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Digital Marketing

Instagram Marketing is Pivotal for E-Commerce

,We all know how great Instagram is to share videos and photos with our family and friends. But Instagram is also a great platform for e-commerce marketing.

You ask why? The most obvious reason is that Instagram has a very visual format. For this reason, Instagram offers unique opportunities for e-commerce brands who want to announce and promote their products to customers. Photos, videos, Instagram Stories… Regardless of how you use Instagram, millions of brands have created a visual presence on Instagram and brought great advantages to their brands.

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At the same time, Instagram users are a much more active and interactive audience than the users of other social media platforms. When we look at the trends, the interaction rates on Instagram may also be decreasing.  But even with this decrease, the level of interaction on Instagram is still higher compared to Facebook and Twitter.

Insta users not only show interaction but also shop online. According to a recent study, 72 percent of Instagram users decide to buy or not to buy a product based on what they see on Insta. The most popular shopping categories are clothes, make-up, shoes and jewelry. Instagram users with this shopping mentality make an ideal target audience because they are already willing to shop and are easy to attract to your own brand.

If you want to create an Instagram-focused marketing strategy that will appeal to your target audience, you first need to understand how the algorithm works. Because the Instagram algorithm is constantly updated, it can be difficult to know how to optimize your content to achieve maximum engagement and reach levels. SuperViral is among the most trusted website for purchasing followers across Australia.

Here are 10 factors we ranked by importance:

How much interaction do you get?

In general, content that gets more comments, more views, more shares and more likes, in short, more interaction, performs better in the Instagram algorithm. If a piece of content gets tons of likes and comments, the algorithm thinks it’s high quality. Thus, this content is shown higher in the streaming of other users.

But it may not always matter how much interaction it receives. In some cases, the Instagram algorithm can also take into account how quickly a content begins to engage.

As an example, we can show the trending Instagram hashtags. For the highest content when you enter a hashtage, the Instagram algorithm pays attention to how fast it receives the interaction, rather than the overall interaction rate it receives over time.

You can choose InstaAVM’s lag-free auto like packages to get quick interaction.

How much time users spend viewing your content at Instagram

Like Facebook, the algorithm takes care of how much time users spend looking at your content. Accordingly, it decides to show or not show that content to more users.

It is very important to write interesting Instagram captions to achieve this. If there is a caption in your content that will attract people’s attention, people will continue to read that caption, thus increasing the amount of time they spend in your content. That’s why GIFs, videos and carousel content are so successful in the Instagram algorithm. Because watching this type of content takes more time than looking at a photo.

When was your photo shared?

In March 2018, a feature that many users have wanted for years was brought to the Instagram algorithm. Within the scope of this feature, photos and videos are displayed to the user in more chronological order in the broadcast stream. If you want to update your broadcast stream to see new content, just click on the “New posts” button.

Before this feature came along, your time to share your content wasn’t that important. In fact, it was quite common to see even content shared 3-5 days ago in your broadcast stream. Now, thanks to this feature, since the contents shared days ago will not appear in the broadcast stream. It has become important when users share their content when determining what to show or not in the broadcast stream.

Your friends, family and favourite accounts

This is a very interesting factor. If you interact with a particular account consistently and consistently, the Instagram algorithm thinks you like that account’s content very much. As a result, you see more frequently the content shared by those accounts in your broadcast stream.

The same goes for people who like your content. If a person constantly likes your content and comments on them, the Insta algorithm will show your content more often in that person’s broadcast stream.

What type of content do you post?

If the only factor that the Instagram algorithm was interested in was interaction levels, we would all be seeing the same content in our stream. Luckily that is not the case. The type and theme of the content you interact with also play an effective role in determining the content to be shown in your broadcast stream. So, for example, if the Insta algorithm determines that you like a certain type of content. Let’s say sports content, it will try to show that type of content more in your streaming stream.

Have you searched for that Insragram account before?

This factor may sound trivial, but one of the factors that the  algorithm pays attention to is which accounts you are looking for on Instagram. When you search for a specific account, the Instagram algorithm thinks you like the contents of that account and shows them more often in your stream.

Contents shared with DM

There’s no way for users to track how much their content is shared on DM, but the Instagram algorithm takes care of that too.

When you share a content with another user via DM, the  algorithm sees it as an interaction and thinks you want to see more of the type of content you share in DM. So if you are creating interesting and interesting fun content that people want to share with their friends. So you can perform better on the Instagram algorithm. Buying Instagram followers can get more visitors on your photos.

Do your followers interact with your Instagram stories?

The algorithm also takes into account all the interactions you receive through the stories platform. The more a user interacts with your stories, the greater the chance of seeing your content in their broadcast stream.

Are you interacting with your followers?

The Instagram algorithm doesn’t just pay attention to highly engaging content. It also looks at whether you are interacting with your followers. For this reason, you should be careful to respond to comments that will come to you, especially within the first hour after posting. Otherwise, the visibility of your content may decrease too much.

Do you use all the features of Instagram?

According to what we learned this year, Insta likes to reward people who use all the features of the platform. This goes for the Instagram algorithm as well. Whenever Insta introduces a new feature, be sure to start using it as soon as possible. By testing these new features, you both increase your access to new users and make your content appear.

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