Invisalign Aftercare: What Are Its Do’s And Don’ts?

Invisalign Aftercare What Are Its Do’s And Don’ts
Invisalign Aftercare What Are Its Do’s And Don’ts

Invisalign braces are a unique orthodontic specialty that helps in obtaining perfectly straight smile. However, it needs to be well taken care of to protect the teeth from the bacteria build-up thereby alleviating the chance of infection at the same time.

Even you have to ensure that it doesn’t get smelly as well. This blog is the complete guide of aftercare of Invisalign which you should follow. Read on to know them.

Invisalign Care Do’s

Whenever the clear braces are removed, make sure that it is rinsed properly so that the dried saliva can get removed completely. Soak the aligner in the clinically proven Invisalign in London aftercare product or in the denture cleaner for cleaning. Moreover, you should also floss and brush at the same time prior to putting back the aligners again on the teeth.

After putting on the clear braces, it can trap debris and food particles before they get stuck on the teeth for the prevention against decay. While washing the trays, be careful so that it doesn’t get scratched. At last, it must be cleaned by using the anti-bacterial soap to keep it bacteria-free and to make you feel fresh.

The Retention Phase

After the completion of the phase of orthodontic treatment at the London best Invisalign Clinic, the patient will proceed to the retention phase. This is done for assuring that you are offered the results beyond your expectations. This phase involves the utilizing of the retainers for holding the teeth in its desired position firmly over a long time.

It minimizes the chance of age-related natural changes if the teeth. Even it lessens the inclination of the teeth drifting as well by allowing the ligaments, bone, and gum to get reorganized surrounding the teeth set post-Invisalign.

Using retainers post-Invisalign helps in delivering you with a straight long-lasting smile. Certain people wear full-time retainers only for a short span of time whereas others wear retainers at night only. The outcome greatly varies from one another depending on the recommendation of the orthodontists and on the mouth of the patients.

Retainer options

When it is a better idea for using the Invisalign tray much likely to a retainer, it doesn’t work that way. These aren’t designed to use in the long-term and cannot exert much pressure on keeping the teeth in the desired position for a long period of time. Apart from 2-types of retainers, Invisalign patients are highly advised with:

  • Fixed Retainer

It comprises of a metallic thin wire which glued to the back teeth on the side of the tongue. Fixed retainers act as the permanent solution by eliminating the chance of losing the retainer.

  • Removable Retainer

It comes in 2 style forms- One is the clear retainer that much resembles the Invisalign tray and another one is the traditional wire retainer. Most orthodontic patients choose removable clear retainers because of their durability and comfort. Even the patients get adapted to the clear aligner for a long time.

Retainer Care

Retainers can last for several years, but once it gets replaced symptoms of wear and tear can be noticed as early as possible. It is only effective as long as it gets fit perfectly and can exert the right amount of pressure.

Additional tips to keep the retainers in ideal shape are mentioned below for your reference:

  • Both sides of the removable retainers should be brushed daily by a soft toothbrush. Once a week, it must be cleaned deeply by soaking into the retainer-cleaning solution.
  • In the case of permanent retainers, brushing should be done twice a day properly surrounding the wire. Flossing must be done once a day on a regular basis. As it can trap stuff and food particles easily, cleaning is essential for the prevention of gum disease or tooth decay.
  • Removable retainers must be taken out at the time of drinking beverages or eating foods which can cause staining and warping it.
  • The retainers should be removed during playing and store in the case while you are not wearing it. You can also wear the mouthguard along with a permanent retainer for its protection.
  • Avoid attempting the adjustment of retainer on your own. In case you need an adjustment, at first, you should consult with your orthodontist for keeping it correct.

Putting on the retainers after undergoing treatment of cheap Invisalign in London will retain your healthy smile for a long period of time. Floss and brush your teeth on a regular basis and visit the dentist for professional cleaning and check-up at a regular time interval.

Plus, it is also necessary to have a well-rounded as well as healthy diet loaded with essential vitamins for improved dental health and promoted over health simultaneously.

Invisalign Aftercare Don’ts

Though most people are aware of the ways to take care of the Invisalign tray yet it is significant to know about some don’ts of it. Invisalign braces get stained easily and thus you should avoid the consumption of stain-causing drinks (except plain water) and food.

Furthermore, toothpaste shouldn’t be used for cleaning the aligners as it may end up with scratches welcoming the bacterial build-up. While eating or drinking any beverages, make sure that the aligner doesn’t get exposed to it because it may allow the germs or bacteria to settle in it.

Do you still have any query regarding orthodontic treatment? If you keen to know more about retainers or Invisalign, then visit London Braces. Our orthodontists help in assessing your issue to offer the best possible orthodontic solution for maintaining a healthy and straight smile.


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