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Introduction and Detailed advantages of LED panel lights?

LED lights are one of the most compact lighting sources available. High power discharge bulbs like incandescent, metal halide and high pressure sodium bulbs, many industries still used to illuminate their spaces. LEDs are really economical when it comes to big space. Providing much greater amount of lumens (unit of measurement of light) per watt. The brighter light of LED give the option to illuminate big area with a small light fixture. That is the reason LED panel lights are going more popular day by day.

Introduction (LED Panels):

LED panel fixtures are the light source that uses a combination of LEDs to provide an evenly distributed light. Some people use this fixture to replace the fluorescent grid or grille lighting. Even distribution of the light is the key feature of LED panels.

Advantages of LED Panels:

LED panel fixtures are comparatively a new technology, and we can say their potential is not yet fully realized. With the development of industry, the uses of LED panels will expand. But, LED panel lights are already well known for their benefits over the old florescent and other high intensity discharge competitors. Some key benefits of this light fixture are given below:

Light Quality:

No wonder these fixtures are becoming more prevalent due to even distribution of light. But this is not only the light distribution that is beneficial, but the brightness, light quality and color temperature makes them more beneficial. These fixtures provide an impeccable light quality

Long Life:

LED panel lights have a really long life span as compare to other lighting sources like metal halide or high pressure sodium lights. The average lifespan of these fixtures is considered around 90,000 hours that is nearby 5 years.

Less Energy Consumption:

As LED lights are energy efficient so LED panel consume less energy as compare to other lamps, if we compare it with CFL lamps so LED panel uses around 40% less energy, which saves the cost.

Durable Design:

The frame of LED panels is constructed with the high quality aluminum to make the fixture reliable for long use; the back of the fixture is constructed with the same material. The combination of efficient photoconduct plate and high quality aluminum made this fixture durable and elegant.

When we talk about the advantages there are also some drawbacks or disadvantages of the product as well. But in front of the benefits of LED panel lights the drawbacks are really small. As the LED panel light fixtures are new lighting product so you need to seek an expert help to install this fixture. You can’t consider them the replacement of high bay type of fixtures. However as every product have some disadvantages. LED panels also have some but still these are the best fixtures if correctly implemented and installed.

If you are looking for more about LED panels or have any question that is not answered in the article, feel free to ask any question. I’ll reply on your comment, question and feedback. Also you can ask questions about other lighting products. Hope you’ll like the article. Thank you.

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