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Instagram Hashtag Slideshow

Instagram hashtag slideshow

Marketing is a very interesting department to work in!

You got the point, right? 

There is a lot much going in the marketing world as the people are turning towards tech-savvy trends. Marketers need to stick with the changing trends and the preferences of their audience.

Social media marketing started off with business creating and sharing content on social media platforms to generate traffic on the website to get more sales. But, the trend has turned towards the audience now.

Its the generation of user-generated content, and the audience are creating the content for the brands now. 

Instagram also started off as a common social media network to share photos with followers. But, as the demand for Instagram rose, the development upgraded the app for marketing purposes.

As per Statista, there are more than 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram out of which 500 million uses the platform every day.

A hashtag is a part of any Instagram user’s life!

You can find random hashtags trending on the app for no reason. 

For marketers, the hashtag is now emerging to be one of the most crucial tools to get amongst the audience and engage them. 

Instagram hashtag slideshows are an interesting way to engage the audience whether it’s at a store or an event. 

What is an Instagram Hashtag Slideshow?

instagram hahstag slideshow

Instagram hashtag slideshow is the real-time display of an accumulated set of user-generated content that is aggregated from the hashtag feeds of Instagram. The display is showcased in events for the entertainment of the audience and to enhance engagement.

These slideshows can be used at events of several occasions including conferences, meetings, birthday parties, etc.

Why do you need an Instagram Hashtag Slideshow?

Events like conferences and concerts create a space for people with similar interests to meet. Even at parties on occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, it becomes a spot where people meet their friends and family. 

These events are where a lot of selfies are taken. For commercially driven events, marketers can leverage these selfies to engage the audience to involve them digitally and interact with them. 

Every picture and video captured at the event could play a major role to gain the attention of the audience in real-time. Apart from engagement, there is much more potential in an Instagram hashtag slideshow.

What’s more? Let’s explore.

1. Spotlight on Audience

Events are all about the audience. The purpose of the events is never fulfilled if the attendees are not happy being there. Marketers can use the Instagram hashtag wall to put the audience in the front and center. 

People love attention!

Give the event-goers a hashtag to upload the photos with, and see how the flow of content on the slideshow. The real-time display of this dedicated hashtag feed can bring you on the trending section of Instagram. Attendees would create interesting content for the wall to see themselves on a big screen.

2. The Shot to Promote

For the new-gen marketers, the Instagram hashtag wall is not lesser than a treasure. Sharing the content created by the users can help promote the event and the brand. The more the audience shares their content, the more would be the exposure for the brand.

The cart of marketing would be yours, but it would be driven by the audience effortlessly.

Let them shine on the slideshow, as it would create an emotion of trust towards your brand.

3. Happy Sponsors = Greater ROI

Just like the audience, event sponsors are also seeking more exposure. With all the audience watching their own photos and videos on the slideshow, a banner on the footer to promote the sponsors would add a bonus.

Connecting more with the audience and getting them connected with the sponsors can benefit you as a marketer. Sponsors are seeking exposure and if you are delivering it in a better and interactive way, it would be a successful event along with a great UGC campaign. 

Co-branding is always a good idea at events with social walls. With more sponsors to contribute to the event, the investment made will be more for the exposure you would provide.

Getting an Instagram Hashtag Slideshow

It is not at all complicated to get an attractive Instagram hashtag slideshow with top UGC platforms like Taggbox making social media aggregation easier for marketers. They collect, curate, moderate, and display the relevant content in real-time from the best of what the users have submitted. With customization settings available, you can change the layout and design of the slideshow to make it more interactive. 

Digital media is opening up a whole wide dimension for the marketers to engage the audience with the content created by them. Lesser efforts in the aspect of content creation for the marketers, but still giving your brand vast exposure!

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