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Ishq Mein Marjawan Season 1 Watch Online

Ishq Mein Marjawan Season 01



Ishq Mein Marjawan Season 01 (Translation: i will be able to die during this love) is an Indian television series. It premiered on 20 September 2017 and airs on Colors TV. Produced by Yash A Patnaik under Beyond Dreams Entertainment, it stars Arjun Bijlani, Aalisha Panwar, Nia Sharma and Sonarika Bhadoria.


The story begins with a mysterious feminine serial killer murdering a woman WHO was cheating on her partner. Deep Raichand, a dirty man of means , falls crazy with a meek girl named Aarohi but she loves a person named Vishal. In Ishq Mein Marjawan Season 01 Watch Online Vishal is unconcealed to be dead therefore Deep marries Aarohi. it’s unconcealed that Aarohi’s lookalike Tara Raichand is that the serial killer and Deep has married Aarohi to make her the killer. Aarohi falls crazy with Deep. Tara suspects that Deep is falling loving with Aarohi, that’s true, however he denies it. Deep tries to urge knowledgeable Aarohi to make her fall for him additional, that infuriates Tara. Aarohi and Tara finally face one another , and Tara plans to kill her. While escaping, Aarohi sees Deep and city confessing their love. She is heartbroken and needs to require revenge. Deep finds out that Aarohi is conscious of his truth and tortures and harasses her, later destroying the memory card thereon Aarohi recorded their criminatory conversations. Aarohi is sentenced to fifteen years of jail.

What Happened 2 years later?

Aarohi gets free and finds out that Deep has shifted to Mumbai. Her motive is to destroy him currently, and for that purpose, she goes to his house within the guise of a maid.Maya, WHO placed on to be Deep’s mother, is Tara’s aunt. Prithvi is his manager, and Sunanda is really ‘Roma,’ Tara’s mother.

Deep was AN orphan till Tara fell crazy with him and Tara’s family realised that solely Deep will stop her from killing individuals. Roma treats Deep like her own son. Arohi planned to need revenge from Deep and his partners. Ishq Mein Marjawan Season 1 Watch Online She starts by blackmailing and threatening Tara and eventually kills Deep. She comes back to seek out that Nikku was killed by Virat and Deep really loved her and had protected her from the Raichands as a results of he wished to know his past. Deep returns as he had only been injured. Deep is conscious of that the lady within the Raichand house is truly Arohi remains silent as a results of he has fallen crazy along side her. Deep makes the police suppose Tara is Aarohi and has her inactive.

A new guy Danny Manchandani enters serving to Tara in her game. Roma realizes that the lady in jail is Tara therefore she abandons Deep and asks Aarohi to free town. Prithvi gets killed in AN accident whereas saving Tara from Aarohi. Deep discovers that Danny loves Aarohi therefore he decides to marry Aarohi to make him jealous. Danny discovers that Deep’s mother wasn’t killed by Deep however by another person. He gets killed by Roma and Roma gets killed by Tara once she is on the brink of kill Aarohi. Deep and Aarohi plan to marry one another .

3 months later:

Aarohi is in AN unknown location and doesn’t apprehend what happened. She returns to Deep’s house, but sees Deep and Tara together. She must persuade Deep that she is Aarohi. When Aarohi looks at herself, she sees another face and wonders how her face changed. She assumes Tara has done it and discovers she is 3 months pregnant with Deep’s kid.

At the hospital, Aarohi sees the doctor that changed her face. Deeps yells at the doctor that he paid him ten crores to change Aarohi’s face and send her out of Bharat. Aarohi gets confused on why Deep would attempt to hurt her. Aarohi discovers that the woman whose face was given to her is Anjali (Virat’s girlfriend). Anjali is extremely made however was killed in AN accident. Virat assumes Aarohi to be Anjali and proposes wedding. Aarohi accepts on one condition: they move to the Raichand mansion.

Tara lives as Aarohi. Deep knows the reality that Anjali being Aarohi. Aarohi discovers that Anjali survived the accident however is during a very coma. Tara and Virat be a part of hand as they believe their partners ar cheating. Tara discovers that Anjali is actually Aarohi. Virat and Tara create several tries to kill her. Aarohi discovers that her oldsters ar alive, kidnaped by Virat. Deep’s mother is additionally alive and kidnapped by Aarohi. Deep discovers that leader is Virat, and rescues Aarohi’s parents out of his clutches. Meanwhile, Deep additionally finds out the truth regarding Aarohi’s maternity, and resolves to guide secure lives away from Tara and Virat, with Aarohi and his baby. However, Tara and Virat discover of Deep’s intentions and plans to kill Aarohi. to save lots of Aarohi and make Tara and Virat escape from their lives, Deep and Aarohi hatch an idea of Deep’s faux death. As per the setup, Aarohi befriends Tara-Virat and Tara-Aarohi together shoot Deep. However, Maasi reveals the plan to Virat and Tara vows to kill Aarohi and her baby, whom she blames because the explanation for Deep departure from her. Aarohi contains a thought that Deep solely desires his baby and not Aarohi. Aarohi breaks down due to this Web Series Season 2021 . Deep tries to elucidate and desires to reveal his true identity, but Aarohi refuses to concentrate . During the argument, Tara manages to push Aarohi down the cliff, but Aarohi thinks Deep pushed her down. Aarohi falls off the cliff. Deep is appalled and realizes that he has lost Aarohi and his kid, and considers jumping down the drop-off so on be die himself.

Main Cast

Arjun Bijlani as Deep Raichand (2017–present)

Aalisha Panwar/Nia Sharma as Aarohi Kashyap(2017–18)/(2018-present)

Aalisha Panwar as Tara Raichand (2017-present)

Sonarika Bhadoria as Netra Sharma (2019–present)

Ishq Mein Marjawan Season 02


Colors’ latest offering, Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 brings viewers a particularly enticing romance . The show produced by Yash Patnaik and Mamta Patnaik stars Helly Shah as Riddhima and Vishal Vashishtha as Kabir and Rrahul Sudhir as Vansh. The maker has managed to make an eye-popping tale of affection , revenge and sacrifice.

For the unversed, the primary season starred Arjun Bijlani, Aalisha Panwar, Nia Sharma within the lead roles. It ran for around two years and ended last year in June.

Ishq Mein Marjawan Season 2 Watch Online kicks off with a murder committed by none aside from Vansh aka Rrahul. Kabir, who may be a young cop, promises to not forgive Vansh for killing Neha. Kabir then chases Vansh’s car on his bike during a heroic way. Then the 2 reach a shipping container storehouse near the ocean . Later, the 2 engage during a verbal brawl and shortly enough the 2 start fighting and Vansh hits Kabir hard and leaves him injured.

Later, we see Riddhima expecting Kabir with a romantic setting at their favourite point. However, after expecting long sudden lightening and powerful winds ruin the whole romantic found out done by Riddhima. This scares her and she or he starts weeping and starts calling out for him. Kabir somehow manages to succeed in the situation Riddhima told him to, but during a very unfitness . the 2 meet and Riddhima takes care of Kabir.

In the next scene, Kabir proposes Riddhima with a hoop on a beachside. Riddhima is glad that Kabir is now fit and fine. After expressing his love for Riddhima, Kabir asks for something reciprocally which startles her immensely. Kabir tells Riddhima, that Vansh isn’t a businessman but an underworld mafia, who is within the business of gold smuggling, drugs, land scams and whatnot. Hence, he needs someone to figure for him so as to disclose all Vansh’s details and find evidence against him. Riddhima agrees to figure for Kabir and help him hunt Vansh in order that she will peacefully live a life with Kabir then .

Good points:

Helly Shah is ideal to play Riddhima, she will easily achieve an easy girl-next-door look with aplomb & assurance. She easily convinces us as a sweet demure girl. Rrahul looks suave and debonair in his corporate look as Vansh. In Ishq Mein Marjawan Season 1 Watch Online His character is mysterious and hooks us to the plot. Vishal plays the cop who is on a mission to show Vansh’s evil work. The actor makes quite impressive mark within the first episode of the show. The show has started on an honest note and it’s a revenge-drama so we’d like to attend and await the story to unfold.

Bad points:

In today’s time, it’s hard to seek out a woman like Riddhima, who sacrifices her love for her partner’s mission. within the upcoming episode, when Riddhima and Vansh would be together, the pairing of Helly and Rahul would look new but unusual.

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