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Laser Cap Therapy Might Just Be the Baldness Treatment We’ve Been Waiting For

A lot of people accept hair loss as an inevitable part of growing older, and it’s not hard to understand why. Studies show that about 42 percent of men between the ages of 18 and 49 experience moderate to extensive hair loss, while a whopping 85 percent will experience some visible hair loss by the time they turn 50. And it’s not just men who suffer from hair loss. An estimated 40 percent of women will also start to experience thinning hair by the time they are 50. Given those statistics, it is easy to adopt a fatalistic wieviel sind 3 kubikmeter attitude toward encroaching baldness. But believe it or not, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are actually a number of hair loss treatments out there that can produce positive results depending on your specific situation. And one of the most innovative is the Kiierr Laser Cap System for Hair Growth.

The technology behind the Kiierr Laser Cap is something called low light laser therapy, or LLLT. It was first discovered in the 1960s by a Hungarian physician named Endre Mester, and it’s been used for years in clinical settings to treat hair loss. It has been approved as safe with no side effects by the FDA. And several important studies have concluded that LLLT “significantly” improves hair counts in both men and women with androgenetic alopecia, which is the most common form of hair loss.

So how does LLLT work? As the name suggests, the kinds of lasers involved here are not the kind you see in science fiction movies. In fact, they don’t generate any heat at all, which is why LLLT is sometimes referred to as cold laser therapy.

Basically, the idea is that light emitted from laser diodes enhances blood circulation in the skin, transporting more nutrients and thus stimulating metabolism and protein synthesis in hair follicle cells. This process is called photobiomodulation, and over a prolonged period of time it can cause hair follicles to switch from their dormant, or telogen phase, to their active, or anagen phase. That means hair starts to grow again in places where it had stopped growing.

LLLT Therapy

For years, LLLT therapy was only available in special clinics. Now, thanks to companies like Kiierr, you can easily treat yourself in the comfort of your own home.

The Kiierr Laser Cap is actually a small helmet designed to fit inside any standard baseball cap. It has a stretch headband to secure it to your head and will fit head up to a 23.5 inch circumference. The Kiierr 148 Pro has 148 laser diodes, while the Kiierr 272 Premium has 272 laser diodes. Both models emit light at a wavelength of 650 nanometers, which has been clinically shown to be most effective. The only difference is the intensity of the light, and thus the time it will take for you to see results.

Using the Kiierr 272 Premium for just 30 minutes every other day has been shown to be 93-percent effective in regrowing or thickening hair. However, you will not see results overnight. Most people can expect to see visible changes after three to four months, with maximum results coming after about six to seven months of use.

Of course, the Kiierr Laser Cap will not work for everybody. That’s why they offer a seven-month money back guarantee. If the Kiierr Laser Cap doesn’t produce results within 210 days, simply send it back for a full refund.

If your hair is starting to go the way of the Dodo, and you’re not happy about it, don’t just sit there. Take action today. Low light laser therapy has worked for a lot of people. So order the Kiierr Laser Cap today and let it work for you.

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Luxury Beauty Experience Salon

© Junfu Han, Detroit Free Press Shaynae Clark works with client Sharnay Reed of Inkster at the Luxury Beauty Experience Salon, Spa & Beauty Store in Southfield on Nov. 18, 2020. Son’s condition inspires more innovation

In the midst of her many hair business ventures, Clark and her son spend a lot of time doing philanthropic work in the community.

When Clark’s son was born, he was diagnosed with auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder, which is a form of hearing loss. She wanted to become an advocate for other children who have similar experiences, so she wrote a children’s book called “We are Friends and We are Different” that shows representation for other kids that have different abilities.

Some of the other characters in the book have Down syndrome, need glasses or braces, have vitiligo, alopecia and more.

“Yes, those words are big and it’s a big step, but they’re going to have questions,” Clark said. “The thing with my book was it doesn’t have an age on it. It doesn’t matter what age — they’re going to ask questions. A 5-year-old is not going to know and a 10-year-old is not going to know either if nobody is talking to them about these things. So my book was to encourage that conversation.”

Through PJ’s Lemonade Stand, the mother and son often give away gently used pairs of gym shoes and sell lemonade in an effort to improve PJ’s social and speaking skills.

Giving back to the community while running businesses came naturally to Clark, and she eventually realized that it is her motivation to keep pushing.

“I realized it was important to me when I would have roadblocks where sometimes, I shut down as an entrepreneur,” Clark said. “I have a lot going on and I do a lot of things, so sometimes I do hit those moments where I’m not motivated or I need to find a refresher. Every single time I need a boost or refresher, I start giving and that’s when I feel motivated again.”

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This article originally appeared on Detroit Free Press: Southfield salon owner, hair loss advocate turns her passion into a business.

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