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Laravel over Core PHP in Web app development

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While building a web application the foremost time-consuming and complicated task is choosing a programming language and platform to build. As each and every programming language and framework in web app development has both pros and cons. Some tech stacks are paid and a few are Open source and each has different packages, functions, and features. Most businesses want to save cost and hence opt for open source to build web applications.

This article covers all the positives and negatives of Open Source programming language PHP and its framework. We’ve compared Core PHP and Laravel frameworks to show a transparent insight into which would be best for building a web-based application. 

What is Core PHP in web app development?

Core PHP is a primary scripting language useful for building first-class web pages and web applications. It drives well without external libraries and custom functions hence requiring developers to learn thoroughly all its primary principles and coding syntaxes. With Core PHP the developers need to build everything on their own except for a few popular features or functions where you get pre-build libraries/scripts. 

How does core PHP differ from other PHP frameworks in web app development?

When utilizing core PHP the web developers don’t depend upon any external libraries nor have a carcass for building apps. It implies that they write an app’s code from scratch. The effects change when web developers use PHP Frameworks for creating web solutions. With PHP Frameworks web developers still utilize PHP language to make apps, however, they supply helping tools and aids such as:

With core PHP, building an application takes time and money compared with using any other frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Zend Framework, CakePHP, and more. The developer needs to build each and every function in core PHP and thus taking more time and resources to build and launch a web application.

Laravel vs Core PHP in web app development

As a proper beginning of this clash, allow us to start with a short introduction to the Core PHP and Laravel touching upon their strengths:

Core PHP

Core PHP is the authority of artificial language of all PHP frameworks, including Laravel. Web application development through Core PHP can enable the creation of an exceptionally dynamic application that will test the constraints of web development possibilities.

Some notable enterprises using Core PHP for their websites and web apps are- WordPress, Etsy, Wikipedia, MailChimp, Slack, Tumblr, and Facebook. Enumerated below are the benefits that Core PHP brings to your web development initiative:


1. Flexibility

Core PHP is ‘custom-based,’ which generates the proper platform for experimentation and execution of ‘out-of-the-box’ information that transcends set structures of frameworks to deliver completely new efficiencies and features that add real-world value to your enterprise’s development initiative.

2. Ease of development

With core PHP, there is no need to have any library/package reference, which involves that you just will have little or no additions while building your website/web application, thus doing away with the compressive difficulty and creating your app through a framework.




 Laravel has a modern and expressive syntax making development an artless and fulfilling experience. By relaxing out built-in tasks of web development like routing, caching, sessions, and authentication, Laravel makes development enjoyable while not sacrificing app functionality at the bottom. Laravel provides powerful tools like inverted control containers, expressive migration systems, and integrated unit testing, to name some.

Some enterprises using Laravel for their websites and web applications are BBC, Pfizer, 9Gag, About you, Ratio, Crowdcube, TourRadar


Here are some of the various advantages that Laravel can bring to your web development project:

1. Authentication

Laravel has an especially sorted and structured authentication process that’s easy to implement.

2. Libraries

Laravel has huge object-oriented libraries optimized to supply a transparent standard structure while easing maintenance and later modifications.

3. Artisan

A tool unique to the Laravel framework, Artisan, is a command terminal to efficiently control a project by easing repetitive and endless coding tasks.

4. Migration

Unlike other databases, migration projects in Laravel are simplistic and simple with ‘seeding’ that permits data changes across all development machines.


Advantage of using Laravel framework over Core PHP to build web applications

Laravel is one of the major popular PHP frameworks within the web app development market. It’s the biggest developer community, simple, powerful, and easy to learn and use syntax, rich set of functionalities and features helps boost the speed of the development. Let me quickly brief you about Laravel and its features over the core PHP:







Laravel utilities in web app development


Laravel development allows developers to immediately create integrative and extensible services/features for web applications. a number of the first utilities of the framework are-


Custom applications: Laravel development can create a good type of custom web applications that flexibly fit the necessities of both small and large enterprises and their target customers. Custom applications created with Laravel are fast and effective, and as another advantage, helps front-end developers in delivering an impressive output with its integrated blade templating engine.


MVC architecture: While the standard architecture of Core PHP works just fine, Laravel’s MVC ( Model View Controller) architecture facilitates exceptional support and performance capacities. In large projects with enough unstructured code, MVC architecture can help simplify the coding structure, and finally, it makes ease workflows.


Eloquent ORM: With Laravel models, business application performance will be enhanced easily. Laravel is the only PHP framework that permits easy construction and customization of models using the Eloquent ORM (object-relational mapper). It maintains fluid interactions with application database objects with simple syntax.


App testing: Laravel development services offer a group of features that facilitate unit and feature testing on your web applications via PHPUnit. Unit tests are perfect for smaller code portions and feature tests for larger codebases. Laravel is capable of running various unit tests simultaneously while ensuring that every one new changes are properly tested, making your application highly performant and bug-free.


The technology solution is completely based on the type of web application development you wish to begin working on. Laravel frameworks and Core PHP are convenient for both custom web application development. Using both, web developers can build usable and effective solutions yet, they have some basic differences. The core PHP feature is that it is more flexible. It means that it can be used for creating unconventional web applications with exclusive features but will increase development time and cost. It is a trustworthy and well-built framework preferred by most web developers as it supports MVC architecture, has pre-built libraries, and helps developers to focus on business logic and flow.  We have a team of experienced Laravel PHP developers and if you are looking to hire an experienced developer or team, you can reach out to us at

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