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Instacart clone App- An Assistance To The Grocery Delivery Businesses In The Time Of Economic Crisis

Instacart clone script

The global lockdown due to the COVID-19 has caused tremendous economic downfall. Almost many businesses are shutting down because people are sticking to buying essentials. And groceries sure are essentials, and that goes without saying. But are people able to buy the essentials at ease is something that needs to be addressed. Going out frequently and loading up groceries every week is a strenuous process. Stocking up more than necessary will lead to the groceries going spoilt, but grocery delivery apps counteract this. Grocery delivery apps enable us to buy groceries with a single tap at the ease of sitting at our home. 

Instacart is a well-pronounced grocery delivery app, and many grocery businesses have integrated an Instacart clone app into their business and have fetched high ROI.

Benefits of integrating an instacart clone into your business 

1)The demand is more, and no matter how many grocery delivery apps are in the market, your app will still have users because of the need it caters.

2) This is the right time to give your business an online reach as most of them are looking for online services to get their needs addressed. 

3) At this time, it is better than selling goods by traditional methods and is safe for the entrepreneur and the customers. 

4)This business will never have a downfall unless it compromises the quality of the product provided for the customers. 

5) It is wise to sustain your company and its profits in this time of recession through these apps.

Parameters to consider while getting the Instacart clone app developed 

1)High customizability and white-labeled

The apps’ user interface, front look, icon, and features should be 100% customizable as per the entrepreneur’s demand. instacart clone app can be rebranded as a unique app for your business; it is white-labeled. 

2)Cost and time effective

Generally, clone apps cost much less and can  also be developed in a short period because the app has a readymade script that can be deployed easily. Given that the entrepreneur needs to seek firms that provide a good script and offer effective development of the app at the best price and quick time. 

3)Suitable in all platforms 

The app should be suitable for deployment and ready for use in both iOS and Android devices. The app development firm should also provide a high-end website that allows the customers to carry out their order processes in laptops and tablets as well. 

4)Front-end and back-end setup

The front-end of the app should be intact with an attractive logo, color scheme, brand name, and much more. The back-end should be curated with sufficient storage of the app and keeping the functionalities in order

5)Feature-rich app and add ons 

The app should have all the necessary key features, and there should be no discrepancy in the functioning of any feature. The entrepreneur should have the autonomy to add on features as per the business requirements. 

The necessary features that an instacart clone app should have been 

1.Access to multiple stores 

The customers can access all the stores in a locality and are given a wide range of stores to order from. This enables the customer to have access to other stores if one store is out of stock.

2)Filtering options

The customers can filter according to what they want and are searching for. This option reduces the time spent for   searching the  product . 

3)Quantity settings

Customers can buy how many products they want from whichever stores they want. They can even order from multiple stores at once.

4)Multiple payment methods 

The customers are given access to pay by a multitude of ways like UPI, credit card, debit card, and much more.

5)ETA Details 

Once the order is placed, the customer receives a notification on ETA details of the estimated time of delivery of the products. 

6)Real-time order tracking 

The customers can track their orders as it reaches them using the GPS feature integrated into the app. By which they can also contact the driver and let them know if they take the wrong route.

7)Ratings and review

Customers can rate the delivery process and also the products they ordered. Their ratings and feedback will be taken into consideration and addressed.

8)Instant notification 

Customers will be regularly updated about the order status, stock up of the shops, coupons, and offers now and then. 

9)Pre-schedule the order

The customers can pre-order what they need and provide a date and time on which the order will be delivered. 

10)Order history

The customers can keep track of all their order details and invoice details here. 


From the order history, the customers can repeat the same order from the same store. This makes ordering the regular items and the process easy. 

Essential COVID-19 add-on features 

The customers should be ensured of a safe and secure environment from where their order is delivered. So the essential COVID-19 features that could be added in the Instacart clone app are. 

Contactless delivery 

The delivery executive drops off the order outside the customer’s place, and they need not come in contact with each other. 

Temperature check and self-screening 

The delivery executive and the other working staff at the store are checked for their temperature to be under safety limits, and also they are screened and checked whether they wear masks and PPE.

Safety standards in packing

Customers are notified about the safety standards followed while carrying out the packing process. The staff wear gloves and other PPE and work with utmost care. 

Disabling COD

Like contactless delivery, contactless payment is also enabled to avoid hand transfer of money. 

High-touch surface details 

The app has a separate column where users are elucidated as to how to disinfect the high touch surfaces like handle covers and packages. 

Safety badge

Customers can give safety badges to the stores that they think are doing justice in following all the safety rules. This helps other customers to order from them with trust.

In developing a grocery delivery app, look for a firm that will strive to render their best services and will also offer extensive technical support throughout. Keep updating your app along with the market and the on-going trends which will sustain in your place in the market. 

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