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Is hPage a Good Website Builder for Blogging

Blogging is one of the most lucrative ways of earning money online. It is no wonder many people would want to start a blog of their own whether for personal purposes or for informational use. Either way, they may be able to monetize the blog and earn money in the future if the blog becomes successful. In this article, I’m going to assess if the website builder platform hPage.com is good for blogging.

There are many ways to create a blog and there are lots of platforms and online tools when it comes to building one. There are different options like website builders, website hosting platforms, or social publishing platforms.

But first, what should you look for in a good website builder when it comes to blogging?

  • Good blog website theme
  • Easy to read blog layout
  • Affordable
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Mobile friendly
  • Extra features
  • Site backups
  • Quick and easy setup

Among all of these options, the website builder is the best blog site platform in my opinion for the reason of flexibility- you can make it not just into a blog but you have the option to turn it into a profitable website if you like with a blog acting as a side feature. You can also turn it into a full blog if that is your preferred version.

One of the best website builders is hPage.com. It is an easy to use free website builder where you can create a professional blog. It fulfils all the offers of what a good blogging website should have and more. 

Website Evaluation

  • Pricing: Free and Paid (11.50 Euros/month).
  • Business features: Available. Over 15 business features to install in your blog site.
  • Website themes: Customizable and over 100+ themes to choose from and all are blog layout friendly.
  • Affordability: Very affordable. You have the option to create a free blog or purchase a monthly fee of 5 euros/month for premium.
  • Mobile optimized: Yes. Websites created are automatically optimized for all forms of gadgets.
  • SEO features: Built in with the page editor. You can easily put tags, titles, meta tags, link text, and other SEO features. You can immediately index pages on Google.
  • Blog feature: Yes. It is available and you can easily add and edit your posts.
  • File storage: Up to 5 GB. Files uploaded on hPage are automatically sorted according to type.
  • Site backups: Available. You can restore previous blog posts or pages.
  • Extra features: Yes. There are additional business features you can install for your site without any extra fees.
  • Ease of use: Very easy to use. You can add, edit, and remove content easily. Perfect for beginners and moderate users.
  • Domain name: Get a custom domain name with the paid version. The free version of the website gives you an ending of hpage.com
  • Site theme customization: You can customize to an extent. Limited but flexible. It depends on the chosen website theme.
  • Blogging tools: There is a blogging feature which allows you to post easily. Basic blogging tools also available.

Overall rating: 8/10.

In general, hPage.com is a good website platform for creating a blog. It caters towards those who are beginners and moderate users when it comes to blogging. You can setup a blog without any difficulty at all. There are also many features available and the blogs created with them are optimized for search engines.

While hPage does have some limits, if you want an affordable blog which is very easy to maintain and scale for growth, you should check it out.

So try creating a blog at hPage.com now!

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