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Incorporate the Color Trends of 2021 into your Wardrobe

If you’re looking to dress better this 2021, then there’s no better way to do it than to look at the latest color trends. No matter what aesthetic you’re pulling off, incorporating the best colors of the year will make your look totally fashionable. Plus, the highly-loved colors of the year are also completely admirable. Apart from having two Pantone colors this year, 2021 has got a lot of warm serene color hues and soft pastel tones to create a relaxing, recharging, and comforting feel. It’s everything we need for this year and beyond! 


Today, you’re in luck. Because in this article, we won’t only reveal a list of colors — we’ll also be teaching you how to add it into your wardrobe. Get ready because this list will surely make you go on a shopping spree or have you decluttering your closet. Read on!


Pantone Color of the Year: Ultimate Grey & Illuminating


It only makes sense to start with the most-awaited color every new year — the Pantone Color of the Year. Or should we say, colors? Pantone took the world by surprise by choosing not only one, but TWO colors for 2021. Pantone picked the neutral Ultimate Grey together with a graceful yellow called Illuminating. A color pair bearing a message of strength, hopefulness, and endurance. It gives off warmth and optimism — something that the whole world needs in these trying times. 


In this case, it’s a unique and smart idea to rock these two together! It may seem out of the ordinary, but new year, new you, right? Today we’ll teach you how!


Yellow is very bright and eye-catching. To make yourself rock this color — go grand or make it an accessory. If you want to go grand and add a big piece of yellow to your wardrobe, then go with a bright yellow coat, dress, shirt, or skirt. Then, neutralize it with gray. On the other hand, if you just want a pinch of yellow to your outfit, wear gray, and go for yellow shoes and accessories like your belt, necklace, or earrings. 


Embody hopefulness through your outfits while still being totally fashionable! 


Soft Warm Browns and Oranges


Think of almonds, nudes, mochas, maples, and more. These comforting colors have been everyone’s go-to lately. Whether it be through interior design, phone cases, and everyday wear, the tones and hues are all around. These warm, earthy tones somehow create a feeling of security, growth, and potential. 


Good news! These colors are also extremely versatile. When worn right, it can give you the ultimate minimalist and boss babe look! This is perfect if you’re always on the go and still want to look put together at the same time. All you have to do is put on a soft warm brown top or bottom, and you’re good to go. Sandals in these colors are also very chic! 


Plus, this doesn’t only apply to clothes. If you don’t have any warm brown lipstick or eyeshadow in your wardrobe, then it’s time to do so. Trust us, you’ll be surprised by how much of a difference it makes to your overall look. Just a simple swipe of this color to your lips will make you look all put together. Try it out for yourself!


Pastel Colors 


Pastel colors are no stranger to the world, but somehow it’s everywhere today! Especially the purples, blues, and pinks. If you’re all for that dainty aesthetic, then this one is for you. If not, having some pieces of pastels will still come in handy as you can never go wrong with them. Wearing at least one piece of pastel to your clothing will make you look put together. Plus, it makes you look more energized and happy! 


If you’re looking to go full-on dainty, throw on some pastel-colored heels too! You’re sure to be a stunner. 


Light Warm Neutrals


How do you define neutrals? These are grays, browns, whites, blacks, tans — basically the non-colors.  These are generated by being achromatic (the absence of color – like black, white, or gray) or by mixing lots many colors together until there is no distinguishable rainbow colors seen (these are brown tones like as sand, honey, beige etc.) 


Everyone should have at least three to four pieces of light warm neutrals in their closet. Whether it be a bag, shoes, or any piece of clothing. It will definately be your go-to when you’re on the go.


Key Takeaway


Know what kind of colors match the season or a theme of a party. Surprise everyone with your knowledge when it comes to the color trends this 2021 and give yourself that awesome look.

There you have it — all the color trends of 2021 and some tips on how to style them and incorporate them into your closet. Do this and you will totally dress better for the year! 

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