Is Harry Potter: Wizards Unite another kind of Pokemon Go, or Not


When app development company Niantic launched Pokemon Go in 2016’s summer, it did so in full swing on harry potter wizards unite apk.

The game managed to well integrate simple mechanics with augmented reality. This made the game go viral for months.

Afterwards, such viral phenomenon was then followed by approximately 4 years of low-profile dominance.

The company partnered with the video games division of Warner Bros. last year to create Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

The game made its debut on June 20 last year on both Android and iOS.

Though it has features reminiscent of Pokemon Go, its own source material with a rabid fanbase and innovative Augmented Reality (AR) makes this game a one of a kind. Even the harry potter wizards unite apk is one of a kind too.

For the company, turning Harry Potter: Wizards Unite into a second version of Pokemon Go is known to be quite tempting.

In the game, users can swap fantastic beasts for the former’s pocket monsters. They can bring in sorcerers as trainers.

Fans of Harry Potter can ride the fan express with ease when playing this game.

Though there are some inevitable drawbacks and some parallel features (stemming from a function of using the same real-world infrastructure as its predecessor going back to Ingress), Niantic’s original utilization of augmented reality in Wizards Unite overcomes repetition and redundancy (unlike Pokemon Go).

In some ways it is better. However, for some users; it is not as better as originally perceived (do zerg rush).

What do players turn into when playing the game?

At its most basic level, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite bears stark resemblance to its predecessor, the Pokemon Go.

Users of this game walk around the real world. They also take occasional breaks when interacting with AR elements of the game.

When the players screens come on, they should (note that users and players hold the same context in this article).

However, this is like bringing up similarities between the games Pale Fire and Fox in Socks. Both these games feature words written on pages, and couplets that rhyme together. But no user would ever confuse these two, even in slightest terms.

The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has a different on-boarding process unlike its predecessor Pokemon Go. The process is like a detour into an unrelated forum situated in the middle of nowhere. The game’s hard core players admitted that it took them time to completely understand the outline of the game’s plot.

The plot is not that hard to understand; there is an event known as the Calamity. It has resulted in a lot of valuable items (also known as Foundables) going missing.

The players find these foundables by looking for Traces (which is a rough equivalent of the predecessor’s fictitious currency). Here the so-called confoundable guard them Traces until players cast a spell to make sure the confoundable disappears. Thus, users place the foundable where it belongs: In the registry.

These are the basic features. There are also other features like mysteries, challenges, portkeys and potions.

There are also Fortresses, Inns and Greenhouses. Players can pick up frog brains off the ground. In fact, die hard users and players of this game app often collected nine of them in an hour. Yet, that is not much of a big deal.

They go into potions players can brew once they have the right ingredients. Potions help improve players’ spells in Wizarding Challenges and in Traces too.

The former (Wizarding Challenges) of this game often take place in Fortresses.

In Fortresses, in these challenges; this is where the players use their runestones with ease. Those who get more than 10 of them are lucky.

These stones go well hand in hand with the packets of Leaping Toadstool spore seeds present and with the water cans too. Those who get the needed number of master notes can also cut down the brewing time of their potions.

The game itself is loaded with feelings for the Harry Potter Franchise and its universe just keeps growing each day. The game also requires a lot more focus from users as compared to Pokemon Go, which was confined in some sorts.

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