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Is it Important to offer Online Booking Option for the OLA Clone App?

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The way that the taxi booking apps have transformed the shape of the commuting business is absolutely unparalleled. Just a decade back, it was impossible to think of a mobile-based solution that could conjure up a taxi for its customers whenever they want. The last ten years have been critical in honing and perfecting the ola clone app. However, restricting it to the application is no longer a solution.

Understanding the predicament of the customer

First things first. To be able to appreciate the viability and the success of any business, one must look at it from the perspective of the customer. No one today likes to clutter their phones with multiple apps for which they almost never have any use. So, while someone who undertakes a trip almost every day, it is important to have a taxi app handy in their smart phones, but for a person who never travels except on the odd occasion, it might not seem practical to clutter the phone with another app.

While many countries are moving towards a multi service app based business model, there will still be a section of your audience that will not be interested in that as well. However, this might seem like a catch 22 situation for you because the very objective of every business is to make sure that you can tap into the potential of the maximum number of customers.

ola clone app
ola clone app

This is where the web booking option comes in handy. But before we take a look at that, let us take a quick peek at the flow of the ordinary successful taxi booking pp platform.

  1. The user and driver download the app.
  2. They log in to it.
  3. The log in can be done using their existing Facebook or Gmail accounts or by filling out a registration form.
  4. The user puts in their card details and other information to set up their profile.
  5. When the user wishes to request a ride, they open the app, add the pickup location and the drop location.
  6. The app matches them to the various taxi options available based on their budget and number of people traveling.
  7. Once the customer selects the option most suitable to them, the app automatically sends out a ride request to all the drivers within a preset radius.
  8. This radius of operation is set by the Admin or the app owner.
  9. Once the ride request is received by the driver, they can accept or reject it. If accepted, they get the ride, if rejected; the request bounces to the next driver in the area.
  10. On confirmation of the ride, the driver reaches the pickup location and picks up the user. They then drop them at the destination, post which an automatic transaction helps the customer to make a payment using the app.
  11. The customer can also choose to make the payment using cash.
  12. After the ride is over, the user as well as the driver can rate each other based on their experience.

The Web Booking option

As we already have looked at the flow of the app. We know that it is very easy for a user to make a booking for a ride using their app. However, for those who do not wish to permanently have an app for rides on their devices, the web booking option comes in handy.

Basically, it is important to realize that the success or failure of any brand depends upon its online identity. People only find companies with proper websites reliable. This is the face of your brand. It is where your users can find more information about you. They can know details about the company, get more information about any new feature that you have introduced, and if there are any current offers that you wish to make available for your users.

However, with the addition of the Web Booking option. You can now make your website more than just a marketing front. It becomes the easiest way for your users to simply book a cab by visiting your website. They visit your website, put in the pickup and the drop location, and get a ride assign.

It is quick, easy, and efficient. The modern customer continuously seeks convenience. This is one feature that will ensure that your users get just that.

Getting the right app

In order to ensure that you have the right OLA clone app to set up your business on, make sure that you look for this important feature. Also, only rely in a company that has a fairly decent amount of experience in building and launching such apps. Taking a quick demo might be the best way to determine if the app in question is the right one for you. Hope you can excel in your new business venture.

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