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Intelligent Switching in Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series Switches

Before we move into the qualities and capabilities of intelligent switching of Cisco WS-C2960X-48TS-LL, let’s get into why you need intelligence at your network’s edge. Networks have evolved and changed to address the four new developments at the network edge. These four new developments include introducing bandwidth-intensive applications, a rapid increase in desktop computing power, presence of multiple device types, such as wireless LAN access points and IP phones, and the expansion of highly sensitive data on the network.

These above-mentioned new demands and developments compete for resources with many of the current existing mission-critical applications. As a result, IT professionals must take the edge of the network seriously and as critically as possible to effectively and efficiently manage the delivery of applications and information. It is imperative to have insurance that works with high security, scalability availability, and control. As to why it’s essential, that’s because many companies rely on networks to have these qualities needed to run their strategic business infrastructure. With the addition of these intelligent functions to the wiring closet, one can deploy network-wide intelligent services that not only efficiently address these requirements for your business to work but also in a very consistent way starting right from the desktop to the core and then through the WAN.

The Cisco WS C2960X 48TS LL intelligent Ethernet switches can help you realize the complete package of benefits that the intelligence services can do to your network when added. The basis of further optimizing Network operations includes deploying benefits and capabilities that can make the entire network infrastructure highly secure to protect your business’s confidential information, be very scalable to accommodate growth, capable of controlling and differentiating traffic flows, and highly available to accommodate time-critical needs.

Cisco’s Intelligent Switching Will Help Your Network.

New applications now require the need to control and differentiate the traffic flow and higher bandwidth. Applications such as voice (IP telephone traffic), Computer-aided manufacturing and design, and enterprise resource planning require priority over the less time-sensitive applications, for example, the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and FTP. Therefore, it is unsuitable to have a large file download destined to one port on a switch because it increases the latency in voice traffic, directed to another port on the same switch. To avoid this kind of condition, it is sure that the voice traffic is appropriately prioritized and classified throughout the entire network. The Cisco intelligent Ethernet switches insurance implementation of superior QoS to ensure that the network traffic is prioritized and classified.

Network Security

Network security is a general term that covers various processes, devices, and technologies where it sets specific configuration and rules that are designed solely to protect the confidentiality, accessibility, and integrity of computer data and networks using both hardware and software technologies. The different types of network security devices and tools include application security, behavioral analytics, data loss prevention, email security, distributed denial of service prevention, and access control, among many others. In short, it refers to the set of measures that are taken to protect a network from various security threats that it might face from the outside. Using a particular set of standards, the network can be prevented from any misuse of the resources or unauthorized access to the network.

And because of the rise in an internal thread that a network might face from outside, Cisco Intelligent Ethernet switches in enhancing the overall data security to a comprehensive range of different features that include port security, SSH protocol, Interface tracker, or the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. The Cisco catalyst 2960 series switches complement devices such as VPNs, intrusion detection systems (IDSs), and firewalls according to the security needs.

Protect Unauthorized Users from Accessing Your Network


The IEEE 802.1x standard is supported by the Cisco WS C2960X 48TS LL series switches, which works in union with a RADIUS server for confirming users as they access any network. This standard of security is considered port-level security, which is most commonly used for wireless LANs. In addition to this, many portions of the network can be constrained or limited by using ACLs. Access for many users can also be denied based on IP addresses, UDP/TCP ports, and MAC addresses. ACL lookups do not compromise any routing and forwarding performance, and they are most commonly done in hardware. Moreover, an additional protection method is also used, which is called port security; it mainly helps to ensure that only appropriate users are on the network. It does it by limiting access to the port based on MAC addresses.

In order to protect the traffic and administration passwords from going to the switch during troubleshooting or configuration the best method to go for is to use both SNMPv3 and SSH to encrypt data. They will provide you with encryption of data during SNMP and Telnet Sessions.

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