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types Of Interview

Know different types Of Interviews and how to ace them

Are you preparing for your job interview?

If your answer is yes, you have arrived at the right place. First impressions always play a key role, as it can either make or break an opportunity. It is human nature to judge people by the way they act, speak, and represent themselves overall especially during interviews. Hence, it is essential to make a great impression on the interviewers as there are no second chances. In this article, we will discuss different types of interview that you must know, along with tips and tricks to ace them.

Definition Of Interview        

The work journey always starts with an interview, and to acquire your dream job position, you must pass the interview. But, how do you describe an interview from a professional front?

An interview is a formal meeting between the applicant, the organization/HR manager/recruitment team/interviewer, etc. It is conducted to learn more about the candidate by asking questions about their job profile, experience, academic accomplishments, etc. Companies test the interviewee to evaluate their skills and knowledge and comprehend their attitude and many other aspects to see if they are the perfect fit for the company’s needs. Once the interviewee is evaluated, only then they are selected for the respective job profile. However, to evaluate the interview, there are multiple types of interview. As you know, it is important to prepare yourself for different interview types. Let us help you understand them, which will help you practice accordingly!

Different Types Of Interview? and How to ace them.

To do perfect hiring for the company, the employer can apply different types of interview to select the ideal candidate for the organization. However, the choice depends on the job profile, nature, industry, work culture, and the type of skills and information the company seeks from the candidate. If you wonder how many types of interviews there are, we will be listing them below for your reference. So, let’s get started!

Group Interviews

Multiple job profiles demand group interviews in order to choose the right candidates among many. Group job interviews are those interviews where an employee or the hiring manager interview numerous candidates during the same time. Generally, it is conducted when there are multiple job profiles in the organization. However, there are different forms of group interviews. For example, in several job interviews, the employer gives tasks to the candidates and divides the groups, and asks them to complete the task in the given period. If you are wondering why these interviews are conducted, then let us tell you that these types of interview are highly time-efficient and save a lot of hours.

Face-To-Face Interviews

Face-to-face interviews are one of the various types of interview, which are structured in nature and conducted by the employers. In this type of interview, the professional will directly communicate with you with the prepared questions. It enables the interviewer to attain factual information, evaluate attitudes, conduct consumer evaluations, etc. It helps in acquiring quality information regarding the candidate through which the employer can see if the candidate is the right choice for the company’s growth and development. Also read, strength and weakness

Telephonic Interviews

It is one of the most common interview types, where the interviewer communicates with the candidate over the telephone. Companies conduct interviews to narrow down the right candidates from the pool of applicants, who are later invited for face-to-face interviews. A good resume is not enough to proceed further for the second interview round. It is one of the reasons why telephonic interviews have been conducted that help the employer choose the right candidate.

Panel Interviews

Panel interviews are one of the various types of interviews, where a group of professionals from a company conducts the interview. It consists of different employees who will ask questions regarding your experience, qualifications, and personality. During these types of interviews, the hiring manager leads the panel. Nonetheless, after the first interview round, the panelists will ask you follow-up questions based on the given answers. One of the fundamental advantages of panel interviews for both organizations and the applicant is that it gives you a chance to evaluate how well you are at working in collaborative teams, where you have to interact with multiple people at one time.

Video Interviews

It is one of the most common types of interviews that is being conducted nowadays, especially since COVID hit the world. These days, the internet and digital media play a key role in employment growth, as people today can work remotely and even make money from the internet. Many video interviews are taken from the employer’s office, while others are remote video interviews. In most of the video interviews, you can expect at least four to five questions, and its main purpose is to check if you are culturally fit for the organization. Besides, there are numerous software applications where companies conduct video interviews such as Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, etc.

How to Ace them?

Learn About The Company & Its Job Description

Before you visit the company for the interview, you should understand the organization and the role of the interviewer. It will help you answer the questions more confidently. You can also go through the company’s recent social media posts and blogs and understand why it is there. Apart from this, do not forget to read the job description properly and highlight the essential keywords during the job interview.

Prepare For Commonly Asked Questions

Every applicant needs to come prepared for some of the most common questions like, “Give an introduction of yourself. How did you learn about this job? Why did you leave your last job? and  Why should we hire you? Why do you want to work with us”, and a lot more.

Most important thing Note Down Some Questions Of Your Own

There is nothing wrong with keeping your own questions prepared for the job interview. In fact, it will create a good impression on the interviewer that you have done your research and are interested in knowing more about the company and its position.

Do Not Talk Unnecessarily

You need to be careful with your words and language. Sharing extra information with the interviewer that he or she does not need to know can be a huge mistake. Other than that, you should always answer only what the interviewer asks. Hence, it is advised to keep your answers short and simple.

Always Go For Follow Up

Your interviewer is not over until you follow up with the hiring manager. As soon as you reach home after the interview, write a short email to the employer thanking him or her and appreciating the time he or she spent on you. Besides this, if you were asked to add extra information such as a work sample, certificate, etc., you can attach it along with the email.


Job interviews are usually set for a limited amount of time for each candidate or group. Hence you should keep your answers ready and stay focused. These are some of the common types of interview and tips that you can practice to ace your next job interview.

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