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Is Visitor Insurance Mandatory? Common Questions about Visitor Insurance

The increasing number of international travels and rocketing cost of medical services abroad have given rise to a new kind of insurance-visitor insurance. A large number of countries are accepting international tourists after the pandemic period if they provide visa documents with proof of medical coverage.

Since the medical conditions are unpredictable and can become severe during the visit, the countries like Cuba, Belgium, and Austria have made visitor insurance mandatory. Like the U.S. they have started looking for coverage along with visa requirements of international tourists.

The trend of visitor insurance seems to be hitting almost all corners of the world as the countries try to relieve themselves from the financial burden of medical bills of tourists. Whether it is a mandate or a voluntary step, visitor insurance seems to be acting like a safety net around you in case of medical emergencies.

So if you are traveling abroad this year, gear yourself up for getting your visitor insurance plan. Read the following common questions to remove your confusion about the much-talked topic of visitor insurance.

Some Commonly Asked Questions about Visitor Insurance

  1. Are Visitor Insurance And Travel Medical Insurance Different Terms?

Simply put, visitor insurance and travel medical insurance are two terms that are used synonymously. The only difference is the terms and conditions of the coverage mentioned in the policy.

Generally, both insurance types come in the form of two plans.

  • Travel insurance covers the basic plan and comprehensive plan with some best coverage options like theft and delays.
  • Visitor insurance specifically targets visitor health insurance plans. The two types of visitor health insurance plan are limited plan and comprehensive plan.
  1. What Is The Eligibility For Getting Visitor Insurance? 


Visitors Insurance

Anyone who is traveling abroad is eligible for visitor health insurance. Whether it is a normal visit on a business tour or your most awaited foreign vacation of the year, getting health insurance applies to all who want to travel internationally.

  1. Which Countries Have Made Visitor Insurance Mandatory?

The current shift towards the COVID-19 pandemic has made it mandatory for almost all countries to look for visitor insurance while assessing their visa requirements. However, countries like Cuba, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, and the U.S. are on the frontlist. If you fail to present visitor health insurance no country would be welcoming you without the creases on their heads.

  1. Why is Visitor Insurance so important?

The idea behind health insurance is to provide you with guaranteed protection from the expensive medical treatments of foreign countries. In the absence of health insurance, a traveller is left with no option other than emptying his pockets on the expensive medical treatment.

In some cases, visitors are forced to return to their home country due to a lack of finance. Whether it is a delayed flight or a medical illness, health insurance will surely come to your rescue in times of emergencies.

  1. What are the two types of health insurance?

Health insurance consists of two plans.

  • Limited Plan: A limited plan is like a scheduled benefit plan that benefits you to the limit of the amount you have paid for. If you are paying your deductibles on time, a limited plan will cover your medical expenses up to the specified limit in the plan. The expenses over and above such limit will be borne by the insured person.


  • Comprehensive Plan: In a comprehensive plan there is no fixed limit to the amount of medical bill claim. You will have to pay a wholesome amount along with your deductibles. The whole policy amount will help you in locating a nearby doctor when you get stuck in your journey due to an emergency illness. You will not have to pay any excess amount to the doctor.
  1. Can I See A Doctor If I Fall Ill During My Travel?

Health Insurance for Visitors in USA

Yes of course! If you have bought a health insurance plan or travel medical insurance, you will get medical treatment in case of emergency illness or any accidental injury.

  1. What is CFAR Coverage? Does it apply to Visitor Insurance?

Most of the insurance companies provide for CFAR i.e. Cancellation for Any Reason Coverage. For availing of this coverage, you may have to cancel your visit before two days of your visit. You can have to comply with insurance companies’ set of standards for getting the benefit of CFAR coverage.CFAR coverage applies to foreign travel insurance.

  1. Does Health Insurance Covers Corona Virus Infection?

In countries like Italy and China where COVID-19 is most active, the insurance companies have declared Corona Virus Infection as an anticipated disease. Some companies can shirk themselves from covering this infection. Normally, epidemics and pandemics are not covered in insurance policies. It is better to read your policy document before signing it.

Final Words

The best of best health insurance plan is ineffective if it doesn’t cover you in detail. Make sure to buy an insurance plan from the authorized vendors only. Always get a clear idea about the printed document of the policy and see how far it applies to your future claims.

The most common mistake that people commit while buying health insurance is to assume that they will get a 100% claim. Not every insurance company is going to honor your claims. So it is suggested to invest in a reliable insurance company.



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