Inmotion V11 Vs Inmotion V10F – Which Electric Unicycle is Best for You?


Besides electric scooters, electric unicycles are probably the best and most affordable means for personal transportation. If you are planning to buy an electric unicycle but struggling to make the right choice, let me tell you about the two best and modern unicycle options in the market.

An electric unicycle, as the name suggests, is a personal transporter that has only one wheel and runs on electricity. Now, one might wonder how to ride a vehicle with just one wheel. Well, let me tell you it’s easier than you might think and is fun altogether.

As a light, compact, and eco-friendly personal vehicle, electric unicycles are gaining a lot of buzz these days, which is why manufacturers are coming up with new, innovative options that are better in every term, including more power, better mileage, and advanced safety features.

Keeping in line, we are today going to talk about the two most premium yet affordable and feature-rich unicycles along with their features and comparison. Let’s get started!

Inmotion V11 Electric Unicycle

inmotion v11

Inmotion V11 is the latest in the series of high-performance electric unicycles by the Chinese mobility brand (InmotionWorld). This is a performance-centric personal transporter that features a minimal design with many of the industry-leading features.

Because of its exceptional off-road capabilities, the Inmotion V11 has been touted as the “King of Off Roads.” Besides a simplistic yet attractive design, the unicycle features a powerful 2000 W motor capable of delivering up to 50km/h (31.25 mph) top speed in ideal conditions. It has a large dual 84V 1500WH battery pack (collaborative LG batteries) capable of giving out a maximum range of up to 120 km (75 miles).

Other top-of-the-line features of the Inmotion V11 Unicycle include one press cutoff, extra-large, anti-slippery sandpaper pedals, built-in stand, aluminium alloy stick, rubble handheld blanket, dual charging ports, customizable headlight, 18-inch x 3-inch wide tire, built-in cooling system, 70mm air-spring suspension, and an ultra-bright taillight.

Inmotion V10F

inmotion v10f

The Inmotion V10F, as you might have guessed, is an older and cheaper variant of the V11. Even though it has the same 2000W as its successor, the top speed capacity is limited to 25 mph, as opposed to the 31.25 mph top speed of the V11 unicycle.

For users looking for a budget-friendly and powerful enough unicycle, this can be an ideal option. It accompanies a 960 WH motor capable of delivering a max range of 55-62 miles. Other device features are in line with some of the premium range unicycles.

The V10F has bright lights on the front, rear, and sides, which are fully customizable using the app. It has a 16-inch tire with decent road capabilities and up to 30-degree climbing angle. The device can take up to 260 lbs of load, which is perfect given that unicycles only have space for a single rider.

The best thing, of course, is the price. In the budget of a low-range two-wheeler, you can get the features of a premium unicycle with the Inmotion V10F.

Inmotion V11 Vs Inmotion V10F – Which one to buy?

Well, if you are looking to buy the latest thing with all the powerful features, top-class motor, larger battery and advanced off-road capabilities, go for the Inmotion V11. However, if you’re on a tight budget and can do with limited features, the Inotion V10F would be the right option for you.

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