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Know How to Remote Access Busy Software on Mobile with Android Apps or Cloud Platform:

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In this article, you will learn about how can a user get Busy on Mobile devices including iPhones, Android, or even Tablet devices. There are two methods to use Busy Software on Mobile devices i.e. via using Busy Android App or via using Busy on Cloud service. Busy software itself comes up with two types of Business Applications.

One is BusyApp & other is BusyBNS. With BusyApp, users can access Busy data on mobiles anytime from anywhere. It is best used for placing any order from mobile phones, android devices or you can also create receipts & vouchers. You can only open or preview account ledger, transaction details or account statements. On the other hand, BusyBNS app is only capable to get notifications & alerts from Busy software anywhere at any time. Apart from it, users can also send the reports, transactional information or invoices as text/PDF file to the concerned parties. They can be categorized more on the basis of their features:

Crucial Features of BusyApp Program:

  • Capable to work on both Offline or Online environment.
  • Users can read Busy Data with this application.
  • All the transactional details can be accessed easily like ledgers, bills, party details, daily inventory reports, etc.
  • Users can easily enter sales records, & receipts without any problem. It provides users limited data entry support to manage records.
  • Busy Users parties can use this BusyApp program to check all transactional records.

Advanced Features of BusyBNS Application:

  • Busy Users can securely access to login through MPIN.
  • It provides users a 24*7 Live Chat Support in case of any inquiry.
  • One can send the notifications to various parties with the help of WhatsApp, Messenger, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.
  • One can get the notifications of Busy on BusyBNS application even in offline mode also.

As from above, you can easily understand that both of these applications are only good for the purpose of viewing or managing notifications. Busy software is a GST-ready & integrated business accounting software for Micro, Medium or Small organizations.

Use Busy Software on Mobile with Cloud Service:

There is also other alternative available at present time to use Busy Software on mobile devices so much easily. It can be done by implementing Busy software on cloud that will allow the users to access Busy Software anytime from anywhere. You can easily deploy Busy software on Android mobile just by following these simple steps as listed below:

  1. Connect with Team NetForChoice or Visit Official Page for Busy on Cloud service.
  2. You can take a free live demo of Busy Online Service by click on Test Free Demo
  3. Click on Get a Quote button & then fill the Query form to provide your details.
  4. Complete the Payment process & after that you will receive an email from our team containing login information i.e. Busy Server Path, Username & Password.
  5. Now in Your Mobile, type the Server URL path in the Browser box & hit on Enter button to establish connection.
  6. The NFCApps login window will open where you can provide login credentials.
  7. Provide Username & Password in the login window & then click on Log On
  8. Once your credentials verified, a secured connection will be established. You can now perform all the required operations with Busy software on mobile devices.

The Busy on Mobile service by NetForChoice is one of the best solution available at present time. You can use both of these Busy applications to read & preview reports.

Highlighted Features of Busy on Cloud for Mobile Service:

There is no doubt Busy on mobile service by NetForChoice is very helpful for the users. It will allow them to access Busy data anytime from anywhere. You can easily manage Financial accounting, inventory management, production, invoices, sales / purchase orders, user configurable invoicing / documentation / reports, Taxation (VAT/GST/Excise/Service Tax), TDS, Reports & Analysis of financial transactions on a single panel. It is much better solution that others available at present time in the market. The highlighted features of Busy Online service

  • Remote Access Busy data anytime from anywhere without any issue.
  • Users can access Busy software on any mobile device OS like Android or iOS.
  • You will get the latest Busy 18 version on the Cloud to access data.
  • Users can now use Busy software on iPhone, iPad devices too with the help of your device Browser.
  • Busy on Android Mobile is very easy to implement, fast & reliable service.
  • Your Busy data on Server will be protected with a level-8 security infrastructure.
  • Users can easily take backup of Busy data on local storage without any problem on a single request.
  • One can print all the important documents, invoices & other transaction items with the help of a local printer.
  • It is very cost-effective solution as its pricing completely depends upon Pay-as-You-Go model.

Final Words:

This article gives you a detailed description about how can a user access Busy software on Mobile devices without any problem. There are dual ways to access Busy on mobile. First with the help of an app & second with the help of Busy on Mobile service. With BusyApp, you can only view & read reports or invoices while with Busy Online you can access the actual Busy data & perform operations on it in real environment.

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