways to cut down on your expenses and save money. Without fail, you must keep your saving goals in your mind every time you set out to spend without any second thoughts. In fact, one of the best ways to avoid spending extra money is to keep reminding yourself of the savings account that you are eager to see piling up by the end of the year.

What is the 30-day rule for your money?

The 30-day money-saving rule can be quite difficult to get started. However, it can be a great step to begin anew. Here’s how you can do it. 


  • Make a budget 

The very first step to getting started with your savings is to make a budget for the whole month. You must make a note of your monthly earnings, savings, regular monetary commitments such as EMIs. Noting down these monthly data can help you keep a track of all your expenses and savings. 


  • Take up challenges 

A 30-day period is quite sufficient to start your savings plan. Meanwhile, you can take up some interesting challenges such as avoiding any kind of spending on some days of the month. You can probably note the days of the week when you are likely to spend a lot and try to do impulse savings. 


  • Set a lower limit to save up in 30 days

As we said before, a 30-day period is a good time to think of how to resist impulse buying and start saving money. To get started, for example, you can set a minimum limit of saving up to $1oo in 30 days. 

By finding ways to save money every time you are about to spend on something unnecessary, think of your long-term goal and focus on the right actions. 

Why can we Struggle With Impulse Buying?

Do you ever surprise however impulse shopping gets you? There area unit 3 main reasons I see for why folks impulse obtain. They are:

  • Our emotions
  • Our past expertise
  • We think we’re obtaining a decent deal
  • We impulse obtain thanks to emotions.

Emotions play a large half in what we have a tendency to obtain. Our personal finances area unit simply that—personal. So, it is sensible that once something’s occurring with America in person, it shows up in our cash habits too.  

When you’re having a rough day, will a bit of retail medical care sound just like the cure? perhaps it’s nothing extreme. perhaps it’s simply grabbing a replacement golf cap or a replacement try of earrings. You tell yourself it’s not a giant deal—you simply need to urge one thing nice to create yourself feel higher.



Earning money may not be that difficult, but saving surely is. Hence, keeping a watchful eye on your expenses can help you stay out of the whirlpool of debt or unnecessary expenses.

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