iOS 15: New Features – Everything You Need to Know in 2022

With the introduction of iOS 15 comes several new features which you will find very useful in your own iOS app. Using custom iOS application development, you can utilize these new features to your advantage.      

iOS 15 New Features

With every major iOS software update comes some revolutionary changes. These changes are what make the software better than others. There are many Apple device users and a much smaller pool of iOS apps. 


That makes iOS application development an area with great potential for success. It doesn’t matter how many apps are already on the App store. If your app is good, it will gain popularity and amass a large number of users. Use the new iPhone iOS 15 features to build an iOS app. 

Share Play

The introduction of the Share Play feature sent waves rippling among Apple device users. That is because it presents a unique way for people to interact and connect. This feature is not restricted to the iPhone, it works on the iPad or the Macbook as well. 

This new feature lets people join in on exciting activities like watching movies or listening to music. Friends and family can laugh together or cry together, depending on what they watch. 

This feature especially helps when a group member is sick or too far away to make it for a party. In addition, iOS app development services can include Share Play compatibility in your app. It can do that mainly if your app streams content like videos, music, or movies. 

FaceTime Improvements

Quite a few improvements have been made to the FaceTime app. Especially since it remains an app that almost all Apple device owners use to communicate with family and friends. Some of the most notable improvements include Spatial Sound, Wide Spectrum, and FaceTime Links. 

Spatial sound has the ability to make users feel as if their loved ones are in the room! The sound appears to be 3D projected and gives a life-like impression. This is a feature every iOS app development company should cater to for their clients. 

This new and improved FaceTime app comes with Grid or Portrait view, which focuses on the user in a group call. Also, the FaceTime links feature acts as an assistant when the time comes to set up a group call. 

Messages (Sharing Through Messages)

The first improvement to the messaging in the iOS 15 update is the placement of photos into a collage. Whenever more than one or two images are shared through messages, they will automatically appear as collages. 

That is convenient for people who want to see an overview of the images at once! In addition, statuses are available and bear a resemblance to most other messaging apps. 

The new in-built muting feature lets users mute notifications from an individual or group for a certain amount of time. With the latest update, users can even copy content from safari or the music app and share it directly through messages.  


Apple went back to the drawing board when it came to reinventing its notifications feature. Some users may have felt that notifications were previously too many too often. However, with the iOS 15 update, things should be better. 

The Notification Summary is now here and will alert you of important notifications. These can even be based on your location or calendar. It’s a way to bring all your notifications under a single drop-down menu. This will be valuable in iOS app development. 

Apple has taken steps like enlargement of icons and even adding photographs for contacts. That makes it much easier to identify which apps the notifications are from and, if applicable, who they are from. 

Safari Browser Improvements

IOS 15 comes with a very different appearance, and the browsing experience is very different. The window tab is placed at the bottom and is easier to access. In addition, the positioning makes it easier to switch between tabs or use full-screen mode regardless of what Apple device you use.

Also, extensions have been introduced as one of the iPhone iOS 15 features. That makes it easier for users to navigate the internet seamlessly. Now you can do more while browsing the internet using your iPhone.  

There is no shortage of customization in this update. It is even possible to change the home screen to your own personal picture. 

Camera App (Live Text Scan)

It’s no wonder why iOS software development services focus on the camera app. Camera features are a significant selling point these days, especially for Apple iPhones. 

A new feature is taking a picture of text, copying it, and pasting it into a document. Many users will undoubtedly find this feature helpful.  

Anyone, even students, no longer have to take notes down physically. Instead, they simply have to take a picture, and the on-page text will convert to a document.

Photos – Easier Viewing and Searching

It is now easier to peruse through Photos in the new iOS 15 software update. Thanks to better layouts and a search feature, finding photos featuring certain people will be possible (and less time-consuming).

But, you can hire an iOS app developer to make things that much easier for your users. For example, incorporating a sorting or filter menu can enable better accessibility to pictures. 

A new Intelligence feature in photos called Memories plays a slideshow of photographs with music. This actually enables you to see photos and the music playing in the background. 

Mobile Wallet

iPhone mobile app development wouldn’t be complete without a mobile wallet. Well, the iOS 15 update has a handy wallet. Not only can you store and use your credit and debit cards from the apple wallet. You can also store boarding passes, IDs, tickets, and virtually any other important items. 

A new feature coming soon is the ability to use the iOS mobile wallet to get into your hotel room.  One hotel to bring this feature soon is the Hyatt hotel group which operates globally. People might appreciate this feature since it is quite difficult keeping track of keys!

Hotels may not mind it as well since it limits the risk of unauthorized room access by eliminating keys altogether. Plus, it is less confusing! 

The new and improved iOS 15 update even brings a feature called CarKey. Basically, this feature allows individuals to unlock their cars without a physical key. This feature is quickly catching fire and may even soon become standard practice. 


The Maps app has also been upgraded with a better view of every street. In addition, more details have been added that provide better information. Also, different color palettes are improving the ability to detect elevation, especially in buildings. Such highly elevated regions are portrayed with darker colors than the low-lying areas. 


If you want to develop an iOS application, make sure you hire the right iPhone application development services. They can use their knowledge and experience to deliver an app your users will find valuable and worthwhile. iPhone iOS 15 features provide a way for investors to make an iOS app that stands above the rest.     

If looking for an iOS app development company, make sure to look at Narola Infotech. We are a well-known mobile app development firm. Our experience in creating iOS applications has no bounds, and you are bound to find your fit with us. 

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