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Is Video Marketing Relevant At the Time of Global COVID-19 Pandemic

Is Video Marketing Relevant At the Time of Global COVID-19 Pandemic - Induji Tech

Prior to COVID-19 most digital marketers and companies have emphasized on the video marketing or video content. After the global pandemic, the biggest concern for the marketers is the ways to use it for monetization and optimization of the brand and website.

By considering the present situation, video marketing is the most important matter of concern both from the marketing and functional perspective. As most brands embrace the video content, this can be used for conferencing with the clients and communicating with the colleagues at least for now!

Still marketers can be seen promoting video content for the sake of the customers and clients. It will be considered as relevant if only it is the way to interact or communicate with the clients while entertaining social distancing. Then, the customers will get engaged to your content to some extent either by watching or listening!

That is the reason that brands conduct events for the clients to attend at free of cost while enjoying the rich user engagement of both new potential and existing customers. Online classes are conducted for various aspects and even webinars are organized for sharing and discussion of new ideas. The prime motto of these events is to retain the connection within the targeted audience to that of the brands.

When it comes to video marketing no one can ever parallel to YouTube. It is an easy platform for promoting your brand with the help of video content. But it only limits the monetization procedure for any content due to Coronavirus. It has been changed due to mislead of the information regarding any video content.

However, COVID-19-related content is failed to turn out expected revenue. If the brand is associated to any healthcare or medical facility then only it will work to some percentages. Otherwise; it has no relevancy to post such non-fruitful things online. Although YouTube offers increased engagement and high traffic there is little space for ad placement which is why revenue not comes out as expected.

As content is the smart move for the promotion of brand there are many companies who are more than happy about it. May be the shooting gets postponed yet they are making quarantine intriguing contents by making use of home cameras and Smartphone.

Even in lockdown period, video content is the most popular medium of promotion. As per the leading expert, video content is useful and reliable for the startups too in this tough time.

Certain SEO news which can be used in this tough time

A number of SEO news is there relevant to be used in this tough time. They are discussed below for your reference:

  • Go for “Live with Search Engine Land” to get useful insights from expertsRecently an interesting video session has been recorded shortly for uploading in YouTube “Live with Search Engine Land”. It is about varied approaches to receive traffic to the website at minimum cost during this pandemic. Indulge in interesting discussions to obtain an amazing collection of fresh ideas of digital marketing.
  • Offer much-needed love and care to your Blog this QuarantineNowadays, as people have enough time again they start sparing much time in social media platform than before. So, it is the perfect time for blogging makeover. Take the assistance of experts of SEO services in Las Vegas regarding some effective ideas to select the outstanding WordPress theme for blogging and optimizing.
  • Google Posts must be utilized by the one with GMB accountAs Google posts become free and most efficient than it was before the enterprises with GMB (Google My Business) should utilize them. Even the retailers should pay special attention for changing the API as it facilitates the businesses with above 10 locations for posting as per scale basis as well.
  • SEOs can use SMX Overtime as magnificent Q&A resourceIt is a segment of the SMX Speaker in which the detailed answer can be received directly from the presenters on every raised question. The latest one is the importance of the structured data and Schema. You can go and look for it.
  • Use Segments Category in 3 ways in Google AnalyticsIn Online Metrics, you can come to know about the Google Analytics and its featured segments. The ways of using it for penetrated audience insights can be known at the same time. You will get to know about its practical implementation and ways to get benefitted from it.

    This quarantine period when you are at your home utilize your quality time in promoting your brand via video content. Video marketing will be really efficient if done in the proper way.

For more info, you can seek help from Induji Tech, a renowned SEO agency to continue to expand your business from the comfort of your home. You can get amazing ideas regarding sharing videos during this global outbreak.

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