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Is Web Development Dying?

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If you’re among the numerous people questioning the long run of web development or evaluating whether a website development is failing, we don’t fault you. With lots of Wix ads on YouTube and straightforward dropping content on simple WordPress themes, anyone can doubt the requirement for custom websites.

Well, the solution could be a no and a yes. Is Website development dying? No. Do people even need custom websites anymore? Yes. Quite ever. Say, for argument’s sake, website development is dying. So what’s the alternative? Websites like WordPress, Wix, and Shopify are platforms for building content management systems (CMS) websites.

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They’re tools that permit users to build a website with little skill without writing all the code from scratch and having technical knowledge. (or even knowing a way to code at all) but are they as successful and influential as custom web development?

A Customized Website Is More SEO-friendly

So most bloggers and marketers out there who aren’t web developers install a WordPress theme and make their website live. But their websites fail to create it to Google’s organic search, and they find themselves being disappointed. The explanations why websites with stock themes fail to top Google’s search position are:

A CMS platform still relies on knowledge and tweaks from an online developer to enhance optimization.
CMS Outlets like WordPress, Elementor, Wix, and Shopify, destroying web development platforms, still require software development knowledge to boost and make a more robust user experience.

They depend laboriously on too many plugins

The speedup of your website will likely surpass 2 seconds if you’ve got more plugins. Thanks to its slow loading speed and high load time, plugins like page builders adversely affect its computer program optimization. However, custom websites will always enjoy superiority thanks to better design, computer programme, and personalized features. This can be the primary reason we believe web development includes much more to supply than CMS.

Even in the future, the necessity for the software industry to regulate and tweak website features to boost optimization will form an integral part of a website’s rank on Google’s first page.

Because templates and themes are designed to be used in a variety of settings, they will never be able to offer a similar level of responsiveness and fast loading times as bespoke websites. A button, header, or picture, for example, must all be aligned to the screen size and backbone of the specific user. Set media queries (a front-end web development idea) and make the picture smaller or more significant than the resolution to produce a button or image that is aware of the user’s screen and size.

Stock themes are unable to provide such a wide range of versatility. Even unique themes may be tweaked by web developers to make them run even better. So, the next time you wonder, “Is web development dying?” keep this in mind. Remember that terrible loading times, responsiveness, adaptability, and customization are all reasons why bespoke web development and web technologies will continue to be necessary.

Custom Websites Provide Greater ROI And Conversions

The majority of individuals make the mistake of going all-in on CMS systems to avoid the higher expenses of bespoke web development and design. But what they don’t know is that they’re foregoing higher long-term Returns on Investment (ROI), which ends up being more expensive.

When a website is designed and catered to the needs of a business, its audience, and conversions, the rationale is obvious. Their sales are on the rise. This makes web development highly attractive for lucrative ROI.

Web Development Can Greatly Enhance User Experience

An area where custom web development handily beats CMS provides a superior User Experience for online business. That’s because Custom Web Development offers the ability of unlimited design options to create a website that is more visually appealing, user-friendly, and efficient. Superior user experience, greater conversions from a knowledgeable perspective.

For example, we add lots of custom features for our clients to bring it on par with their vision. Content Management Systems don’t offer that flexibility or the potential for a seamless user experience.

Highly Scalable as compared To CMS

Another significant advantage of web development is that it is more scalable when compared to CMS, which has several limits. Frequently, the software or website theme you choose does not allow you to make the changes your organization requires.

Frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue, as well as APIs, make custom software development scalable. Pushing for modifications in CMS software for the positioning owner might be far more expensive than crucial bespoke web development and code creation, which is another refutation to those who wonder, “Is Web Development Dying?”

Web Development Provides simple Functionality

The looks of a code are in its clarity. Can a ready-made suit ever fit an individual quite as against a tailor-made one? A clean code can make the difference because it allows convenient tweaks and changes within the backend whenever required. Every one of the key reasons why web developers utilize custom codes for building websites is thanks to simple Functionality. The matter with stock codes is that they will sometimes be hard to grasp and so decode, which may make changes to an internet site complex and detailed.

At CYS, we frequently house clients who approach us to customize a website theme they bought. More often than not, we find ourselves redesigning their whole website with custom web development. This is often because the features and suppleness they require just can’t be bought from off-the-shelf solutions or automated tools.

As a result, they lose more because they become stuck on the way to tweak their theme to suit their business needs. Therefore the next time you choose to dispense cash on an internet site theme or a mobile app, know that rather than saving more, you may find yourself burning your resources, so why not keep company with web development from the start?

Web Development is safer

If you’re among 99% of individuals who care about their data and privacy, you surely know how significant web development is often to prevent it. Cyber-attacks are pretty standard in today’s day and age, but you’ll strengthen your business’ guard against them through web development and a competent web developer.

At CYS, we offer our clients full-scale web development services using programming languages with unlimited customization options to bring their vision to life. We are an entire digital agency able to help your business breakthrough with digital tools. Get your free consultation now.

Is Front-End Development Dying?

Another common question we feel the requirement to deal with during this blog is, Is Front-End development Dying? For that, allow us to dive a touch into what Front-end Development is all about.

What Is Front-End Development and How Does It Work?

Unless your website’s graphical designs are developed and made usable, whether it’s a homepage, About Us, or Contact page, they’re just images.

In WordPress and other custom management systems, front-end development is used (CMS)

Did you recognize that WordPress themes are often customized to your needs? Development of WordPress themes is thought of as front-end development and involves the coding of content your users interact with.

A front-end developer creates the code to see which colors and fonts should appear on the screen, keeping them in line with your brand’s identity. They’ll also determine image and media placement, the layout of the text on the entire website, and everything else that defines your online page.

More than ever before, we are incorporating technology into more facets of our life. It’s not just confined to our screens.

We’ve already seen a significant shift from desktop to mobile, and we see others within the kind of wearables, VR, and voice-activated technologies like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Isn’t this implying that there’ll be less demand for front-end developers as we generally settle down screen-centric?

Yes, it’s possible that future tech won’t have graphical User interfaces. But user interaction with technology is absolute to increase as newer gadgets are invented. Such tech would still require developers to form a better User Experience, which is better, logical, seamless, and straightforward to navigate.

Possibly the front-end developer will now not write code for web browsers in 10 years and might become called a UX Engineer in time to return – but one thing is obvious. Front-end development is here to remain even with the emergence of CMS platforms.


While putting an end to web development Is it the most practical way to go? Content Managing Systems (CMS) like WordPress provide a more cost-effective way to get your website up and running, but is it the most practical way to go? Nope. You can’t go wrong with full-scale web development. If you’re serious about getting your site rank first for competitive keywords. Only by ranking on Google’s first page can you conduct profitable online business.

Only top program optimization, higher scalability, more robust security, improved user experience, better ROI, conversions, faster speed, and responsiveness can be achieved with web development. So is web development here to stay? For the foreseeable future, Yes. Could CMS software like WordPress improve? Definitely. They’ll heal. Except, for now, there’s only one clear winner.

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