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Indian Railways Train Travel – an Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

railway ticket booking

Journey by the great Indian Railways is a colorful and exciting adventure. However, for your unparalleled fun & entertainment, you require some planning. From choosing a particular class to booking tickets to deciding on food & luggage essentials, our ultimate train guide will help you know all about Indian Railways and how to have fun while traveling across places.

There is indeed something charming about watching the scenery go past your window while evoking a true sense of adventure. Over the years, it has been the most famous mode of transportation through the country -even in other countries like Europe, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka. It is said that traveling through India can be a tricky situation.

The network of Indian Railways is one of the most expansive ones out there in the world. It is known to serve more than 18 million people around the country almost every day. There are over 20,000 trains that operate across around 67,000 kms of track. There is no denying the fact that for a novice, it can be indeed overwhelming. Whether you are looking for tips for railway ticket booking or online railway ticket booking, Trainman has got you covered. It is a one-stop portal for knowing everything about Indian Railway ticket booking -especially for beginners.


Essential Indian Railways Travel Tips

There is no denying the fact that trains are the lifeline of India. It is one of the most comfortable and convenient modes of transportation -especially for a long journey. Traveling by train in India offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for added comfort and more space in comparison to other modes of transportation. Indian Railways continuously works towards ensuring that passengers are delivered maximum efficiency, service comfort, and speed for a great experience throughout.

If this is your first time traveling by train, here are some essential tips to enhance your experience of traveling by this famous mode of transportation:

  • Book Your Tickets in Advance: The Indian Railways system is slightly complicated -especially in terms of booking. If you are new to the concept of travelling by train, it is recommended to book your tickets in advance with the help of a reliable service provider. For instance, Trainman offers access to seamless booking services that allow you to ensure confirmed Indian Railways booking on the go.

If you wish to be assured of confirmed reservations, you should book the tickets in advance -at least 120 days prior to your date of travel. With prior bookings, you have the convenience of being at peace of mind with regard to reservations and travel planning.


  • Understand Different Rail Classes: Selecting the right class for your travel through trains will ensure a major impact on overall comfort and enjoyment. India’s railway system and train travel can be challenging. It takes some time to understand how it operates. When you buy a ticket, you have a lot of options. Understanding the many classes in India’s train system would be the sole obstacle. The Indian Railways classes are:
  1. 1 AC: First class coaches with air conditioning with a private room, locking doors, and a washbasin. There can be two or four berths.
  2. 2 AC: Two-tiered berths with air-conditioned coaches. Allowing four people at the berths, there is the presence of an open cabin closed by a curtain. It is a great choice for overnight journeys.
  3. 3 AC: It is quite similar to the 2AC coaches. There is the presence of three-tiered beds with a dedicated AC cabin -allowing 6 people to berths.
  4. EC: Known as Executive Chair Class featuring air conditioning with foods & drinks. Available only on Shatabdi trains.
  5. CC: Known as Chair Class coaches featuring padded reclining seats and air conditioning. It is a recommendation for day trips.
  6. SL: Known as Sleeper Class and features non-air conditioned three-tiered berths. It is a cost-effective mode of traveling for those who wish to travel on a budget. Select Sleeper Class for Shorter Routes 
  7. 2nd Class: This is the unreserved class and has no reservations for berths or seats.

Three Levels of Air Conditioning (3AC) Individual reading lamps and privacy drapes are available in the room next door, 2AC, but not in this one. You will still be provided with bedding on trains that run at night. There are power plugs, but because you’ll have to share them with other passengers, you can’t always count on them to work. If you are travelling overnight, it is recommended to choose 2AC or 3AC coaches. The choice will ultimately depend on your budget. The cabins are properly air-conditioned, clean, and comfortable. There are some overnight trains like Rajdhani Express and others that deliver access to top-class, delicious food and snacks. The toilet facilities in these coaches are cleaned properly throughout the duration of your journey. There is also the presence of power sockets that charge almost all devices within the cabin.

If you are traveling through the daytime, you can ensure your bookings on the EC or CC coaches. These coaches deliver equivalent comfort and air conditioning. Every carriage features a dedicated power socket to charge different devices. If you are traveling on a budget, the Sleeper Class coach can be a great option. Still, you can be prepared for a thrilling experience.


  • Understand the Railway Ticket: Like airline tickets, Indian Railways tickets can also be slightly confusing. On your railway ticket, you will come across a combination of confusing letters and numbers that can be overwhelming for any new traveler. When you have a confirmed online railway ticket booking, look out for the 10-digit PNR or Passenger Name Record number on your ticket. It delivers access to information like class fare, seat and coach number, train number and name, boarding & arrival time, booking status, and the overall duration of the journey. Typically, the train ticket that you have will contain all the important information related to your journey.

You can check the PNR number and its status on the online platform of Trainman -an authorized partner of IRCTC. The details available on your PNR number will provide help at different train stations as you can know about the important details way ahead of time.

Ticketing train tickets for urgent or significant travel has become a straightforward process thanks to irctc tatkal booking. One day before to the departure date from the starting station, tatkal train reservations can be made. All seat configurations, including 2A, 3A, sleeper class, and seat vehicle, are available for Tatkal train reservations. For each PNR, a maximum of 4 travellers may be booked from a single customer account. You can log in to the official irctc website and check the prices for tatkal train passage according to the class you need to reserve. Tatkal tickets can be purchased manually at the PRS Passenger Reservation System counters of railway stations, as well as online through the official website or IRCTC.



It is a great experience to travel all around by train. To help you with everything you need to know about train reservations and ticket booking, Trainman is your one-stop destination to ease the overall experience of train ticket booking online. At the portal, you can also get access to exclusive offers and discounts that help you travel conveniently and within budget. Have great fun!

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