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Karan Oberoi (KO) is Redefining Masculinity in the Age of Metrosexual Men


In India, boys become men when they ride their first Royal Enfield motorcycle. A cult classic, the Royal Enfield has defined masculinity for generations of Indian men. So, you can imagine, how much attention the male model sitting on top of the bike gets! For those of you who know the face, but don’t know the name – he’s Karan Oberoi ‘KO’

A Delhi-born, Mumbai-based model Karan Oberoi also known as KO, with an impressive portfolio of over 300 fashion shows and countless campaigns with prestigious brands, KO is well established in modelling circuit within India. His impossibly handsome face and enviable physique have graced some of the most iconic advertising campaigns ever created. The 2013 image of him posing with Royal Enfield’s bikes, wearing rugged Re apparel’s those macho leather jacket and jeans especially meant to be for bikers is one of the most recognisable photographic ads of his portfolio.

But more than just being really good-looking, KO is that rare breed of talent who used his gifts to not only legitimise the idea of ‘the male model’, but who also played a significant part in altering the way men in general viewed as a male model.

While the modelling industry loves him for his dedication and hard work, brands like him for the old-fashioned manliness he exudes. In today economy tilted towards attracting the Millennial men comfortable with facials, K-beauty and super-skinny jeans, betting on old-world ruggedness is something of a risk – unless the model is Karan Oberoi.

With his uber-fit and lean physique & rugged looks, he seems to do the impossible very effortlessly – appeal to people across generations. In the crowded marketing arena where imperfections are ironed out by either makeup or photoshop, KO stands out because he looks like a boy from your neighbourhood, but with an unbelievable muscle-packed body; well, that’s exactly what he is!

Branding himself as a fitness model, India’s leading male model Karan Oberoi (KO) is perfectly placed to enter the International world of fashion and has already worked with global names such as Lamborghini and Reebok. With a career graph that permanently points upwards, we hope to see much more of him soon!

Words don’t do justice to Karan; if you want to know more about him and his work, then we suggest you head over to his Instagram account for a quick browse.

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