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Keep these best Prestashop Shipping Addons on your Radar

So, yeah, we’ll be discussing the best Prestashop shipping addons that should be on your shopping list. But let’s not get started straight now. In reality, think about how these best Prestashop shipping addons operate. In fact, how do these best Prestashop shipping addons function?

This blog discusses the best Prestashop shipping addons that Knowband brings forth. Furthermore, we will discuss the best features of the Knowband’s best Prestashop shipping addons.


Product availability check by zipcode Prestashop addon

It’s depressing to see prospective customers leave your business without making a purchase. Isn’t that so? One of the causes for their departure is a lack of product availability in their location. As a result, the Prestashop Product Postal Code Validator may help you improve your customers’ pleasure. Knowband’s Prestashop Availability Check by Zipcode enables them to do precisely that. They may also verify if the items are available in their area by entering their zip code in the checkbox.

Shoppers may save time by using our Prestashop Product Postal Code Validator instead of travelling all the way to the checkout page just to find out that the goods are not available in their region. Further, they will not be allowed to proceed to the checkout page until they fill in the check availability box with their zip code. This Prestashop zip code validator is a modest but important method to improve your user experience by saving clients’ effort and time.


Prestashop Free Shipping Manager Addon

Free delivery is something that every customer appreciates. In fact, if customers are charged for shipping, they may abandon their cart. As a result, marketers recognize the importance of free shipping to customers. The Prestashop Addon is also available if you wish to offer free delivery to your clients. No, it doesn’t only let you provide free delivery. In reality, it assists you in establishing the regulations necessary to give free delivery. Set a cart value to qualify for free delivery, order within this time frame to qualify for free shipping, and so on. This is the purpose of the Prestashop Free Shipping Manager. In fact, you can opt to disable the Prestashop Addon’s functionality entirely.


Prestashop Countdown Timer Addon

Shoppers like it when their package arrives faster. In fact, they always want their preferred goods to arrive quickly. The eCommerce store administrator may now take advantage of this trend. Customers can increase the site’s conversion rate by displaying a countdown timer on the store page. Buyers may submit their orders within this time frame in order to have their products delivered the same day. Clients will be able to submit their orders without wasting time. The Prestashop Delivery Timer extension allows administrators to see the shipping time for certain items, categories, manufacturers, suppliers, and categories. This timer will appear by default on every product page.

This Prestashop Shipping Timer plugin is fully customizable and works perfectly. This Prestashop Countdown timer module also has an easy-to-use UI. With the Prestashop Shipping Timer plugin, you may offer one-day shipment to your clients. The Prestashop one-day delivery module generates a sense of momentum in the customer’s mind by displaying a countdown clock. In fact, customers can get one-day delivery if they order within a certain time range.

Prestashop preferred delivery time module

With the Prestashop preferred delivery time module, your shoppers may select the best day and time for their purchase. A box named “Your Preferred Delivery Time” may be seen on the checkout page. Additionally, purchasers may choose the best day and time to place their order whether they want it delivered at a specified time.

In fact, with the plugin, you can choose the holiday from offering delivery on certain days. You may also change certain hours, specify the delivery time, choose delivery days, and do other tasks.


Prestashop store locator and pickup module

You can achieve this with Prestashop’s Store Locator and Pickup Module. As a result, buyers may locate and pick up things ordered through the company’s website. Picking up your order in-store is feasible thanks to a variety of Prestashop modules that come pre-installed. As a result, purchasers have the option of choosing when and how they wish to receive their items.

The details on your storefront may be customized from the backend. Define the business’s hours of operation. When a consumer gets to the checkout page, they may choose to pick up their order. A neighbourhood shop is also a wonderful place for them to get their supplies.

Now, you know what these best Prestashop shipping addons by Knowband are all about. Furthermore, let us take a look at a few questions that you should ask yourself before investing in them.

Why should you invest in these best Prestashop shipping addons?

There are numerous reasons for you to invest in these best Prestashop Shipping Addons by Knowband. In fact, some of the reasons include:

  • The ease of functioning or operating the plugins. Yes, the modules are extremely easy to understand. Moreover, the admin can operate them or configure them with absolutely no coding skills. Just in case he feels that block, he can refer to the User Manual that comes along with the plugin.
  • The numerous features and benefits. Furthermore, every plugin is distinct in its functionality. However, the benefits can be similar for sure. In fact, every module helps you grow your eCommerce business.

How do these best Prestashop shipping addons work?

When you talk about the working of these best Prestashop shipping addons, you should know that they work distinctly. In fact, every plugin has a different purpose. However, they all can be installed at the same time in your eCommerce store. Moreover, they can work with each other without causing any issues. Thus, choosing one of them or all of them at the same time is absolutely fine for your eCommerce store.

Why buy them from Knowband?

Knowband is a popular eCommerce service. In fact, it has the expertise in eCommerce modules for more than a decade now. Further, there are various reasons to choose Knowband for these best Prestashop shipping addons. Some of them include:

  • On the Addon Store, Knowband is perhaps the most well-known and reputable seller. It is a PrestaShop Gold Partner Agency with a SuperHero Seller ranking. In fact, Knowband has over 80 plugins on the platform. It has a Superhero vendor grade, which is the highest for module makers. Knowband is a Gold Agency-level Premium Partner company.
  • With the best Prestashop Shipping Addons, Knowband offers 3 months of free customer support. In fact, Knowband’s customer support is recommended by all clients for sure. Thus, this is another benefit. Furthermore, customer support can be extended with minimal payment. You can check it out on the Knowband store.
  • The exciting deals available on Knowband can save you big bucks on your purchase. For instance, right now, these best Prestashop Shipping Addons are available at a discount of 20%. In addition, with the coupon code HNY22, get an extra 22% on your purchase. So what do you think now?

In the End

Thus, these are the best Prestashop shipping addons by Knowband you should have in your store. What do you think of these? Let us know which one are you interested in at support@knowband.com

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