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Diamond Jewelry

Jewelry ideas inspired by The Emmy Awards 2021

After the virtual ceremony last year, the Emmys returned in 2021 with a bang and brought back glamour and style to the red carpet. The in-person event held in Los Angeles dazzled and glimmered with celebrities together with expensive jewelry.

Television’s biggest names stepped out to flaunt their stunning ensembles. These included perfectly cut suits to beautifully designed dresses. But, it was the jewelry that stole the show. These beautiful adornments didn’t only turn heads but were awe-inspiring, to say the least. From gorgeous necklaces to shimmering earrings the night brought it all for us to admire. And ultimately made us wish that we were in their shoes.

To channel your inner diva and rock the celebrity looks, we have gathered the best adornment pieces of the glamorous evening. We will give ideas inspired by them to create similar looks to tantalize the people who gaze their eyes at you. From cute necklace ideas to ravishing earrings you will get it all from this list.

Jewelry Ideas

1. The Necklace That Brings Everything Together

The ‘Pose’ star MJ Rodriguez made ripples on the red carpet like a calm, serene ocean. She wore a one-shoulder vintage blue gown coupled with a high necklace. It is composed of 9 pear-cut diamonds, 107 round brilliant-cut diamonds, and pavé-set diamonds. She also donned two diamond rings and studded earnings.

The necklace is the main jewel that pulls everything together. So get a high collar necklace which you will be able to pair up with your evening gown. A high collar diamond necklace will emphasise the front cut of your dress while making you look stunning. Additionally, pair the necklace with a light-coloured outfit similar to Rodriguez. However, you can play around with the color, select a coral or peach dress instead of oceanic blue.

2. The Chandelier Earring To Light Up an Entire Room

Elizabeth Olsen, our favorite reality-altering superhero, made a statement with her statement chandelier earrings. She wore an alabaster-colored caftan dress with a v-neckline made by her sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. It made her brilliant diamond earring pop more. She also wore a trio of diamond rings to bring in that extra bling.

Statement earrings are all the rage right now. So to achieve a similar look, get a show stopping diamond statement earring. Preferably with a chandelier design that you will be able to pair up with a flowy maxi dress or a classy black jumpsuit.

3. Emerald Necklace To Bring In the Envy

Talking about Wanda, we can’t leave out her enemy Agatha. Kathryn Hahn stirred up a sexy villainous vibe through a striking necklace. It’s made of 44 carats of emeralds and 43 carats of diamonds. She looked effortlessly suave with a dashing strapless black jumpsuit and an oversized belt. This will definitely give you some cute necklace ideas to give off similar energy.

Achieve a very similar look with a diamond necklace that includes both tear-shaped and round cut emeralds and be the envy of any party. With this intention of looking exactly like her, wear black straight-cut pants and a blazer with velvet lining. Donning an emerald diamond bracelet will high up the bling game. Oh! don’t forget to hum “It’s been agatha all along,” while you fashion your look after her because let’s be honest, that song is going to come to our mind every time we think of Kathryn Hahn.

4. Back Jewelry Is Back With a Vengeance

Anya Taylor-Joy of ‘Queen’s Gambit’ made a splash with her elegant back diamond chain. She accented it with a ring and a bracelet featuring baguette yellow sapphires and two platinum-diamond earrings. Her pale yellow backless dress further elevated the whole look. The paleness of the dress matched perfectly with the delightful elegance of her enchanting jewelry pieces.

Now, sure you can wear rings and bracelets, but it’s the backdrop necklace that you need to focus on. It will make you talk of the evening. No matter what everyone else wears, if you enter a party wearing a glossy backless dress accentuated by a sparkly back diamond necklace it will glorify your style and make you the ultimate eye candy. Make sure that you go for similar pale colors to get the exact look like her.

5. Ear Cuffs, Necklace and Bracelet, a Sublime Combination

Actor cum singer Billy porter made bird poses on the red carpet with hot sizzling drama with his ensemble of jewelry. The fashion forward star wore an all black outfit that made all his blings stand out more. Among the Pose star’s many baubles, the diamond studded ear cuffs highlighting his face made headlines. Which, according to stylist Colin Anderson were actually created from a brooch. Talk about recycling jewelry.

But why stop at ear cuffs when you can add in a bracelet and a stunning gaudy necklace? And that’s exactly what he did. He paired the ear cuffs with a show stopping necklace that sparkled with the intensity of millions of stars. The neckpiece had 49.93 carats of white diamonds and emeralds of 34.78 carats, all brilliantly set in 18 karats of white gold. The high opulent necklace perfectly complemented the dazzling ear cuffs.

Now comes the scintillating bracelets in cuff style that he wore on top of his black gloves. He also adorned his hands with no fewer than six sparkling cocktail rings. When asked about his chosen jewelry pieces for the night, the actor said that he was inspired by the fairy godmother from Cinderella. Which makes sense because the fairy godmother definitely has a high-flying look about herself. 

So if you want a look that is inspired by both the fairy godmother and the ultra fashionable actor, then grab a pair of sleek black trousers from your wardrobe. Pair it with a black top and then start donning yourself with various items of jewelry. Preferably a gaudy diamond and emerald necklace, a thick diamond bracelet, some cocktail rings and diamond ear cuffs. Or, if ear cuffs are too much for you, then you can swap them for a pair of dazzling diamond earrings. But do make sure that they are either chandelier or dangling earrings and not tiny stud pieces. This is because you need big and bold earpieces to perfectly complement the entire look.

6. Choker, the Perfect Accessory for Necks

Last but not the least, let’s talk about Cynthia Erivo’s diamond choker. The actress made her appearance wearing a white mermaid dress, encircled with feathers in the bottom. Nonetheless, it was the diamond choker necklace that outshone the dress. The neckpiece featured baguette diamonds and was accompanied by baguette diamond earrings.

Lucky for you, you don’t need an extravagant feathered mermaid dress to style a choker. Get a brilliant diamond embedded choker with a pair of diamond-studded earrings. And you are good to go with any outfit, be it a tee and a biker jacket or a shift evening dress.

We are often intimidated by celebrities and their accessories. The thought tumbles in our head asking questions like can I pull that look off? Or will I look good if I wear jewelry like them? The answer is always yes. With the correct jewelry and a whole lot of confidence, you can style like them as much as you want. You can get all kinds of cute necklace ideas for your next evening soirée through these inspirations.

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